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Contamination in Bulls, New Zealand proves mysterious

“In an unpleasant surprise for firefighting foam investigators, the toxic chemicals have now been found in the drinking water of a Rangitikei town.

The Health Ministry said the chemicals were at levels well below maximum safety guidelines and Bulls water was still safe to drink. 228 more words


Second round of tests for Ohakea, AU groundwater after firefighting chemical contamination

“Ohakea residents whose drinking water is contaminated are getting water from other sources but now worry about their livelihoods and futures, Manawatu Mayor Helen Worboys says. 270 more words


Australian PFAS health guidance 'sick' and needs to be changed immediately, doctor says

“A GP and environment medicine specialist has described the Federal Government’s health advice on PFAS chemicals as “sick” and is calling for it to be changed immediately. 272 more words


Toxic foam contamination well above the recommended limit

“Some groundwater at Devonport Naval Base has 50 to 100 times more firefighting foam contamination than the recommended maximum, according to test results released to RNZ under the Official Information Act. 229 more words


War hero dogs mistreated, neglected by U.S. Army: Pentagon report

They made up a corps of bomb-sniffing dogs that accompanied brigade combat teams on potentially lethal missions, sniffing out roadside bombs in Afghanistan and saving human lives. 291 more words


$15k spin class for Defence officials on water contamination angers residents of Williamtown, Australia

“The Department of Defence has plunged thousands of dollars into a ‘media awareness’ course, coaching staff on how to field questions over water contamination at its military bases. 216 more words


NEW Expert Panel takes first crack at reforming DoD Acquisition System

The advisory panel Congress established to help streamline the Defense Department’s acquisition system said Wednesday that DoD should be allowed to eliminate more than a dozen different legally-mandated offices and positions within its bureaucracy, cease the annual publication of at least 20 reports to Congress that are of questionable value, and repeal 165 government-unique contract requirements as some of the first steps toward bringing more agility to the department’s procurement of goods and services. 1,401 more words

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