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Trust me, I know better

Today I was working on fixing some unstable tests. We use Gradle as our build tool, and we’ve built so much on top of the regular Scala-Java-Javascript plugins that it’s staggering: our Gradle files contain more than 50K lines. 426 more words


Are we too dependent on computers?

Left click to select, right click to browse the options…. Copy the favourite quote by crtl+c and paste it to share by crtl+v……experienced a funny scenario?? 689 more words


Haptic Habit

It’s the hand-to-mouth habit!

This is the simple formula often used to explain the psychological part of the multifactorial tobacco dependence and why vaping works where NRTs often fail. 1,784 more words


God loves weak things

The other day I asked my students, “Imagine you have a crush on someone. (Maybe you do). Now imagine telling that person you have feelings for them.” Some of them grimaced, others visibly tensed up and even squirmed in their chairs. 341 more words


I'm back to square one in life

Today. Today, I had to leave to work and in the middle of my morning routine I shattered into a sea of emotions. Can loss be a choice? 528 more words


Renunciation of what?

Renunciation is not so much about ‘giving up’ but more about ‘letting go’. Letting go of the ‘need’ to have something or someone or to be somewhere. 104 more words


Ignorance has caused widespread destruction

Every day the same saga is repeated, and often with tacit approval

When landscapes could be pulverized to fulfil ambitions and greed… 102 more words