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In his defence, we both did terrible things to one another.

He’d talk about children and the future, and I’d tell him he would be there as an Uncle. 161 more words

In His Defence

Growing Up God's Way


I loved my work as a midwife in the maternity ward. What an exciting moment when a new little life came into the world! 482 more words

Bible Studies

Hope for the right thing

Over the past few days I have been experiencing a sense of despair and hopelessness. This is in part due to recognising unhealthy traits and behaviours in my interaction with others, and the immense frustration that I haven’t been able to prevent them, despite considering myself to have been working very hard in, and outside of, therapy. 645 more words



I want to share a little of my weekend, at least the parts that I can without crying.

I told my bff about how I felt like she abandoned me when all hell broke loose with my mom. 1,193 more words


I had a talk with the bff today during lunch.

Mind you, I called her this morning and she didn’t answer and my depressed brain says, “Omg, she’s ignoring you. 917 more words