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Healthy Gums Healthy Smile - Gum Measurements

Periodontal, also known as gum or pocket measurement is an evaluation performed by a dental professional, which involves measuring the health of your gums and supporting bone structure for your teeth. 241 more words

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5 Common Dental Issues That You Should Never Ignore

The mouth reveals it all – It’s true!

It can unveil many things about the body.

Oral health is absolutely necessary. However, it takes a backseat when people overlook it as a “small” problem, only to realize the graveness at a later point in time. 256 more words

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Comprehensive Dental Treatments in Palm Beach Gardens

At Smiles in the Gardens, our professional dentists strive to provide the highest quality of dental treatment and services in a comfortable and caring environment. 13 more words

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Tips for Preventing Tooth Decay

By Clear Creek Family Dentistry In General Dentistry

While restorative dentistry produces predictable results and leads to repaired teeth that look and feel great, prevention is the most efficient and cost-effective way for patients to maintain dental health and aesthetics. 371 more words

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Wide range of dental care services

Dr. Ramon Bana, and our team of experienced dental care professionals can rejuvenate your oral health and create a smile that will change your life. Schedule An Appointment call: (786) 504-7642 Visit: http://drramonbana.com

Dental Implants

Achieve the beautiful smile you deserve

Dr. Ramon Bana’s committed to enhancing the quality of life while restoring self-assurance, rebuilding confident smiles, and encouraging both dental and medical wellness. Schedule An Appointment call: (786) 504-7642 Visit: drramonbana.com

Dental Implants

Improve the quality of your life

Dr. Ramon Bana’s was dedicated to restoring your teeth and gums and providing quality preventative dental care. Our dental practice specializes in Dental Implants Miami Fl. Schedule An Appointment call: (786) 504-7642

Dental Implants