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Pediatric dental wellness program helps your child to learn the lessons of proper health maintenance and nutritional habits that prevent dental disease. You can bring your child for his or her first dental exam after all the baby teeth are in—generally, between ages three and five. 240 more words

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Root Canal Alternative Dentistry in Berkeley Heights, NJ

A Root canal-treated (RCT) or root-filled tooth is one in which the dental nerve, commonly called the pulp, is intentionally removed and is filled with an inert material called gotta perch.  128 more words

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Why Does My Tooth Hurt?

Many people think that pain in the teeth is a normal occurrence, but this is actually considered a dental emergency. A tooth can hurt in a few different ways – the feeling may be sharp or dull and throbbing. 171 more words

Common Dental Emergencies

Part of the panic involved in dental emergencies is that they can happen at any time. So not only can they be painful, but you might also be panicking trying to think of what to do. 174 more words

Cómo se arregla un diente roto?

Un diente roto puede ser más asustadizo de lo que debe ser, sólo con el ruido solo. Pero es una solución relativamente fácil con una invasión mínima. 214 more words

SHTF Dental Care: These Are the Supplies You Need To Survive a Post-Collapse Dental Emergency

Source: Ready Nutrition, by Joshua Krause

As far as preppers are concerned, the majority of you guys and gals have already probably stored up about a half a pallet of… 533 more words


Tooth avulsion and its management

What if a tooth gets knocked in an accident??? Is that so we lose that tooth permanently??? No, there are still ways to save those from further damage by acting promptly. 446 more words