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My future ghost

To move, alive, among
the living
is the insatiable desire
of ghosts, the
essential craving of
their death-birth,
to conclude the
life unfinished,
instead of cutting and… 126 more words


Amsterdam Airport - Schiphol

This place is huge. I found a few maps of it, just to simplify things:

The airport, however, divides the maps up into arrivals and departures: 174 more words


Family and 1 poem, 'departures'

Sorry, I’ve actually been busy with my family in fairly pleasant ways to extremely pleasant.  Spouses can have rough spots that require sanding.  That might be self-administered, spousal ‘maintenance’ read spouse abuse or shadows of various sorts.  286 more words


The End of Summer

Summer’s departure at the equinox is the worst time of year for me. The beginning of Autumn feels different than other seasons, Summer and Spring smell like newness and taste of possibility, but fall is blanketed in an existential heaviness. 104 more words



Draft 1: engineering version

Two waveforms, overlayed, playing
out of sync, out of phase, waiting
on the verge of a frequency
of resonance,
where crest and troughs kiss, 124 more words


Writing as personal workspace  

Writing is the first clue, or used to be in my yesterdays.

The first clue that I am working something out. Working through something big. 384 more words



The sting is real.
He asks, not for relief,
But for her, revealed.
His image in mirror, returned,
Isn’t what he wanted,
But it is what he asked, 8 more words