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Backpacking in Yellowstone/The Merger

Backpacking in Yellowstone

Hoped-for submersion
auspicious inversion
civilizing subversion
total immersion

The Merger

Speak not of boardrooms
of quick-voiced chaos
and closed-in spaces

rather, into quiet ease – 49 more words


Poll: How long until Shell Oil blows it in the Arctic?

Well, I have to admit that I’d have been surprised if President Obama had denied final approvals for Shell Oil to attempt to drill (again) in the Arctic. 393 more words



Each of Us has a key, or possibly is a key, but locating the lock where the key works requires Determination, (which is a Rhino specialty). 94 more words

R Outlook

National Park Webcams

Before we went to Glacier in Montana last summer, I was already poring over webcam images featured on the park’s NPS website. Traveling there increased the frequency of my habit. 363 more words

Glacier National Park

Poking around up there...

Inside of Us We keep the records of what We have been up to, each of Us, all through our lives. Does it really feel as organized as this? 89 more words

R Life Lessons

Feeling Gloomy

There is a musical style called Funk, which We are not discussing today.

We are talking about the rare situation when a Rhino goes into a slump. 90 more words

R Mindset


Rhinos have a wealth of Systemic Contributors. They are all dashing around inside, adding a dash of paprika to each thought and transaction. At least, that’s what We have always assumed was going on in there. 46 more words

Rhino Nifty