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Gadgets ! Our way to escape reality ?

Being a huge gadget fan, i often wonder if gadgets are a part of my life or are my life.

Gadgets have become extremly essential in this modern world, and with everything becoming more synced and wireless the world seems to be addicted with technology like a drug. 187 more words


Lights Out

The recent windstorm in the Pacific Northwest knocked out local power for 24-hours. For me, it was a good reminder to have alternative power and light sources consolidated and ready to go. 1,051 more words


Differences and Consequences

Perennially haunted by the general views

Evolved dreams from the negatives of life

Differences are all the same with different hues

It’s discreet, but the gaps continuously widen… 69 more words


Are Christians who use other people's money to help others "generous"?

Normal Americans¬†who work for a living¬†know that you cannot be generous with someone else’s money – you have to earn your own money and give your own money away if you want to be “generous”. 1,027 more words


Life Was.


Always looking to
put me down.
Making me look
like her clown.

A queen on a throne
made of my head. 43 more words

Predators And Prey