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Top 3 most heartbreaking departures

The top three most heartbreaking departures I have suffered on Football Manager.

3. Ole Kristian Ommundsen This was on a version in about the mid-2000s. I was managing Exeter City and we were in League 1. 450 more words


Wanderlusting for Departures

I’m a Netflix fan. Living through the frigid Canadian winter causes us all to hibernate (bears: they know where it’s at), and more often than not, Netflix is the perfect companion to curl up on the couch with. 381 more words


The journey is one.

The vehicles and roads, departures and arrivals, travelers and wanderers, writers and reporters, pavers and preservers are many.

Departures ~ Anata no Okuri Ai no Uta ~ - EGOIST

Lyrics/Music/Composition: ryo (supercell)


Mou anata kara aisareru koto mo
Hitsuyou to sareru koto mo nai
Soshite watashi wa koushite hitoribocchi de
Ano toki anata wa nante itta no? 106 more words


The Long Journey Home

Even though our group is beginning to disperse, I still have another full day left in Beijing before my flight home to Boston. One by one our group departs – some leave for their home countries and others continue on their epic journeys through Asia and beyond. 645 more words



Forever Mastadon ~ Episode 107

…Once again, Constance intentionally avoids bringing up the subject of Ace Bannion…

Connie has gotten the message loud and clear, hearing of the attempted destruction of her Tallahassee roots, while driving over to Meigs Field to pick up Ace Bannion. 345 more words

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