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What to Do In Case of Extreme Tooth Pain

Emergency dentistry deals with dental emergencies of all kinds. One of the most common symptoms that leads people to seek emergency dental treatment is severe tooth pain. 191 more words

What is a Dental Emergency?

We rely on our teeth every day to perform very necessary functions, such as eating and speaking. So it can be particularly harrowing when something happens to them that isn’t supposed to. 173 more words

Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies arise unannounced and bring along uncontrollable pain. If left unattended, the problem increases the likelihood of permanent damage, and also implies a more expensive and time consuming treatment. 460 more words

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What Can Be Done with Damaged or Weak Teeth?

Teeth that become damaged or weakened need treatment to preserve their health and longevity. Different treatments are available depending on the source of the problem. 211 more words

Restorative Dentistry

Why Would a Tooth Need to be Extracted?

Permanent teeth are supposed to last forever. The objective of dentistry is to save teeth. But sometimes this is not possible. For various reasons, a tooth may need to be pulled. 179 more words

What are the Options for Treating Toothache?

Toothaches can arise from a variety of dental issues. The specific treatment will depend on the cause of the toothache.

If you have a toothache, it is important to see your dentist right away. 193 more words

Every Parent's Dental Nightmare

Every parent’s nightmare.  Bobby is playing soccer and collides with another player.  There is a commotion on the field, the coaches and other players surround Bobby.   132 more words

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