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Trump's Controversial New Office for Victims of Immigrant Crime Is Opening on Wednesday

The Homeland Security Department is set to launch an office for American victims of immigrant crime.

The Victims of Immigrant Crime Engagement, or VOICE, opens Wednesday and is intended to keep victims informed of the immigration proceedings of suspects. 94 more words


NY Pols and Advocates Ask Trump to Let 50,000 Haitians Remain in the United States

Haitian-American leaders called on President Donald Trump and Homeland Security Secretary Gen. John Kelly to allow 50,000 nationals from the beleaguered Caribbean country to continue living in the United States. 588 more words

Donald Trump

Report: DHS ONLY Investigates 1% Of Sexual Assaults In Immigration Detention Centers

Thirty-six men shared Douglas Menjivar’s pod inside Joe Corley Detention Facility in Conroe, where he was locked up with other immigrants waiting for courts to review his asylum claim. 445 more words

Rape Culture

Never can say goodbye: face scans for departing US visitors fast-tracked

The US administration has stepped up its plans to check every visa-holder leaving the country by fast-tracking a scheme to carry out a facial scan on all departing passengers. 371 more words


Time To Clean Up Barry's Mess . . .

The adults are now in charge. Obama and his merry band of college cupcakes can go play on the yachts of the privileged asshat Hollywood libtards and enjoy their play dough fun while real people work very hard to clean up the horrible mess that he left us all . . .

Adults Now In Charge

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