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Just Right Words

Words. Too many. Where were the words, the right ones, when they were being called back to the yard? Hiding in the treetops or under the foundation walls? 181 more words



Hardened earth and hallowed ground
grow hardy and thirsty notions,
thistle and briar, engaged in wind-borne
attempts at spreading gospel.

Hitching to a body in motion, a transient, 92 more words

Paying Attention

Pros and Cons of Solo and Group Travel

– By Soliya Phadnis

Traveling is known to be the best teacher in life. There is so much you achieve with traveling- it widens your knowledge, fills your bucket of memories with cherished moments, enriches your experiences and transforms you! 944 more words



I can read minds.

This is no carnival trick.
My veins run with
Enough gypsy blood to
Remember your thoughts.

That’s how it works.

I’ll latently feel your… 47 more words


It was clear, wasn't it?

The day yous all saw me, dearest cousins and


the truth was so easy to divine.

Almost mysterious for me

but simple for

yous: if I had ever loved her true, that day… 135 more words


Book Review: A Dog's Soul

Book Review by Elizabeth McKenzie

Terry McDonagh: Lady Cassie Peregrina Amazon 2016
RRP: $20 ISBN-10: 1851321608; ISBN-13: 978-1851321605.

In his latest anthology, Lady Cassie Peregrina, … 1,438 more words

Of Literary Interest


I loved him, and he loved me. But happily ever after was never the end. How do you stay with a person who never craves you as you do him? 557 more words