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There is A Dependency

My stomach inflate and deflate
Cheek hardened restrain anger
My eyes upward to hold back tears
Legs and hands tremble
Clenched hand

Transfixed in silence… 32 more words

The Wrath Of The Great Depression

Being in high school means being assigned classic books that you have to read.This semester’s pick of the day is Grapes Of Wrath. I thought like all other books I would just leave it on my shelf to collect dust, pretend to pay attention in class while we went over the chapters and then read all the spark notes before the test. 664 more words

Why Do We Get Sick?

Why do we get sick?  What is the usefulness of it?  Is it punishment, as some of the ancients believed?  Is it meant to teach us something? 232 more words

The Clumsy Courtship -- a short story

The first time he saw her was in the parking garage of their apartment complex. She lay on the concrete amid spilled grocery bags, her beautiful face strewn with ketchup, salad dressing dripping from her blouse. 387 more words


Technology is scary

I am not that old, I can’t say I was born at a time when there was no technology and people weren’t somewhat dependent on it. 257 more words


Recovering from co·de·pend·en·cy

“It’s is like a deadly gas.”
That is how I describe codependency’s toxic ability to “sneak-in and cover” one’s intentions when I am working with clients or hosting a workshop. 618 more words


Finding Balance

Something I’m really struggling with of late is finding the balance between being completely independent and being completely dependent on another person. My personality leads me to lean towards the latter of the two, meaning I often let myself start to depend on someone else for happiness or conversation, etc. 688 more words