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Pregnancy and Your Dental Health: 3 ways to minimize the effect of pregnancy on your teeth and gums

It is surprisingly commonplace for women to experience changes in their teeth, gums and overall dental health during pregnancy. This is due to the large surge in hormones that takes place in the female body during pregnancy. 261 more words

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Dental Emergency

A dental emergency includes any kind of injury to the mouth. This can include knocked out teeth, teeth moved out of their position, fractured teeth, and extruded teeth. 563 more words

What is orofacial pain? 

Orofacial pain is a general medical term that is often used to describe pain that may be occurring in any part of the face including the jaws, scalp, mouth, and face. 781 more words

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Back-to-School Dental Emergencies

In my dental practice, I have seen many of my school-aged patients with front teeth painfully reshaped by monkey bars, the school’s tile floor, or even another child’s head.   456 more words

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Dental Issues Fixed on an Emergency Basis

Good dental habits can significantly reduce your risk of facing dental complications, but accidents, unexpected problems, and dental emergencies can affect even the healthiest smiles from time to time. 261 more words

The Friendly Dentist For The Whole Family

In Kitsap Gentle Dentistry we help the whole family: adults, teenagers and children.

Our team of dental hygienists are specially trained to teach children to care for their teeth. 487 more words


What to Do In Case of Extreme Tooth Pain

Emergency dentistry deals with dental emergencies of all kinds. One of the most common symptoms that leads people to seek emergency dental treatment is severe tooth pain. 191 more words