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Fundamentals of Linguistics Notes 10 27 2016

Chapter six, continued.

Hypernym versus hyponym.


Female is hyponym to human

Woman, girl, are hyponyms to female

Connotation – all the particular things of that term… 389 more words

Human meta language

I came around a psychological test called Roschachs test and an interesting hypothes which I read in Thomas Anzs biography of Franz Kafka and that is that the interpretation of someone, here of Kafka is more expressive and telling not about the Kafka but about the biographer himself. 226 more words

Life In Faith And Faith In Life

Roland 'Barthes'


The Barthes method of breaking down communication through a visual channel is using the method of the ‘Semiotics’, reading the signs of what is being expressed, for example taking a poster and looking at the true meaning and what it’s trying to tell us in detail. 398 more words

Media Theory

Screen Cultures and Selves (Lecture 2)


How we make meaning? How do we understand who we are? How do we identify with the world/images/films/TV/computer games/books?

  • Meaning → Semiotics → Signs (we know red means stop and green means go)
  • 102 more words
Class Notes

An Introduction to Semiotics

Semiotics is defined as how signs, symbols and their meanings are interpreted. The way we often see & understand things has a subconscious impact on an individual. 223 more words


Performance Analysis: Denotation & Connotation

Denotation: what is there

Connotation: what it might mean

1) Exercise: Steps coming to to the space, there is a burning white circular candle in the middle of the empty dark stage. 263 more words

Theatre/Film Theory, Philosophy & History

Exercise 2 Join the Navy

The poster calling for  men to join the navy by Richard Babcock shows a young man in sailor uniform astride a torpedo in the sea, the waves either side indicating some speed. 611 more words