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Dentures and Their Common Problems

Dentures are a common restoration in those over the age of 60. Getting older does not have to lead to tooth loss, but if it does, the smile can be easily restored using this method. 206 more words

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Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Can Benefit You

Porcelain veneers are thin pieces of material that are placed with adhesive to the outer a part of your pearly white’s. The piece is made to look like real tooth enamel, emulating the shape and hue of a dental. 387 more words


What Makes an Emergency Root Canal Necessary?

A root canal is needed when a tooth has been damaged or decayed to the point that it affects the pulp of the tooth. Strange as it may sound, in some instances this does not cause that much pain. 173 more words

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How to Guide In Case of Dental Emergency

Many people find themselves in an emergency dental condition which finally concludes with toothache. It may be either due to negligence towards dentist or facing of an accident. 399 more words

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Why are dental costs so pricey and variable?

Dentistry is a profession that is both art and science. It should not be treated as a commodity where comparison shopping is based on price alone. 450 more words

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What Is a True Dental Emergency?

For most people, the primary reason to visit a dentist is for routine dental care. This may be for cleaning, x-rays and fluoride treatments every six months. 269 more words


The entire 9 Dental Authorities Acknowledged by ADA

People are always misinformed in regards to the use and importance of dental health. Most of us think that it’s fine not to seek professional help unless dental problems take place. 753 more words