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Project 3 (Reading visual communications) – Exercise 2

Join the Navy


  • sailor
  • torpedo
  • water (sea / ocean)
  • riding whip
  • cowboy pose
  • movement
  • energy
  • complementary colors
  • navy recruitment
  • JOIN NAVY is big, red and all-caps…
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The changing connotations of words isn't a small issue


‘This is ridiculous’. As well as a plethora of other boorish things.

I don’t understand what this person is doing wrong here.

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The Mystique of Reading the Bible in Greek and Hebrew-- Part 4 (Last part :)

– – I have mentioned nuances a lot so far. What I mean is the combination of denotative and connotative meaning: meaning that is directly expressed and meaning which is subtly implied. 843 more words


If Every Word Is Suspect, Your Writing Will Be Arresting

Here’s something I learned from the late Polish poet Wislawa Szymborska: If every word is suspect, your writing will be arresting.

What does this mean? It means writing–especially poetry writing–cannot always be a prisoner of denotation. 523 more words


Word Power

I read this article from NPR yesterday and was excited. Not because of the content. I think the article makes a serious point, but the fact that the reporter pulled out the dictionary makes me giddy. 166 more words


Human meta language

I came around a psychological test called Roschachs test and an interesting hypothes which I read in Thomas Anzs biography of Franz Kafka and that is that the interpretation of someone, here of Kafka is more expressive and telling not about the Kafka but about the biographer himself. 226 more words

Life In Faith And Faith In Life