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I’ve learned that no one can tell you how to be happy ┬ábecause you have to find it within yourself. I have to be happy with myself before someone else contributes to my happiness. 117 more words


Inter ~ dent

We are all interdependent on each other, no one can really say they are totally independent of the other people on this planet and trust me, we need to think about that. 92 more words


Just How Dependent Are We On Cell Phones?

Technology is like breathing these days. Literally, you need it in order to live. Throughout the day, you receive phone calls, texts, re-tweets, Facebook messages and Snapchats. 321 more words


How to get yourself out of depression

(a comprehensive guide)

N.B. This goes to me and whoever else needs it

There should be a meaningful intro somewhere up here. I see no reason to write it. 381 more words


How do I create a new lab profile with virtual machines from a launched lab?

If you want to create a new Lab Profile from a current running lab and to give yourself a copy of your lab with the work already done, you will use differencing disks. 253 more words

Lab Developers


Watch me look for purpose

behind my eyelids,

inside wine bottles,

in between your lips,

and other wrong places.



We interurpt this post for a pee break.

Actually, it’s mostly just my sleep it disrupts. As a young twenty-something I have to use the bathroom tops four times a day. 589 more words