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New Ways of Thinking About Addiction

Drug addiction is something that America, and the world at large, has been struggling with for a long time. Ever since the realization that certain drugs, like heroin, are dangerous, we’ve started a never-ending “War on Drugs.” Not only is this war impossible to win, but it costs millions of dollars and lives each day. 260 more words


The Train to D.C.

I knew a woman—we can call her Jill—whose husband couldn’t cope. She had to travel by herself from D.C. to New York City to take care of a particular situation. 205 more words

I envy people who can get divorced

This will not be nice. This post will reveal a side of me that I’m deeply ashamed of.

A person that I know is going through a divorce. 171 more words



I am incredibly self sufficient, which stems from a lifetime of distrust in others. Trust means placing faith in another human being, and it’s not personal but I have no faith to place. 219 more words

random thougths (mostly on cat ownership)

I woke up early this morning, before 8 am (yes, it is early for me: I usually get up around 9 am). I was wondering how Jamie the cat was.  614 more words


Are we too dependent on computers?

Left click to select, right click to browse the options…. Copy the favourite quote by crtl+c and paste it to share by crtl+v……experienced a funny scenario?? 691 more words


Stress Test

Dear Friend,

Tomorrow is the day we find out if my dad has cancer.

He lives in Florida now, so it’s not really easy to go see him if he does.   279 more words