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#FundingFriday: Grants Supporting National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month

In April, federal government agencies, along with a network of nonprofit organizations and individuals, have provided support and funding to raise awareness and prevent crimes of sexual assault. 530 more words


Executive Order Promoting Agriculture and Rural Prosperity in America - Video and Presidential Remarks -

We don’t want to be taken advantage of by other countries and that’s stopping and that’s stopping Fast! President Donald J. Trump

The White House…

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Don't Loose Hope - God Is In Control!!! A Christian Perspective

Yes, we have been praying for deliverance.  We have been given President Trump. Finally, God-Ordained, we don’t have a figure-head in the White House anymore.  We have a leader and the shot has been heard all across the world.   299 more words

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No Matter what DEMS Vow To Block, PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump will complete his #MakeAmericaGreatAgain Plan - Together with millions of Us Supporters and GOD - Count on it!!!

The party that brought you slavery, the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow laws, illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, violent late-term abortions, Obamacare, ANTIFA, sanctuary cities, the illegal funding of the refugee program from non-Christian countries together with the UN, gangs, Obama, Soros, Clinton, are now blocking funding for the Wall to Protect your families. 529 more words

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N. Korean Launched Massive Artillery Drill Near Coast - On 4/25/2017 CHINA warns Kim Jong-Un Pyongyang faces "GREAT LOSSES" if N. Korea tests another nuke

Today is the 85th anniversary of N. Korea’s Army, Kim Jon Un marked the anniversary by firing a massive artillery drill from coastal N. Korea, and it is a message to the U. 471 more words

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