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dream 46//

something about being worried about the medication, but glad that it didn’t make me feel too zonked or give me terrible stomach aches

i had bad dreams–i just can’t really remember them… 12 more words

list 45

anxious and on edge all day–

it snowed–i had my psychiatry appointment–i folded and took a lyft a couple of times–i missed a bus–the bus ride from the appointment to the pharmacy would have been two hours–i was exhausted–didn’t sleep well last night… 155 more words


curious to know about anyones thoughts on/experiences with depakote/valproic acid

the psychiatrist recommended starting there due to the fact that my moods change so rapidly and erratically that i have moments of feeling two conflicting emotions very strongly… 24 more words

Wandering Wednesday

I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but I tend to drift off into my own little world while contemplating next moves, old news, and everything in between. 169 more words

First Tuesday, Twenty Eighteen

It was 6:40 a.m. when I grabbed my phone and headed down the stairs. The litter box needed attention and the dog needed to be let out. 228 more words

Safe Saturday

With the end of 2017 approaching, I am happily looking to 2018 for a healthier mind. I am totally open to the idea of a new car or suv, if I don’t have to pay a car note. 242 more words

Twas the Friday before Christmas

It’s 2:35 p.m. and I’m feeling the effects of the medicine’s release. I am trying to get used to the new dosages of 250mg in the morning and 500mg at night. 124 more words