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Why I LOVE Mondays!

Good morning everyone and happy Monday!

That’s right, I said it, happy Monday. I am a weekend warrior just like the rest of you but I also don’t find myself dreading Mondays and that is simply because I love what it is that I do. 212 more words

To suction or not to suction....a career as a dental assistant.

I am Racquel Davids and this will be a blog about the highs and lows of being a dental assistant (DA).

Years ago I had to make some hard decisions those hard decisions lead me to studying a Certificate in Dental Assisting at Auckland University of Technology. 327 more words

3 major reasons for that uninspired feeling

We all get it. But what causes it? You know… that uninspired feeling that pops its depressing head up once in a while.

We must take control of this feeling or we risk becoming a burden on everyone around, including ourselves. 297 more words


My Introduction

It’s amazing how as a child we have our lives planned out for ourselves. Let me inform you of how life should be, as said by my 14 year old self: 649 more words


Things I've Learned as a Dental Assistant


This summer I have been working as a dental assistant.  I’ve been doing on-the-job training and it’s really fun! Dentistry interests me, and dental school is a definite possibility for me after college, so it’s been great to get so much up-close experience with the profession.   1,395 more words


Staffing matters in the dental industry

Job hopping, disgruntlement, uninspired, ‘them and us’, disconnected, bored, distracted – does this sound like you or your team members?


The most common whisper from the dental industry is how hard it is to find a great job AND great staff. 383 more words