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Questions You Hate To Hear

When do you work this week? Where are you? Will you be home for dinner? Do you know how many times I get asked these questions and a million others a week? 330 more words


Dependent Visa!

We are happy to report that Sofia now has a stamp that will last her a whole year! Hopefully we won’t have to use the full time in order to get her Belizean Citizenship processed. 77 more words

General Belize

Grin and bear it

Whether due to my introversion, my stage in life, or my Americanness, I’m a generally independent person. I don’t like when I have to depend on other people for something, especially when they don’t do it right. 401 more words


A few weeks ago I was pretty angry and upset but now I actually think you did the right thing. Maybe in time I should… 584 more words


I Want Nothing More Than To Have You

I want nothing more than to have you
To have you dependent upon my words
To have you drunk on my inspiration
I want to be the writer you always preferred


The Pessimism in Me

How can you move on if you’re still stuck in the past?

Whatever happened in the past can never be changed or even brought back, all we have to do is accept the fact that it happened and somehow we learned from it. 967 more words