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2015 Project 365, Day 145: Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Photo #145: May 25

Here’s a morbid but realistic thought: in the event that my body needs identification, I have two more sources of DNA. :p Yep, these are my extracted impacted wisdom teeth, and compared to my first dental surgery 5 years ago, I feel much better! 68 more words

Did they really use them . . .

Another installment of Sunday Photo Fiction. Each Sunday, the Sunday Photo Fictioner posts a photo prompt, and you are encouraged to write “a story the image inspires in you.” There is a 200 word limit, but apparently, if you do exceed that number, “you won’t be given raw onions to eat.” As the most important part is “to enjoy what you write and write what you enjoy.” 139 more words

Flash Fiction

Medical News Today: Study links obesity, mood disorders to greater risk of weakened heart during childbirth

The latest dentistry news from Medical News Today! Women who are obese or have mood disorders are almost twice as likely to have peripartum cardiomyopathy – a weakened and enlarged heart – during childbirth, a new study finds. 11 more words

Jude Fabiano DDS

Medical News Today: Heart failure patients with cognitive impairment 'may have worse outcomes'

The latest dentistry news from Medical News Today! New research suggests that cognitive impairment in older heart failure patients could predict worse health outcomes such as readmission to hospital or death. 12 more words

Jude Fabiano DDS

The Black and White (and Gray) Truth of Victorian Teeth: a Steampunk Perspective

Oh, I wish I’d looked after me teeth,

And spotted the dangers beneath

All the toffees I chewed,

And the sweet sticky food.

Oh, I wish I’d looked after me teeth.

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