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Working as a designer in the health care device industry, we deal with the issue of comorbidity—the simultaneous presence of two or more chronic diseases or conditions in a patient. 168 more words

Feeling down and out.

In November of 2013, my family lost a dear cousin of mine. We’re still unsure of what happened to him, God knows. But I am missing him dearly tonight. 772 more words

Relationships And Decision-Making

When writing about my ex-boyfriend last time, one other interesting thing got into my mind. Thinking about it and trying to put my thoughts into words I realized there was a difference in how people make their decisions in their relationships.  847 more words


because of you

you took me in your arms

broken and lost

you didn’t feed me endless complements

you fed me reality

you let me know that this world is not kind to the softer of hearts, 125 more words

Knowing Who You Can Claim as a Dependent – The Inside Scoop

You can claim an exemption for each person that you list as a dependent. Exemptions reduce your taxable income, but it can be hard knowing who you can claim. 16 more words


When I first thought of writing this post, it was going to be all about how things have changed for me over the past 2 years 991 more words

My Life Then & Now

Love me

I want a man.

Not just any man because I can easily get that. I don’t want meaningless sex. I don’t want companionship. I want a man to love. 83 more words