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Let's talk about MEF - Part 1

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So we talked about what Dependency Inversion and Injections are (see here), and last time we looked at how we can… 2,908 more words


The Letter that Revealed Bill W's Dependencies

One of the most influential reads in my early recovery was Bill W’s “Emotional Sobriety.”  Published in a 1958 edition of the AA Grapevine, Bill writes about his battles with dependency. 605 more words

Dependent and Disappointed

I used to live in denial that I was too attached to my phone. That I needed it in my hand or within reaching distance all the time. 600 more words


My Friends Need to Know

This is from the Facebook page Autistic Not Weird. I do ask questions I do or should know the answers to. I don’t necessarily need reassurance from an older adult (sometimes I do), but I do from my friends. 8 more words

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Rolling our own IoC

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Previously we talked about what Dependency Inversion and Dependency Injection are, today we’re going to look at what an Inversion of Control (IoC) container is and how it works. 1,646 more words



If the question is, what I was?

And what I am?

I will let you count

Know! that I did nothing but swam.

But who were you? 83 more words


I’ve talked about this in other entries, but it’s very present in my mind right now. I can’t remember when it started, but for several years I’ve had an extremely strong aversion to anything remotely related to romantic relationships—for me or for anyone. 244 more words

Autism Spectrum Disorder