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The joy of Intermediate care

It was brilliant they managed to find a temporary placement for mum while I got the house ready. The website said that the home invest in their staff and if their staff are happy so are the residents and their families.   573 more words


Seeing into the future

It recently occurred to me that we all go through various stages in our lives, but for some unknown reason we are always completely unprepared for them?   513 more words


She was in love. Yes, love, the most over hyped word anybody could use in this entire universe, a word which has lost all it’s meaning today. 1,062 more words

'In'- Dependent

She was working,

She had her own home,

She made her money,

She was independent ?

He showed her the freedom,

Then, captured her wings, 55 more words

학생(F/M)의 동반가족은 누구이며, 동반가족들은 미국에서 공부할 수 있나요?

동반 가족이란, F-1 혹은 M-1 학생의 배우자와 자녀로써, 미국내에 F-2 혹은 M-2 신분으로 체류합니다.  F-2 혹은 M-2 동반 가족의 체류 자격은, F-1혹은 M-1배우자 혹은 부모의 체류자격/신분에 따라 결정되죠.  319 more words

비이민비자 Nonimmigrant Visas

Depend On Him

​Sometimes we’re put in situations where no one can help, no matter what professional background they have. Sometimes no one will understand or want to hear what you’re going through. 26 more words



I’m not sure that this post has as much of a direct point or purpose as the others so far, but it is what it is, and hopefully it will be helpful or interesting to some. 586 more words