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Losing Lithium's Side Effects, Gaining Sodium Valproate

Lithium has caused some nasty side effects for me over the past few years.  I did not even realize that my symptoms were likely a direct result of the drug despite working very closely (once weekly) with my psychiatrist.  330 more words


Day 6: Depakote

WARNING: Possible triggers. It mentions suicide attempt & ideation. You might want to skip this post if this is one of your triggers. I care about you, and your mental health always comes first. 1,479 more words


Depakote: Day 1

Well, I went to the new Neurologist today. Thank goodness! She reviewed my MRI’s for the past couple of years. She came to the conclusion that what I suffer from is NOT caused by MS, Alzheimer’s, or anything of that sort. 1,091 more words


About a week ago, I wrote a summary of my best advice for how to handle depression.  Today, I am putting together the companion piece:  my best advice for how to handle mania and a summary of my experiences with bipolar disorder in general. 1,791 more words

Bipolar Medication

This is my review list of medications I have taken. Not all of them are specifically for bipolar but they are ones I have been prescribed. 126 more words

Epilepsy & Migraines — Kissing Cousins

A strong relationship between migraines and epilepsy has long been suspected.

But now it is fact, according to extensive research cited by Steven Karceski, MD in Practical Neurology Magazine. 566 more words