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LANANE: Chemical dumping, EPA lawsuit signal need for stronger state water quality standards

Government is about promises. It’s a social contract that allows the public sphere to provide public safety, a functioning infrastructure and public education. It is also the duty of this state government to ensure that individuals and corporations are held to similar clean air and water standards. 463 more words

Department Of Child Services

Keeping kids safe: Summer safety tips

Summer in Indiana is under way and with the warm weather comes the opportunity for outdoor activities. The Indiana Department of Child Services has compiled a number of resources to ensure fun in the sun for Hoosier families without incidents of drowning or overheating. 75 more words


Lanane updates media regarding DCS caseworker shortage

Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) held an media availability in response to the governor’s request to hire 100 new Department of Child Services (DCS) caseworkers bringing the state into compliance with current caseload standards. 33 more words




In a previous article, THOSE CRAPPY DCS CASE WORKERS, I shared some insights into the job of a case worker. I am not naïve to think that though their jobs are tough and come with a price emotionally, physically and mentally, that there are not inadequate case workers. 1,710 more words

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Lanane to governor: Commit to protecting children, hiring DCS caseworkers

On Monday, Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) called on Governor Mike Pence to hire more Department of Child Services caseworkers. In a press conference, Lanane pushed the governor to meet caseload standards mandated by state law. 198 more words


Hopes for the New Year 2015

As the new year begins, here are the hopes for 2015:

  1. That anti-shackling legislation continues to spread around the country, including here in Indiana, which would allow detained children to appear without shackles during court hearings unless the judge has made a specific finding that shackles are necessary to protect the child and/or the community.
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