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The Responsibility of Modern Patient Education

Recently a friend of mine took her toddler son to a dentist appointment with a pediatric dental specialist. He was having some strange issues with his teeth chipping away with seemingly no cause. 955 more words


Teeth Whitening Kit Australia Is An Approved From FDA

Permanent Teeth Whitening is one the most sought after dental treatment that can enhance your teeth appearance thereby resulting in a warm and affectionate smile. A significant number of people are of the opinion that after getting rid of stains form tea, coffee and cigarettes, they feel much younger than their actual years. 298 more words

Permanent Teeth Whitening

Four Ways to Boost Your Internal Marketing Efforts

No matter where we run our business, we have to remain relevant in our communities. I believe in branding — creating some type of image or logo that represents you and your office. 40 more words

Obesity Linked to Higher Risk of Gum Disease

In the US for instance, the overweight condition affects around a third of the nation’s population, according to the World Health Organization. A study published at the peer reviewed journal General Dentistry mentions that obesity is not only a risk factor for diabetes, heart ailments and various cancer types, but is also a contributor to gum affliction. 106 more words


Quick Tips Regarding Teeth Whitening Strips As An Option

While you were looking to have a big and wide smile for yourself, a new company might have launched another product for increasing teeth whiteness. Companies in an extraordinary effort to produce several products for tooth whitening that seem harmless, but have serious aftereffects. 203 more words

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Get to know comprehensively about the dental crowns and bridges

To renovate the integrity of a fragmented tooth or replace a missing tooth, dentists use crowns and bridges in Gurgaon Sec-31. Both of these methodologies to dental care provide enduring solutions to serious complications that can intimidate more than just a person’s oral health. 367 more words

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Denture Prices

Let’s learn about denture price?

Dental problems plague most individuals in their lifetime. Some are lucky to get away with smaller ones and others need complete replacement. 482 more words