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Self – Confidence. Not The “DUFF”. You Just Unique. Break Your Limit.

If you ever think yourself weak, do not have a lot of friends, always think people doesn’t want to be around you, you don’t have the popularity, always think that alone is the best solution, or you are trying to be cool and ‘hot’ but you don’t. 392 more words


Depend for Women Incontinence Underwear Moderate Absorbency Economy Plus

Urinary urinary incontinence is the incapability to keep pee in the bladder. Even if urinary system incontinence affects millions of people, it isn’t a regular component of maturing or, in women, an unavoidable outcome of giving birth or changes after menopause.Urge incontinence is a state in which you understand that you wish to urinate however you merely cannot hold it to reach the washroom also for a short time. 269 more words

Introduction Depend Silhouette for Women Briefs SmallMedium Single Pack

Most athletes prefer briefs for athletic events as holds the genitals more firmly in a fixed position than what loose fit underwear could do. They are referred to as Y-front. 359 more words

The Pseudo Doctor

As tears run down her face,
She holds back a smile because there is a certain beauty in remembering the fragility of your humanity.
The emptiness of pain begging for sharp steel to touch the smoothness of her skin as she becomes an addict to surgery. 10 more words


Female Roles

The most important thing I ever learned from my mom was “never depend on a man“.

After scrolling through twitter recently I discovered how many females talk about wanting to marry rich or be a trophy wife or never need to work. 577 more words


The law and the one that does not obey

He that puts law in house is because in house he dwells or he will dwell. But the very law truly has fault because the very law depends on someone to obey the very law and the very law truly makes one to remember what one should not do and what one truly remembers the most thus one truly becomes, even though it may be the very fault of the very law! 118 more words