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Happiness, something to strive for, yet nothing you would or should expect of life or surrounding. We can’t expect to be served happiness, nor is it in the long run, sustainably to constantly seek confirmation and become dependent on others. 15 more words


Dependence shows Maturity

“Need a little help?”

“It’s okay, I’ve got it. I’m big enough to handle this!”

“Okay, just call me if you need anything and I’ll be glad to help.”

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Living like a Child

“He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them. And he said: ‘Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. 236 more words

Let's Talk: Taxes Take 2

Last I wrote about taxes was when we found out that we qualified for the Adoption Tax Credit. For some reason I never truly read through the information and thought that it only applied to private adoption. 532 more words

Relationship Games*

I have recently realised (due to Melody Beattie’s book, The New Codependency: Help and Guidance for Today’s Generation) that several of my previous relationships were based around a damaging cycle of two-sided manipulation. 376 more words


Who's My Dependent and Will They Save Me Money at Tax-Time?

Did you just have a baby? Are you taking care of a family member? Then you may be able to get a dependent exemption worth $4,000 (this adjust up every year) for each dependent when you file your 2015 taxes. 487 more words


Are You Feeling A Bit More Cramped Lately?


I watched a documentary last night that addressed the history of human population growth. For most of human history the earth’s population was pretty much static. 492 more words

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