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Weekend Getaway

Photo Credit: Miranda Prager, Vancouver BC, January 2016

As mentioned my personal writing would be on hold for a time while I focus on my craft. 416 more words


Good Lah! - Sembawang

Today in Singapore it was time to pack up and set off on new adventures. I have utterly loved this place and it has given me a crash course in far eastern culture, cuisine and customs. 62 more words



Poems by Diane Fahey


Light enters the sepia room.
Too late to clutch back sleep, blot out
a flight over three continents in one day,

464 more words
Of Literary Interest


The traditional travel guidebook is becoming passé … obsolete … nearly as dead as most of the big bookstores that once carried them. Yes, there’s an app for that, and tons of websites, blogs, magazine articles, and videos. 503 more words


Leavings - Dublin Airport

Today in Dublin we packed our bags and set off to the airport to see where our travels will bring us. And for the audience of one, this is what we currently look like – see you soon!!


untitled poem by T'ao Chien

Days and months never take their time.
The four seasons keep bustling each other

away. Cold winds churn lifeless branches.
Fallen leaves cover long paths. We’re frail, 61 more words


At the Terminal

Dear You-who-have-left,

I hope you are doing fine.

I hope the sun’s warmth wakes you in the morning and the cold breeze tickle your toes. As the rooster crows and the smell of your brewed coffee combines with the scent of freshly washed linens, I hope you long for home.  615 more words