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I did not mean it like that! Language at its best (or worst).

Language works in many ways and what someone says may well not truly get to the core of their true meaning or the point they were trying to get across while at the same time the receiver who is stumped or takes offense. 943 more words


Article: "Connotation Is Just as Important as Denotation"

“It’s important for all writers to remember both the connotations and denotations of the words they use. Denotation is the word’s real meaning, its “official” definition, whereas connotation is what the word suggests, the sense of the word that is conveyed beyond the definition.” 11 more words


Kripke's Reference and Existence and the Ontology of Fiction.

There will never be a charm to what I do. It’ll be clunky and I’ll run into thoughts haphazardly as they come to me. Writing is but a reflection of the scattered manner of my thinking. 1,609 more words


(Ready Aim) FIRE!

This is our entry in The Daily Post Daily Prompt: Detonate.

Fort Macon State Park at Beaufort Inlet at the eastern end of Bogue Banks in North Carolina is a popular destination for vacationers. 118 more words


Project 3 (Reading visual communications) – Exercise 2

Join the Navy


  • sailor
  • torpedo
  • water (sea / ocean)
  • riding whip
  • cowboy pose
  • movement
  • energy
  • complementary colors
  • navy recruitment
  • JOIN NAVY is big, red and all-caps…
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The changing connotations of words isn't a small issue


‘This is ridiculous’. As well as a plethora of other boorish things.

I don’t understand what this person is doing wrong here.

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The Mystique of Reading the Bible in Greek and Hebrew-- Part 4 (Last part :)

– – I have mentioned nuances a lot so far. What I mean is the combination of denotative and connotative meaning: meaning that is directly expressed and meaning which is subtly implied. 843 more words