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What Do You Get When You Combine Denver Snuffer and Robert Norman? Mike Stroud.

One blogger calls him the “Denver Snuffer of Active Mormons.” Sometimes I’ve used the term Snuffer Lite.

Brother Mike Stroud is a relative newcomer to the Mormon… 1,598 more words


A few comments on the recent LDS offshoot The Remnant and Denver Snuffer

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

Many of you may have heard of the most recent rupture within the LDS faith as reported in the Salt Lake Tribune… 2,199 more words

Arguments against Denver Snuffer Jr. according to the Book of Mormon (Part I)

Once again, there is a new sect within the LDS church receiving some attention in the media, inspired by the teachings and revelations of a man named Denver Snuffer Jr. 2,941 more words

Book Of Mormon

Denver's Sleight of Hand

Occasionally, I take the opportunity to check up on the movement that is Snuffer, just to see how far afield they have wandered.  I know some of the people who follow him–believing him to be a prophet of God–and view them as good, sincere people who want to follow Christ.   1,413 more words

Oración por convenio

Aquí se encuentran unas traducciones deprisa y no oficiales de unos documentos del sitio web de Denver Snuffer. Tratan de una nueva versión de las escrituras por un grupo que espera recibir, con otros de creencias similares, un convenio con Dios en una conferencia en Septiembre de este año, 2017. 55 more words

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Hales Didn't Write all the Gospel Topics Essays

It’s time to conclude my interview with Dr. Brian Hales.  While it probably isn’t a surprise to most people that Brian played a big role in the polygamy essays at LDS.org, I was surprised to learn that he wasn’t the only author?   544 more words


Polygamy, A Horror Story

As I came to understand the things of Mormon history, it became apparent to me that I would one day put it all into writing. 1,354 more words