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Round two for IRS scam calls

By Sabina Mollot

Throughout this week, a few readers of Town & Village alerted us to the fact that an overseas phone scam, in which the callers pretend to be from the IRS while threatening people with lawsuits or even arrest, had returned to the Stuy Town/Peter Cooper neighborhood. 539 more words



Goilala MP Honorable William Samb iss currently in Tapini station, the District HQ of Goilala District, to officially formalize and launch a couple of very important official requirements/documents. 220 more words

Goilala District

Treasury: Nov. 5 deadline for Congress to act on debt limit

WASHINGTON (AP) — The deadline for Congress to increase the government’s borrowing limit is coming earlier than expected, moving up to about Nov. 5.

That means the issue likely must be addressed before House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, leaves Congress at the end of October. 595 more words

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Feds Recommend Overhaul Of Student Loan Servicing

Earlier this year, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau launched a public probe into potentially anti-consumer practices of the student loan servicing industry. More than 30,000 people responded, leading the Bureau, along with the Departments of Education and Treasury, to release a framework they hope will curb these questionable practices, promote borrower success, and minimize defaults. 812 more words

... IRSGate starts to Get Real Interesting [#e - mails]...

.. well , it looks like Lois Lerner has been busy …

.. and the word from her e – mails may well indicate that the ObamaCrap White House has been really , really stupid … 143 more words

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For-Profit Colleges Lead The Way On Loan Defaults: Report

During the Great Recession, the growing industry of for-profit colleges promised millions of Americans a path to a higher education. But the high tuitions charged by many schools sent U.S. 703 more words

Carnival Cruise Ship Sailing Toward Cuba Next Spring

If visiting the Dominican Republic on Carnival’s latest Fathom cruise line for a few days of volunteer work didn’t seem like the right fit for you, there’s now another island option: Cuba. 474 more words