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Divorce Decrees, the IRS and Dependent Tax Benefits (Custodial vs Non-Custodial Parent)

Often times, a divorce decree outlines when a parent can claim a child on an income tax return.

This situation is outlined in the following Internal Revenue Service (IRS) publications: 276 more words

Form 8322

Even Bathroom Decorations Can Tell a Story

A wave of offense washes over me…this, from my own bathroom decorations.

They seem to tell a silent story. Yes, I’d positioned them myself, but it’s as if they’re now taunting the sad state of affairs, mocking “The world’s out in front, even in the Christmas season.” 842 more words

Self-Discovery: As an Artist

Acrylic on canvas

29” x 29”



DayBreaks for 12/07/17 - Shattered Dreams

DayBreaks for 12/07/17: Shattered Dreams

NOTE: Galen is traveling for the next few days.

From the DayBreaks archive, December 2007:

Who among us hasn’t had dreams that were destroyed by one of the twists and turns of life?  377 more words


Locked in a Room

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they realize that they have gotten off the correct path or was never walking it in the first place. 923 more words

Personal Development

Brazil struggles to help state dependent on Venezuela for power

SAO PAULO (Reuters) – The Brazilian government is looking at all options, including large batteries, to help northern Roraima state with power supplies after a series of blackouts in recent months largely related to its dependency on cash-strapped neighbor Venezuela.

Forced Intimacy: An Ableist Norm

This week, I decided to share a post from Leaving Evidence on something called forced intimacy, a term used by blogger and activist Mia Mingus to describe “the common, daily experience of disabled people being expected to share personal parts of ourselves to survive in an ableist world.” It was especially interesting to read about how even basic things, like pushing a wheelchair, are often done without the author’s consent or without the consent of disabled people in general. 90 more words