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Fashion or Sex?

The average consumer is exposed to 10,000 advertisements a day. That makes it about 416 per hour and 7 every minute! Advertising is one of the largest expenses of most marketing plans so it’s expected that every billboard, poster, commercial, website and so on has undergone an extensive amount of time in research and development before being published or broadcasted to the public eye. 591 more words


Denotationing Dali

We all know that red means stop and green means go. But how do we know this? The answer is simple – Semiotics!

What are semiotics? 634 more words

BCM 110

Semiotic Analysis of Political Cartoons

Semiotics is concerned with meanings in which culture, society and natural phenomenon are examined as signs. Political cartoons are the mouthpiece of a cartoonist to present his ideology in a silent way. 278 more words


Unit 2: Inspired By… Pt 8 Introduction to Semiotics 1.1

After the subject of mind maps was covered, Ria continued the day’s session with an introduction to semiotics. As she explained, now that the class had got to grips of the basic languague of visual communication, now it was time to learn the grammar & start constructing sentences. 439 more words

Unit 2: Inspired By...

Building the Framework

1/14/18 or 16th Chaos, 3184

In terms of date keeping, like data, I think it’s always good to keep a backup just in case things get really weird. 767 more words


Paganism & Technology

Paganism is a pretty generic term. It was initially a derogatory label used primarily by Christians to describe the practice of the “old religions”. Pagans were considered unenlightened heathens and certainly doomed. 352 more words


Definitions from Cyberspace


  • The use of modern-day devices in magical ritual. This can include the substitution of technology for traditional magical tools, such as using their oven for a hearth, keeping a “Disk of Shadows” instead of a “Book of Shadows”, and using a laser pointer as a wand.
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