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Infographic on Guidance Documents from Federal Agencies

Federal agencies issue many documents targeted to the general public. These guidance documents help explain things like how employers can comply with workplace safety laws or how Head Start grantees can meet requirements. 64 more words

Government Operations

Oakland County's 1st eviction diversion program begins operations

PONTIAC, Mich. – The first eviction diversion program in Oakland County began operations May 1 at 50th District Court.

The program is a voluntary effort to help landlords and tenants resolve disputes over unpaid… 258 more words

Sailthru Newsletter Stories

Jeb Bush takes aim at the forces of 'secularism' as he woos evangelical Christians at Baptist school commencement speech

  • Jeb Bush, likely presidential candidate, visited Liberty University in Virginia
  • Politician praised Christianity, took issue with ‘secular dogmas’
  • Bush, viewed as less conservative than rivals, supported Little Sisters of the Poor’s challenge against health care law’s birth control mandate…
  • 745 more words

DHHS Fact Sheet for Deseret Facility Closures, Logan Valley Manor

Department of Health and Human Services

Fact Sheet for Deseret Facility Closures


DHHS has been notified of the closings of both Ainsworth Care Center in Ainsworth and Logan Valley Manor in Lyons. 396 more words


US Lowers Fluoride Recommendations In Water

Were Conspiracy Theorists Right?

By James Maynard via Tech Times

The federal government has lowered the recommended level of fluoride in drinking water for the first time in five decades. 173 more words


CHIC SHEATH: How a Girl-Powered NYC Startup Changed The Condom Game Forever.

“My name is Tiffany Gaines and a year ago, I became obsessed with condoms.”

THAT’S HOW THE VIDEO on Lovability’s Indiegogo campaign starts. President of the NYC startup condom company, a wide-eyed and smiling young woman who looks like she could easily be your college roommate; the friendly type you’d feel completely comfortable asking for condoms. 1,362 more words