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Relations & Their Relatives : 4

Re: Helmut Raulien

Right, the “divisor of” relation signified by is a dyadic relation on the set of positive integers so it can be understood as a subset of the cartesian product It is an example of a partial order, whereas the “less than or equal to” relation signified by is an example of a total order relation. 176 more words


Relations & Their Relatives : 3

Here are two ways of looking at the divisibility relation, a dyadic relation of fundamental importance in number theory.

Table 1 shows the first few ordered pairs of the relation on positive integers that corresponds to the relative term, “divisor of”. 91 more words


Relations & Their Relatives : 2

It may help to clarify the relationship between logical relatives and mathematical relations. The word relative as used in logic is short for relative term — as such it refers to an article of language that is used to denote a formal object. 204 more words


Relations & Their Relatives : 1

Sign relations are just special cases of triadic relations, in much the same way that binary operations in mathematics are special cases of triadic relations. It does amount to a minor complication that we participate in sign relations whenever we talk or think about anything else, but it still makes sense to try and tease the separate issues apart as much as we possibly can. 126 more words


Connotative and Denotative Meanings

This video is a good, fairly short and simple, explanation of the distinctions between connotative and denotative meanings. Please take time to view this, as well as to read the post on Ogden & Richards Model, posted yesterday. 11 more words

Fonts to use.

After the project on the book cover, it inspired me to think more carefully on what fonts I would be using. The idea of using a sans serif and a serif when mixing fonts together taught me a lot on managing my type, and choosing the type that is appropriate for your target market. 290 more words


Joel Sternfeld

http://www.photography-now.net/joel_sternfeld/portfolio1.html What an amazing artist . His images are astounding as he asks you to search deeper into what he is portraying and look out into the world around you at the bigger picture involving our current cultural problems . 199 more words