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Postal Service Worker Accused Of Faking Cancer, Taking More Than 100 Days Off Work

DENVER (CBS4) – A U.S. Postal Service employee is accused of lying about having cancer in order to claim more than 100 days of sick leave and be allowed to work from home. 144 more words


EXCLUSIVE: Tony Podesta Made $500K Lobbying For Chinese Firm Convicted Of Illegal Sales To Iran

Reported by  Richard Pollock | Reporter | 9:46 PM 03/27/2017

URL of the original posting site: http://dailycaller.com/2017/03/27/exclusive-tony-podesta-made-500k-lobbying-for-chinese-firm-convicted-of-illegal-sales-to-iran/

Democratic super-lobbyist Tony Podesta grossed more than $500,000 to represent a Chinese company…

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Jeff Sessions sanctuary cities - CWEB.com

Jeff Sessions sanctuary cities – CWEB.com

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Monday that the Justice Department will take steps to “claw back any funds awarded to a jurisdiction” that violates federal law.  43 more words

So ... The Plaintiffs Won the Texas Redistricting Lawsuit, Right? Right?


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So, just tell me: Did the plaintiffs in the 2011 Texas redistricting case win or not? 1,321 more words

Inside CA Technologies' $45M False Claims Settlement

A long-lasting legal dispute between IT contractor CA Technologies and the federal government reached a conclusion last week, as the Justice Department announced the company agreed to pay $45 million to settle allegations that it overcharged and provided false pricing information to the government. 10 more words


The Sich: Find Our Girls

There has been a huge public outcry about missing black and latina girls in the DC area, but apparently, it turns out many of the girls left their homes voluntarily. 707 more words


Top crime experts around the US urge Trump to please just use some science

As the Trump administration sees it, the United States has a serious violent-crime problem. Some would even call it “carnage.” In public remarks, both Donald Trump and his attorney general Jeff Sessions have painted a hellish landscape of a country overrun by gangs and murderers, and the president has issued several executive orders aimed at curbing this supposed crime epidemic. 315 more words