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The Passionate Departure

His stare became something more like admiration, or probably appreciation. As the sun started to melt away on the horizon a sense of resolution took his soul. 496 more words


While You're Up There

While you’re up there
carving clouds
and scraping star dust, 
I hope you think of me.

When you touchdown 
in a different city, 
may the rays of its lights,  99 more words


Temple Chronicle: 5th February

The objective of all Buddhist training, of any spiritual training, is to first become a better, happier person, and then to look after other sentient beings, developing unwavering respect and compassion in that pursuit. 839 more words

True Nature

on color and resonance

once waist-deep in that city
as dark as the caverns of our mouths
perhaps darker, like when both
were in union.
never will i alone… 51 more words

Temple Chronicle: 4th February

There is no escape from suffering for Japanese Buddhist lay practitioners. Daily life and stark reality are the anchor of life here: no time for dreams and personal ambitions. 539 more words

Reading The Air: Life-magic In Japan

Drinking the Dawn

A young elephant can die
of a broken heart
should his mother leave.

I was an elephant once

just for a time.
Then I stood up, 18 more words