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A Caregivers Dilemma

This is in continuation to yesterday’s post – Empty Platitudes https://vasudhachandnagulati.wordpress.com/2016/08/23/empty-platitudes/ you might want to go through that first to understand what I’m trying to communicate here. 925 more words

Learn to be alone? But,

He sat facing me at the table,
And rambled about something that didn’t matter.
I didn’t intend to drift, but i found myself busy observing the features of the man in the background playing the saxophone, 420 more words


So today we started reading about Esther. I see her as a quiet, demure, beautiful young woman. She’s pretty much the image of all that makes a perfect woman, she is that heroine in old movies who waited patiently to be rescued relying on the men around her to guide and lead her, to advise her. 402 more words


Are we really independent?

The world has changed. This is a fact that we all accept without any doubt. But with so many advancements in this new era, does the concept of being independent has also changed? 666 more words

My Writings

#8 (to my favorite person)

All I need is you

The wind that calms

My raging sea of thoughts

The hurricane that shuts down

All my doubts

I never thought I’d feel like this… 21 more words