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I am ready for my new job or my exit strategy to come to fruition. I am ready for my new place and I am ready to know non-douche bags. 29 more words

Amazing Freedom Day

Today was freedom day!  It was amazing.  I had freedom day breakfast which had George Washington bacon.  I had worms and a card to celebrate Freedom Day.   50 more words

Freedom Day

Freedom day in 19 hours and 4 minutes…. :)

Here I come life!

All my love-


Weird Days

It’s been a weird couple of days.  There was/is a blizzard.  I was threatened get a new job or be badged to this woman who hates me while being badgered by my current boss.   169 more words

56.0 Simply Mark - Show 56, Season 1, April 2, 2016 - Podcast

Mark tells the story through 7 Months, 28 Days of ‘The Great Adventure’ – the 8,000 mile bicycle adventure around the U.S. he and his friend Bruce took in 1976-1977. ☼ :)

Mark D. Jones

Journal post 9.29.15

What a surprise kind of day!  With intention to stop overnight at the halfway point, instead we got to Denver.  First stop was the Rio Grand Gorge Bridge outside of Taos.   95 more words

Road Trip

Denver Weekend Events April 1

Here is your Denver Weekend Update for April 1, 2o16. Get out and have some fun!