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D is for Dentin

Dentin is the layer of tooth beneath the outer enamel layer and is important for a few reasons:

The color of dentin shows through the enamel and imparts color to the tooth. 114 more words


Does Dental Implant Placement Require Surgery?

There are several ways to replace a missing tooth: both surgical and non-surgical. A dental implant is one of the most effective ways to restore oral health and replace a tooth, but it is considered a surgical procedure. 173 more words

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Why Neglecting Your Dental Implants Is Bad For Your Image.

People generally have dental implants fitted because they have either had their teeth knocked out in an accident or they have become so decayed that there is no option but to remove them. 277 more words


How to spot trouble. A guide to common dental problems.

How to spot trouble Here is a quick guide to common dental problems. You should visit your dentist if you have these warning signs. 302 more words

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Improve Your Dental Implant Problems in Las Vegas

Are you someone who is not really happy with your own smile? Well this leads to low self confidence where you fail to communicate with others in the right way. 418 more words

Dental Implants

The Specific Effectiveness And Use of Dental Implants In San Diego

With minimum familiarity with dentistry, you could realize that the implants provide the goal of alternative. You can use improvements to displace more or one of the lost tooth. 478 more words