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Dealing with Common Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies are not typically treated in emergency rooms, but they do often require urgent care to manage the pain and reduce the risk of long-term problems. 184 more words

What to Do with a Broken Tooth

Experiencing a dental emergency is often a traumatic experience. If a tooth breaks, it can be a very painful one, as well. It is important to know what to do if this occurs in order to minimize panic, pain, and risk of the problem becoming worse. 175 more words

The 411 on the 911 (of teeth)! What to do if you have a tooth emergency?

By: Kristin Huber DMD

If a tooth is knocked out or avulsed, you should attempt to put the tooth back in the socket and soon as possible. 240 more words

Common Dentures Problems and Solutions

Although they are the most popular way to replace all the teeth in a jaw, dentures are not necessarily trouble-free. Denture problems can make it hard for you to eat or speak, and they can affect your quality of life. 200 more words

Pregnancy and Your Dental Health: 3 ways to minimize the effect of pregnancy on your teeth and gums

It is surprisingly commonplace for women to experience changes in their teeth, gums and overall dental health during pregnancy. This is due to the large surge in hormones that takes place in the female body during pregnancy. 261 more words

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Dental Emergency

A dental emergency includes any kind of injury to the mouth. This can include knocked out teeth, teeth moved out of their position, fractured teeth, and extruded teeth. 563 more words

What is orofacial pain? 

Orofacial pain is a general medical term that is often used to describe pain that may be occurring in any part of the face including the jaws, scalp, mouth, and face. 781 more words

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