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April Faves

You guys, five months into 2017? Before you know it we’ll be six months deep, preparing for Christmas and wishing each other a happy 2018! Back to April. 474 more words

Soul Food

Keanu Reeves in "Much Ado About Nothing"!

Hello there! And Welcome to Miss TaffeytheChamp’s Blog. By any chance, are any of you familiar with the Keanu Reeves’ film entitled, “Much Ado About Nothing” 741 more words

Oscar 2017 - Fences | Review

Fences este al treilea film regizat de Denzel Washington și este o adaptare a piesei cu același nume scrisă de August Wilson. Denzel nu este deloc străin poveștii, el jucând personajul principal de peste 100 de ori la teatru chiar alături de Viola Davis, care și ea își reia cu această ocazie rolul. 488 more words


Week 4

“What is the long term effect of too much information? … What is it doing to us?”

-Denzel Washington

Today we live in the world of 24 hour a day constant news. 286 more words

Movie Review-Fences

This movie was very good.  Here are the 6 lessons I learned:

  1. A lot of people think they can’t do better.  With the history of poverty in this country there is a huge problem with the poverty mindset.
  2. 356 more words


Fences concerns the loquacious, loud, proud and complex man, Troy Maxson (Denzel Washington) and his struggles with his subservient family. Fences is based on August Wilson’s play of the same name. 498 more words


2013: Number 1 of 4

My dream goal of being an actor is to work with the greatest black actors and actresses one day in my lifetime.  That list starts with my favorite rapper who crossed over to become a successful actor, Will Smith.   597 more words

Journey Of Purpose