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An Adorable Smile with an Invisalign Option!!!

Are you worried about your crooked teeth? Are you unhappy with the misalignment in teeth that appear every time you smile? An orthodontic treatment may help you in straightening teeth to come out with an attractive smile. 386 more words

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Not All Teeth Whitening Products are the Same: Ask a Dentist First

Having a smile that lightens the room is the goal of many. In fact, people will go to just about any lengths to get those sparkling teeth like a movie star. 268 more words


Malocclusion Of Teeth: Symptoms And Causes

Occlusion is defined as the way teeth are aligned and the way upper and lower teeth fit together to give you a perfect bite. Malocclusion of teeth occurs when due to some causes teeth get misaligned, resultantly, an incorrect relation between the upper and lower teeth occurs, causing dental problems. 447 more words


The Painful Problem Of An Abscessed Tooth

Are you experiencing extreme tooth pain? You may have an infection either in or around the tooth, which is called an abscessed tooth. This is a serious condition that must be treated because that infection can spread quickly and cause you to lose your tooth or lead to other major health problems. 333 more words


Teeth Whitening

It is blog time again and this month I am going to focus on questions regarding tooth whitening.  Just this morning, I read an article on FoxNews.com about a certain YouTube video that has been watched over 1.5 million times as of yesterday.  702 more words


Why Pediatric Dentistry?

When I was a kid I saw my parent’s general dentist along with the rest of my family. I had never heard of Pediatric Dentistry, and did not understand the need for it, since a general dental office can clean anyone’s teeth. 613 more words

"Regular" Cleaning vs. Deep Cleaning

Our hygienist Jamie describes the differences between a “regular” cleaning and a deep cleaning. She also exposes a big secret about dentist offices across the country. 299 more words