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Daughter of senior EU official raped and murdered by Afghan refugee

The UK Daily Mail has the story about a tragic rape and murder that resulted directly from Angela Merkel’s open-borders immigration policy in Germany.

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Simple Juvenile Court Timeline

I’ve put together a simplified timeline for juvenile court. The internal workings of juvenile court require more explanation. This timeline is an initial approach for the uninitiated attorney.


Weeping willow

I’d like for her to leave him
Not because he is a “bad man”
not because he “treats her badly”
but because I fear
that with everyday he pretends to have safeguarded her heart above any other… 39 more words

Needing Help for ME as Autistic

I have recently been formally diagnosed with myalgic encephalomyelitis, ME. It has been suspected by several doctors for years but for various reasons it wasn’t until now that somebody had the courage to be clear about it. 493 more words



The problem with independency, as I guess it’s name suggests, is that it’s really just inner-focused dependency.

All very well if we were perfect, invincible beings… 123 more words

It Depends

I have decided to put on some depends today and declare it’s possible to live in peace.  This scripture always speaks to me. Now that’s what I call living on pitch!


Managing Shared service across products

I came across a very interesting challenge today as a project manager. We have a shared service across our multiple product lines and this shared service always have a version bump for any new customer feature request or defects instead of hotfix or patches. 42 more words