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The right write

It’s been three months to the day that I’ve had my last drop attack. (And there was much rejoicing.) As I mentioned before, I had been having them roughly every month.  298 more words


my brain is so so mellow

Abilify rocks Amy. This feels like its done more in 7 full days than Depacote did in 6 years. I had one restless night. But that was a Coffee OD.

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Brent Brents

Fall-down Up-date

I saw my neurologist Thursday.  I’m not sure why, but when he initially gave me the diagnosis of JME last time we met I didn’t exactly register the “E” part of the acronym, which is to say “epilepsy”.  300 more words


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concerned about eating too much–my stomach is uncomfortable

sleepy sleepy

nervous and edgy

today i made vegan cheese, golden milk, and monkey bread

i tried to relax in a bath… 101 more words

Low Carb Low Fat Diet

Saw my internist today. Here’s my new diet regimen to lower my triglycerides: 100 gram carbohydrates per day, 60 grams fat day, no more than 5 nuts (preferrably walnuts), no olive oil (save 1 tablespoon to pan fry), no coconut oil, no cheese, no red meat, no pasta, no rice, and no bread. 416 more words


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somewhat cranky

by far the most energy i have had in a day since starting depakote–i was fully anticipating a crash being that i had gotten up at five for the lunar eclipse–i did get drowsy following lunch… 246 more words

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decent mood all day–though one lady at work has been repeatedly obnoxious and i don’t know why i felt so compelled to be antagonistic rather than just ignore her or let it go–it felt like i couldn’t really control it, despite my awareness and desire to stop… 115 more words