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Hands-On Courses: How They Can Help Improve Your Practice

While the traditional approach to continuing education—that is, a speaker presenting from a podium to a large group—is still valuable, there is something to be said about the experience gained when taking small/limited attendance continuing education programs. 353 more words

Dental Leadership Series

Definition of Myo-Trajectory


It is an isotonic closure of the mandible from physiologic rest position along a trajectory through freeway space.  Along this trajectory, muscles and muscle groups are firing at the minimal electrical activity necessary to carry the mandible from physiologic rest position to terminal tooth contact. 23 more words


“Chan is so complicated and makes things complex”…Oh really?

8-Oct-14 12:58 AM

The validity of OC GNM teachings has also brought these advanced concepts down to a super simple level to meet the needs of those who really don’t yet feel a need to own a K7, use EMGs, CMS (jaw tracking) and or TENS on every patient who walks in our doors. 935 more words


In the beginning....

A fundamental need in dentistry is to have the upper arch of teeth fit the lower arch of teeth.  Without the ability of these two entities coming together in an unguarded manner masticatory problems arise. 213 more words



I am here to tell you the problems I see clinically, my perspectives, understanding, ….and what I do about it.

Today’s practitioner must distinguish his/her practice by becoming an expert in occlusion. 111 more words

TMJ Solutions

Specialist Orthodontists for Mashpee Braces Treatment in Delhi


Orthodontia, otherwise called orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics, was the first claim to fame made in the field of dentistry. An orthodontist, authority in orthodontia, is restricted to practice orthodontia just. 658 more words


Checklist for a Better Dental Front Office

For any organization to run smoothly, it is essential that all members of the staff work together to accomplish a common goal. It is the same with a dental practice, where, the flow and effectiveness of the office and patient care depends on a trained front office staff. 264 more words

Dental Customer Service Training