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When Emergency Dental Surgery is Required?

Dental emergencies refer to oral injuries that affect the teeth, gums and other oral tissues. These emergencies can be serious and may lead to major dental problems as well as permanent damage if they are not promptly addressed. 170 more words

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Patient emergencies in the dental office: They happen. Be ready.

Imagine the 32 year female in your office on a typical morning.

My patient was new and was referred because of medical history issues that included a seizure disorder. 531 more words

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Few individuals think that it is intensely difficult to keep a superb dental health. Great news is that it’s not. Healthier oral health can be simply achieved if you find out and get to know the things that keep your mouth in great condition. 515 more words

Dental Emergency

How to Deal with Toothache?

Many people tend to view toothaches as nothing but a temporary inconvenience. And there are numerous non-serious causes for a toothache. A sinus infection, ear infection, brushing too vigorously, and food getting stuck between teeth are some fairly common reasons why a patient would experience a toothache. 167 more words

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If a Dental Crown Has Fallen Off, is it a Dental Emergency?

Dental crowns are a great restoration for restoring the appearance and function of a tooth. However, most crowns will not last forever, and you will probably need to get yours replaced at some point. 168 more words

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Keep Cool: Know What to Do in a Dental Emergency

It can be surprising how often teeth get knocked out and chipped in daily life. Slipping and landing on your face or getting hit in the face by a basketball are common occurrences that can damage your teeth. 195 more words


Some bad habits of dentist

There are many habits of dentists make patients feel bad. Some of the dentist talk to other patients or busy on their cell phone while consulting or treating you. 20 more words

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