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When He Calls You...

​When he calls you at 2 AM checking to see you are awake.

Tell him that you are.

For him day and night doesn’t matter. 144 more words

"Success" to be Published

A new expanded print edition of Success in Dependency Court will be available soon.

Juvenile Court

Know Your Environment (KYE) First !!!

Stop, Look, then Cross….simple rules to even cross roads. Then, why do we simply decide on going to cloud and start working without even going through basic prerequisite checks. 916 more words


Hearts of onions

Fun fact: chopping onions doesn’t make me cry. It might be because I wear contacts, but I know of others who also do who can’t seem to keep their tear ducts in check when onions are around. 202 more words

Have you thought about (HYTA) what is the meaning of life?

         The meaning of life, whatever that may be, faces a curious conundrum. Say that it has already been determined, and we bemoan our immutable state of affairs, that our lives can have no deviation from what the fates have in store for us, that the cards in our preassigned deck are stacked against us, or that the dice having been already cast, makes us prisoners of the path we must walk. 882 more words



Day 4

I haven’t had a drink since Monday night when I decided that I really need to let my liver have a vacation.  I came to that conclusion after my second martini. 387 more words


She Is....

To many she is CC aka Coko Chanel. To them she’s a fierce warrior, a survivor, a hustler, sexy, and sometimes a force to be wreckoned with. 143 more words