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Old Wounds Vocalist Leaves Band

In a post on Instagram earlier today, Kevin Iavaroni announced that he is no longer a part of Old Wounds. His departure announcement can be read below. 305 more words



In exactly ten days I will wake up at home in Oakland. This is both exciting and devastating. I am looking forward to being back in California where the sun doesn’t set so early and the temperature rarely drops to freezing even in “winter.” I am excited to be back in my own bed, and not wear the same five outfits over and over again. 529 more words

A Strange Sort of Melancholy

You know your time in a place is coming to an end when you find yourself writing thank you cards and making last visits. This morning, I paid a visit to our neighbour (who had hosted me for the first 24 hours I was in Copenhagen) to drop off some Christmas presents and to thank her for a lovely first memory in Denmark. 547 more words


I See I’m Having No Success Today

In this episode Anders and Thea depart from Count Stag’s residence.

When Anders and Pastor John’s ghost enter Count Stag’s residence at Mulhammar manor again, they find Thea, Peter Pike, Meg, Griet, and their host spending a merry afternoon in front of the fireplace practicing the art of lying. 1,118 more words

Book Four: The Dwarf, Bedeviled

Day 1 - The Road to Indy

Monday 5th December – Day 1 kicked off with the early wake up call for everyone for a group meeting at 5am at the Launceston Airport ahead of our 6:30am flight. 147 more words


Haiga Prompt for e30doh 2016-003 ~ and House Table

empty house
things i could not cary
left on the table

Prompt e30doh 2016-003 (Dec. 1, 2016):
Northern Hemisphere: first snow
Southern Hemisphere:  last snow… 285 more words

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