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Week 3 of School

Week 3 was x-rays! The physics and the technical part of this week was intense. We had to learn the bisecting angle and how to prevent overlapping etc. 87 more words


As a part of getting my EFDA certification I am required to fulfill 55 hours in a dental office as an extern. The school I attend provides me with tools to successfully find an office that will provide me with those hours. 473 more words

On my way to EFDA! Week 1-

Most of the people in my class had enrolled way in advance. So since I enrolled with less than a week from my first day I had a lot of catching up to do. 89 more words


So I am currently enrolled in school. I was well aware that finding another job opening as a dental assistant without experience was going to be like finding a piece of hay in a needle stack hahah. 133 more words

Dental Assistant Vs. Dental Hygienist


What’s the big deal? When I was a dental assistant, I was referred to by patients (and family members!) as a dental hygienist, and now that I’m a hygienist, I’m often referred to as an assistant or technician. 998 more words

Dental Assistant

Dental: our lines need you (feat. Beatrice, Richella and dental assistant Alice Powell).

The lines never seem to end.

Every Monday and Thursday, from last December to this year May, hundreds of people formed lines outside the gate to the building with the words, ‘Mercy Ships DENTAL CLINIC,’ hung across it. 947 more words