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Things are a-movin'

I wasn’t even suppose to wait this long- sheesh, it’s already February!

So. I had a drug test today (not a problem) for a CNA job I should be getting. 567 more words

Insight Into Me

DA Clinic

So, good news is my boyfriend will probably be here this weekend to drive me to the free dental clinic. Good news, his grandpa is doing better. 245 more words

Let me introduce myself.

For the purposes of this blog, you can call me Greta. I relish the idea of not being sued, so don’t even bother asking for my real name. 160 more words

Dental Assistant

Real life, meet my girl brain. Girl brain, meet real life.

The past two days have been pretty blah. I haven’t done much in the realm of physical activity. My Fitbit is mocking me. I seem to have found myself encapsulated in a shroud of apathy….blah. 614 more words


Every successful assistant has a story to tell that got her to where she is today

I came to the conclusion that being an over the top, irreplaceable, rock star Dental Assistant stems from experience. Yes, chairside experience is a must, however the more you take in everyday lessons discussed by colleagues, the more your knowledge grows. 1,546 more words

How to Hire the Right People As a Professional With a Private Practice

The idea of HR is totally over the heads of most very small practices.

The idea of well trained staff and the idea that employees can be a blessing and not a curse is the backbone to expansion in almost any service-based industry. 1,215 more words

Human Resources

A Dental Assistant for a Dental Hygienist - Experimental Learning and Reflection from Aotearoa

It’s been a while since I’ve truly had something interesting to blog about. Then, all of a sudden like the good’ol fashion London Bus, they come in a nice, neat row, as plain as day, thick and fast. 1,050 more words

Oral Health Promotion