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Terrorists kill people.

So.  Like.  Okay.

We just had all of the family come visit over the last two weeks, and while it was nice having people over and laughing and watching C freak out because people he didn’t know were looking at him, I AM SO GLAD IT IS OVER.   267 more words


In the Beginning...

When we had met, it was by sheer coincidence. After playing around on a dating site for long enough, I thought that this would be the same as all of the others. 1,258 more words


What is Azure Resource Manager?

In the early days of Microsoft Azure the Portal was the primary tool to go in and configure your cloud components. After some time the Azure Service Manager API’s were introduced as a set of both PowerShell and Command-Line tools (X-Plat CLI). 3,200 more words



Trying to piece together how everything in the world works. The universe is so big yet so small. We go around and around so many times to end up in the same small town with the same people. We always gravitate towards home.


My Husband is Deployed (and It's Not THAT Bad)

There’s a look people give me when I tell them my husband is deployed overseas. It’s a mix between surprise, pity and what-do-I-do-with-my-hands? It’s usually followed by “I can’t imagine what you must be going through,” “I could never do what you’re doing,” or the quintessentially Southern, “Bless your heart!” I’ve found that my automatic response so far has almost always been, “Oh, thank you. 802 more words


Nepal Earthquake One Year On

One year ago, a catastrophic 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck in Gorkha, Nepal. The quake killed thousands of people, flattened entire villages and knocked out vital infrastructure like roads and bridges. 607 more words