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#TaxTipTuesday-When an elderly parent might qualify as your dependent

It’s not uncommon for adult children to help support their aging parents. If you’re in this position, you might qualify for the adult-dependent exemption. It allows eligible taxpayers to deduct up to $4,050 for each adult dependent claimed on their 2016 tax return. 324 more words



Find out if you depend on others for your happiness.

And then don’t. 


I Hate It

I hate it that I can’t hate you.
I hate that you don’t answer me when I text you
But I hate it even more that I can’t hide my excitement when I see your name on my phone and  that I can’t avoid answering you in a few minutes when you take days or even weeks to do so… 48 more words

Ambition-less Girl

Let me tell you about Nikki Johnson. We’ve been friends for years but I never understood her. No one in our crew did.We all aspired to do something meaningful in our lives but somewhere down the path Nikki decided to go on a different route- and I’ll tell you right now, just because it’s a different path, it doesn’t mean it’s the right one. 2,594 more words

6 month update - new haircut...and also feeling of Dependent Independence

Hola chicos, it’s Joshua checking in.

Hey so I got my first haircut in over 4 months!  Aaahhhh!  So much better!

Anyway, I’ve heard it said from 3 different people that when one is traveling, one feels a bout of loneliness at a couple weeks, 3 mos, and 6 mos – but after 6 mos, you’re good until the end of your trip (whether it’s 7 mos or 3 years).    2,812 more words



De când mă știu m-am așteptat să primesc mărțișoare. Și mai ales flori. E o așteptare indiscutabilă și genetică :) Bineînțeles, așteptarea asta m-a făcut să mă dau cu capu de zid de multe ori și să mă doară tare. 403 more words


strong as a wet noodle

i feel weak, vulnerable. seems i am never operating from a position of strength.

dependent, indecisive i allow others to dictate my choices, my path… 63 more words