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We are constantly being exposed to various toxins from our environment, such as heavy metals, chemicals, radiation, and acids. When these toxins enter our body, they may exert adverse effects which can result in symptoms or disease. 124 more words

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Mercury, the only metallic element that is a liquid under standard temperature and pressure conditions, is widely utilized in many industries and processes. It has been used as a component of dental amalgam since ancient times and is found in fluorescent tubes and thermometers; it is also released into the environment as a result of industrial processes, such as smelting, mining, and energy production. 195 more words

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Many patients have heard the term “mercury toxicity” associated with fillings but still have many questions about it: what is it, am I affected by it, and what can be done to remediate it? 133 more words

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Dental Emergencies: What You Should Know

Finding yourself in the midst of a dental emergency can be pretty scary! So many concerns and worries float through your head. Not to mention, there is often a lot of discomfort in the mix as well. 53 more words

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Pediatric tooth decay is on the rise. Some research suggests that systemic causes—including radiation exposure, hormonal abnormalities, and foreign proteins in food—are to blame.

Hypomineralization, caused mainly by a diet inadequate in minerals, increases a child’s susceptibility to decay. 165 more words

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Childhood, when permanent (“adult”) teeth began to grow, is the best time to teach youngsters good oral hygiene habits and how to make wise nutritional choices. 134 more words

Behold of Emergency Dental Visit for the Tooth Problems

Welcome All. Expectation Everyone is Excellent. Overlooking is too simple in the Dental Health yet Maintaining it extremely troublesome. Expectation you comprehend what I am Saying. 431 more words

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