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Axe You

When did underarm protection become so aggressive?

Life Experience

Zinc & Magnesium, the hippie deoderant

Because I’m not weird enough, I decided to try hippie deodorant.

Actually, we have breast cancer in the family. Since there are concerns linking aluminum deodorant with breast cancer, I looked for a natural replacement. 315 more words


Dealing with... Sweat

It’s fine. Really.

Humans have approximately 2-5 million sweat glands on their body. All humans are different, some humans sweat more than others, and some humans sweat less. 793 more words


Dealing with body odor and smelly pits

The sweat your body excretes constantly, and when doing extraneous activities, is odorless.   So why do you smell like an old garbage bin sometimes?

When you sweat you create a great environment for bacteria to feast, and it is the byproduct of these bacteria that actually smells.     554 more words

Enlightened Peach Paste

Our best selling product as of now, this delightfully light yet intensely protective deodorant is your all natural solution to odor. We sure the highest quality ingredients, all locally sourced and fresh. 132 more words

Video: How to make your own Deodorant

Hey guys! Check us out on our youtube channel and see how we are saving money and the environment by making our own deodorant!!


Embrace your inner earth mama with natural deos.

If there is one thing most people aren’t willing to take a chance on, it’s being funky under the arms. Nothing kills your appeal faster than smelling badly. 444 more words