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Massage parlors and politics

PPT saw the news stories on the police raid on Victoria’s Secret Massage and didn’t think too much about it. Yes, a rip-off name, but that’s not unusual. 378 more words

Lese majeste expanding madly

Since the 2006 royalist military coup, the use of the lese majeste law has been expanded and deepened. Under the military dictatorship its use has become downright bizarre. 330 more words

Following some trails and not others

The media seems flooded with Yingluck Shinawatra stories. Dozens of them. And most of them are about the “hunt for Yingluck.”

We understand that the anti-democrats, including the Democrat Party, are beside themselves with rage about Yingluck’s disappearance, but we can’t help feeling that the attention is over the top. 326 more words

When the military is on top XI

It’s a while since we had a “When the military is on top” post. This post is prompted by a couple of recent stories reveal more about the military dictatorship and its aims. 363 more words

Supreme Court confirms double standards

The only standards promoted by Thailand judiciary are double standards. This has been demonstrated time and again, and most especially since the illegal 2014 military coup. 323 more words

Stunned by reporting

Well, we know nothing should stun us when it comes to Thailand, its politics and its media. Yet a report at the Bangkok Post is seriously stunning. 306 more words

Updated: Monks and sedition

PPT has said several times that it has little to offer on the standard reporting on the military state’s siege of Wat Dhammakaya.

That said, we were staggered to read the… 342 more words