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We all have our own rituals, this is mine.

I tried to spark up conversation with you, again, and it went no where, like always. Sometime a few weeks ago, I saw something on your Instagram that struck the final chord and I snapped. 117 more words

The leave...

Vohne had helped tightening the leather strappings around her calves. He knew she would need her ankles to be steady in the forest. The trails were still covered with snow, and it would most probably be almost knee high most of the time… 317 more words


Studying Abroad? It's Fab

One month from today, my little brother graduates from high school. Not only is my mind blown because he’s not old enough for that, but also because it means that in less than one month, I will be back in the states. 559 more words

Study Abroad

All the Good Heaven Can Bring (Reprise)

There have been some few times this my life in
Too conscious of my own effect on they
To whom I helped recently some truth win… 172 more words


Leaving the Nest

Standing at my tippy toes on a wobbly yard sale chair, I reach for the dusty, spider-webbed corner where three planes meet. I wrestle with the last dots of Blu-Tack, which clung to the corners of scenic pages ripped from college ads. 266 more words


I'm leaving in September.

I’m leaving in September,

when the air cools and swirls

past your cheeks and through the threads of your shirt.

I’m packing my bags and storing them above… 95 more words