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I Want Nothing More Than To Have You

I want nothing more than to have you
To have you dependent upon my words
To have you drunk on my inspiration
I want to be the writer you always preferred


The Pessimism in Me

How can you move on if you’re still stuck in the past?

Whatever happened in the past can never be changed or even brought back, all we have to do is accept the fact that it happened and somehow we learned from it. 967 more words

Breaking Stereotypes

For those of you in the military life (spouse or otherwise), you have most likely heard the term ‘dependapodomous’. The term we use to describe those who get involved with someone in the military, and there only goal is to marry that individual in order to get all the benefits and money (which few seem to know the military really does not get paid all that well.) I heard this term when my husband and I first started dating and I had no idea what he was talking about. 315 more words

Army Wife

Safe Injection Sites. 

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

Lately I’ve seen a lot of shared articles on my Facebook timeline about safe injection sites. Here’s my opinion on the matter. 210 more words



For the past couple of years, I’ve had a tall, cylindrical shaped Milo container beneath my desk in the study room. Don’t ask me how it got there, it just did when we didn’t have a ough room for it in the container cabinet after we moved. 201 more words


April 18

Family & Friends,

    Good day, all around the world! Happy Monday! Otherwise known as #MotivationMonday. What sort of motivation do we need this week? Anyone care to share what’s going on in their lives? 529 more words


Recently I have started driving lessons! Only two years behind everyone else, but as my mum and sister are becoming more dependent on me its one of things that I had to do! 1,047 more words