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Who can be your dependent?

You might believe a “dependent” is a minor child who lives with you. While that is essentially correct, dependents can include parents, other relatives and nonrelatives, and even children who don’t live with you. 327 more words


Dependent. It’s the one word that can make almost any military spouse cringe.

Who are you calling dependent? Military spouses are far from it! We have the ability to manage a household, coordinate cross-country moves, build or maintain a career, take care of the car and the house and raise children… 91 more words

Military Spouse

I depend on you

I look forward every day to our text converations, and the phone calls that we occasionally share are incredible, Yet they only ever last a couple mintues.. 482 more words

Saving Grace

While I was out and about this weekend, distracting myself with friends and booze, I overheard a conversation. There were these two girls talking about how the wanted someone to be their “saving grace.” Long story short, they wanted to find boyfriends because it would solve their problems and make everything better, someone that their happiness would be dependent upon. 251 more words


Everything you need to know about the dynamics of Control

Part 2: To get control you must first let go of it:

If you’re feeling like life is a series of chaotic events. If you feel that you seem to be going from one crazy situation to another. 459 more words

Authentically From Experience

One Word: Depend

Some call me stubborn, but I like to think that I’m just independent. I love not having to rely on anyone but myself. But at the same time, being so stubbornly independent, I’ve found myself not relying on God as much as I should. 514 more words


Expect Nothing More. Accept Nothing Less.

The title of my blog page is ENMANL. Which mean expect nothing more accept nothing less. In my experience with loss, heartbreak, lies, betrayal I have learned that you should not expect anything more that when people give you. 448 more words