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Lets talk about skin...(WARNING!!! Informational Overload)

In humans, skin is the largest organ (of the integumentary system). A lot of people know this, but what we may not know is that the average square inch of human skin holds around 60,000 melanocytes (pigment skin cells), 650 sweat glands, more than 1,000 nerve endings and 20 blood vessels. 820 more words

My Trial & Error: Final Homemade Recipe for Deodorant: Works on Sensitive Skin

The first time I made my homemade deodorant I’m pretty sure I laughed then, too. But it was more of a “wow, I’m the crazy one now and it’s an ‘AWESOME laugh. 659 more words


Homemade Deoderant

In the realm of natural and homemade remedies, Deoderant has always been high on my priority list of things to perfect. Of course, it has proven to be the most difficult thing so far to create something effective. 521 more words


DIY Deoderant

Homemade natural deodorant!

A earthy and thrifty girls must! Here is a video of me making the deodorant :)

We have all heard that conventional deodorant is full of chemicals that have been linked with breast cancer. 123 more words

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A Review Of Rustic Maka: Less Is More

Thanks to one of our followers who introduced us to Rustic Maka, I had the pleasure of sampling some of their products. What first got my attention was their company’s philosophy of “less is more”, and how true that statement is in regards to so many things. 221 more words

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Staying clean, not only makes you feel better, but it also makes you look better in other peoples eyes. Nobody wants to be friends with someone who is smelly, and doesn’t have any self worth. 107 more words

Homemade Deodorant

In the effort to stop buying products that require a ton of packaging, which all too soon translates into trash, honor the planet, and make your own stuff! 34 more words

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