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Learning Agda to be a better Haskell programmer

In my previous post “Learning Prolog to be a better Haskell programmer“, I advocated learning Prolog is quite helpful to get more intuitions on Haskell type-level programming. 267 more words


Dependently typed programming and theorem proving in Haskell

Programming languages with dependent types allow us to specify powerful properties of values using the type system. By employing the Curry–Howard correspondence, we can also use these languages as proof languages for higher-order logics. 1,557 more words


So I have finally set up my blog on various things that I am interested in and that are roughly related to my work. In the near future, you should be able to read here about topics ranging from foundations of mathematics to text editors. 30 more words

Service oriented Architecture (SOA) Principles

SOA is based on four important concepts:-


1.Boundaries are well defined

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