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Denpa Kyoushi 4

You know, something about this episode really resonated with me. Similar to when you sing at the right frequency to shatter a wine glass, any motivation to watch this show too has been shattered. 221 more words


1minute29: Denpa Kyoushi TV 3

And they think that they can make the show exciting by having men in suits and sunglasses chase a NEET around Akihabara. Sorely mistaken there. So this episode a rich girl invites our NEET to teach at a school that she may or may not own. 56 more words


1minute29: Denpa Kyoushi TV 2

The initial situation was interesting, but in episode 2, nothing nearly as exciting happened. Sunday is too busy, dropping this. Pic related. Whatever.



Initial Reaction: Denpa Kyoushi TV 1

A NEET who was really good a physics’s sister got him hired by a school to teach physics. This is a possible future for me. At his new workplace he meets a girl training to be a voice actor, and her bullies. 56 more words

Initial Reactions

Akemashite Omedetou, Minna-san. (Happy New Year)

New year, new blog, lots to share.

Between the time I left for Japan and the 3 weeks since I’ve been back, I’ve stumbled upon some new and wonderful things.   88 more words


Denpa (電波)

You are pretty
And you don’t know it
That’s what makes you pretty
I love you because of it.



Serial Reason | Denpa Teki na Kanojo, a Review

Management: This is a comprehensive review of own devising, where I go over a pro and con analysis of the material in an attempt to convince people to watch the show-in-review. 2,922 more words