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Every Day to the Good is a Good Day

On July 2, 2016, we departed Majuro, Marshall Islands, for a long, upwind sail to Samoa. Crow flies, it was an 1800-mile passage that we thought might take two weeks, three at the most with the light winds that were predicted for our first few days at sea. 664 more words

Cruising Life

William Blake

The most powerful passages I was privileged to read today follow. I especially take to the tone and passive acerbity of the first. Follow the link at the bottom to read the article for context. 296 more words



Called to me in a familiar, friendly tone,
cocked head and open smile.
Hadn’t seen her in months,
maybe a year, visiting.
I take a seat, back against the wall, 274 more words

Paying Attention

The stone

Cast in cable, cradle strapped,
slapped a label on my grin
Chances, stances, brutal dance’s
move as if I’d ever been
Barking low, and pulled it down… 15 more words


Time for an excursion

It’s feeling like time for an excursion,
one that puts miles on my boots,
crisp pine air in my head,
sweat on my back, and a… 96 more words


Kids in Australia by Noel King

Our third and youngest son, Jesse, took the flight from Shannon on Easter Monday. I drove him up. His mother said she couldn’t come because of the Bridge Congress but I know it’s because she’d be too sad. 2,074 more words

Of Literary Interest

Crossing Names

You wade into that river alone.
Others will attempt to tether their names
With blood, duty and guilt,
Umbilicals of words and wishes,
Hoping in a return ticket… 69 more words