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Beauty in the Struggle...

Have you struggled?  Have you wondered if a lack of peace means you’re headed in the wrong direction? Have you wondered if the struggle is because of disobedience or God prompting you to change directions? 493 more words

Taxes for Life Stages: Buying a House and Having a Baby [Video]

Buying a new home and having a new baby in the same year can be two of the happiest moments in a person’s life. With it comes a whole new set of tasks and responsibilities: fix the leaky sink, pay the mortgage, pick up diapers on the way home from work, set up the college savings plan. 86 more words

Tax Deductions And Credits

I Need You

Look, I know I said I’d leave you alone but you don’t understand, it’s like my mind is in a war zone.
And I can’t stop my shaking hands. 103 more words



There are different types of relationships that you can experience in your lifetime.I jus thought of sharing some of the relationships with you,I gave them names but they might be called differently in different parts of the world.These will help you define which relationship you are in or you were once or twice in. 606 more words


I quit smoking on a daily basis about 3 years ago. I say daily basis, because I still smoke when I drink. But I don’t drink very often and rarely eat junk food. 492 more words

Yin Yang Designs

Yin Yang is something I’ve been interested in for a while now, I like how it basically describes how two complete opposites that seem contradictory are actually dependent on one another. 60 more words



26 iunie, 2015

Educaţia noastră are adânc înfiptă în memoria sa esenţială principiile geometriei euclidiene. Avem despre ele – despre aceste principii – credinţa că sunt uneltele cu care izbutim să comunicăm informaţii despre un sistem sau altul, că ne  ajută să ne orientăm. 1,301 more words