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Trapped happiness

He sees dough,

And grins with delight…

unable to stop…

can’t hide his smile…

His eyes shine…

With the glimmer of money…

His ears find their favourite song… 25 more words


How’s the overcoming coming? I was reading in the book of Judges (chapter6) and how the Israelites were being oppressed by the Midianites. Things weren’t going well and they sure weren’t feeling well. 281 more words

Encouragement In The Word

Today's Thought: Where Should Your Motivation Come From

Shrewd: He wants us to listen to His Spirit for our next move because our motivation must come from innocence—and He is the only source of it.

Daily Thoughts

May 10 - Isaiah

In April and May, we are reading through the book of the prophet Isaiah. Its major themes are judgment, comfort, and hope, applicable to Jerusalem then in the 8th century B.C. 762 more words

We have become too dependent on the internet.

The first thing people do when they wake up is grab their phone to check if they have missed any messages or to scroll past jokes or photos from friends. 319 more words

You And I May Both Speak The Truth And Still Disagree

The Spider’s Or The Ant’s

In this shot there are an ant and a spider. Their descriptions of the hibiscus would disagree. Would either or both be a liar? 28 more words