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Tax Season

Although I have been super-busy the past few months with tax season, I have still managed to do a little dog sitting, especially for the stinker in the photo to the right. 462 more words

Dog Sitting

It was the last day that we would spend in Denver, Colorado. After four days attending the American Society of Public Administration, exciting hikes, and various art museums, today, would be our last opportunity to fit in as many activities as possible and we definitely took the opportunity! 1,162 more words


This Acorn is Definitely Not Squirrel Food


Acorn is at the top of many lists for best restaurants in Denver and a reservation is a definite must. The road outside the restaurant is under construction but to make up for the inconvenience they do free valet parking. 574 more words

Colorado Learjet Inspection

Watch on YouTube here: Colorado Learjet Inspection
Via Hawkeye Aviation


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Aviation Maintenance