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How to keep balance between inner and outer noises?

How to keep balance between inner and outer noises?

How easy it is when we are in Nature to turn down the volume of our inner ears and listen to the sounds that are being presented by all the creatures we find within our environment, wether it is a forrest, a lakeside, on the top of the hill, in the mountains. 973 more words

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  1. Survive this hangover, just get through today one step at a time and try not to throw up or have a panic attack! Try to stay awake and positive and don’t think too much about last night, the little you can remember of it.
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Puerto Rico: The Financial Implications of Dependency

“Puerto Rico: The Financial Implications of Dependency” offers a well-researched, comprehensive analysis Emma Scully (Council on Hemispheric Affairs) of Puerto Rico’s debt crisis and its roots in the island’s historical and problematic “relationship” with the United States. 1,139 more words


Confession #136: A Season of Dependency: Velvet Ashes

Today I have the honor of sharing on Velvet Ashes. So many feelings bundled up in this post. As a missionary, learning to be dependent on others has been hard, especially when I spend my days preaching the value of independence to my youth. 37 more words

A New Song

Let my life show

I depend upon You.

My faith comes from

A Fountain that’s good.

Jesus, to Your Word

You remain true.

Let my life show… 190 more words



I have to admit I suffer from an addiction. My drug of choice was him. Or more so the idea of his potential; I think that is initially what I fell in love with. 468 more words