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Hate shaving your underarms?

Hey everyone👋 Todays post is about this cool product I came across a while back. Its a deodorant which is said to👇

Contain high concentrations of multiple actives to minimise the need for hair removal under the arms whilst fighting odour.

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Eliminate Aluminum - STINK SCRUB by Christie Smirl 

Aluminum is a source of heavy metal toxicity due to commonly used household items. Unlike other trace elements, the human body does not need aluminum. We consume low levels of aluminum in foods, but when we are exposed to repeated higher quantities the body begins to store it. 403 more words


Spikenard-Did You Know?

Did you know Spikenard is The Oil of Gratitude? Spikenard encourages true appreciation for life. It addresses repeated patterns of ingratitude, where a person sees themselves as a person whom criticism or abuse may be directed, or a victim of their life circumstances. 206 more words

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All Natural Aluminum Free pit paste

I have been traditional deodorant free for more than a year now. I have been making my own pit paste, a version of primal paste but at the fraction of the cost. 496 more words


I Stopped Wearing Antiperspirant a Month Ago! What Do I Wear Instead?

I had been trying to find an alternative to antiperspirant for a long time, but going through Menopause for a few years and having stinky sweat problems when I tried any alternatives had kept me chained to my brand of choice! 502 more words

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Natural Deoderant Review! 

This is a nice deodorant. It has a lavender and citrus scent to it and goes on similar to a gel deodorant. The product is light weight when you wear it and does not leave a thick residue on your underarms. 171 more words


WTF? Deodorant Face Primer? 😅

Hey loves!

So, I was browsing through YouTube earlier this week and came across a video where a girl was wearing deodorant as her face primer. 401 more words