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Perfect Distractions: Masters At Work 'To Be In Love (Tiefschwarz Acoustic Mixdown)

The backdoor is wide open, the missus is planting up yellow violas and the sun, oh the sun, is shining. Its one of those days. 24 more words

Perfect Distractions

Everybody needs a DJ

Let the DJ shake you, let the music take you. RIP DJ, producer and the inspirational Mark Kamins. It takes genius to make a legend.


Perfect Distractions: Charles Green 'Fresh Ground'

He’s too cute for his own good but boy can he produce a wonder or two. A definite go to DJ without whom Brighton nightlife would not be the same, Charles Green keeps his beans bouncing with this slice of Fresh Ground, deep and delicious house. I’m distracted. You?

Perfect Distractions

Perfect Distractions: Mario Basanov feat. Jeremy Glenn 'More for The Less' (Mario ReDub) Apersonal Music

I’ve spent the weekend trying to define the myths used to excuse homophobia in viral anti-gay marriage campaigning. My eyes hurt. My soul is in danger of becoming damaged. 83 more words

Perfect Distractions

Queenie's February wonders

Hello my dancing friends, Queen Josephine here. I’m afraid I’ll be flying solo for the next few months of album and single reviews as the missus concentrates all her energies into getting a fabulous degree result at university. 523 more words

Like I Do

Wildblood & Queenie's January Wonders

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new year and we’re feeling good…well okay maybe a little cold, skint and fed up but sod that, lets turn it up and bring the New Year in with some style, substance and sweet beats. 448 more words

Perfect Distractions