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Modern developer Issue #2: RPM like deployment on Windows

Deployment is a crucial step in every development project. Without shipping no one would ever see our work (and we get no feedback if our work is good). 1,630 more words

Author: Jens Lukowski

Songs to Survive Deployment

Since my boyfriend left, I’ve been slowly compiling songs to listen to, to help me through this first deployment. I think I have enough now to share with all of you. 147 more words


Troubleshooting Autopkg and AutoPkgr (part 1 of 5,432)

I love Autopkg and Autopkgr. They feed Munki and they keep me fed.

Sometimes Autopkg gives an error that doesn’t make sense since you don’t have enough info. 414 more words


Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGi)


OSGi is a set of open specifications that makes it easier to build and deploy complex software applications. The OSGi framework, which is the key piece of OSGi technology, is responsible for loading complex Java-based applications and managing dynamic modules of functionality, also known as bundles. 1,304 more words


And we say our 'see you laters'...

Once again, we are bidding farewell to their daddy, my husband, my rock…It’s always the same story. He packs out the last night before, heads out early in the morning and calls me to say he forgot something. 234 more words

All Of The Above

Reality check

I couldn’t sleep and I have an early meeting tomorrow which will last all day.

Out of nowhere I realized he is really leaving soon for deployment. 364 more words


How to deploy Record Type Custom Picklist Field Value to another org?

When you deploy record type from one org to another org(sandbox to sandbox OR sandbox to production) – we may see record type picklist field values are not migrated through deployment. 167 more words