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Practical Guides for New Students: A Guide to Life in Edinburgh for Dependants

Moving to Edinburgh with a partner or your family is a major decision and there are many  practicals issues you will need to consider, such as immigration, finances, healthcare, accommodation, schooling, and much more. 38 more words


Women in Crime

By Cassie Greenwald

Women are not expected to be criminals and if they are, often they are described as ‘mad not bad.’ This is because of the view that women… 742 more words


Court of Appeal: American Visitor’s Appeal Allowed

PG (USA) v The Secretary of State for the Home Department EWCA Civ 118 (26 February 2015)

In this case, Elias and Fulford LJJ, Dame Janet Smith allowed Phyllis Gain’s appeal and remitted the matter to the Upper Tribunal in order for the… 2,186 more words

Article 8

IRS Completes The "Dirty Dozen" Tax Scams for 2015

The Internal Revenue Service wrapped up the 2015 “Dirty Dozen” list of tax scams today with a warning to taxpayers about aggressive telephone scams continuing coast-to-coast during the early weeks of this year’s filing season. 240 more words


Really, The IRS Is Here To Help

Contrary to what you may have heard the IRS is here to help. Sure, fail to pay your taxes and you might see a side you don’t want to see, but if you’re one of the vast majority of Americans that pay their taxes and pay them on time the… 77 more words


Age matters in the world of taxes

Are you aware of the numerous age-related provisions in the IRS code? They are probably more plentiful and significant than you thought. Here are a few examples of the age-related tax rules that could affect you and your dependents. 189 more words


Continuum of life

“The truth is not always beautiful, nor beautiful words the truth” by Lao Tzu

As student we get asked alot of questions whether in class or in exams.

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