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An Open Letter to Children of Combat Veterans (take 2)

Happy 4th of July Weekend!

I remember being a child and loving this weekend.  It was the best weekend of summer!  I was already well established into my sleeping in late/staying up late, lounging around, playing outside and swimming schedule, so 4th of July just meant parties!   631 more words


Postgresql Setup on Mac Yosemite

Simple steps –

  1. Installation: brew install postgres
  2. DB Initialization:
    $ initdb /usr/local/var/postgres
    The files belonging to this database system will be owned by user "
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The Teddy Bear

(published originally in Vanguard Communications’ InSites Blog)

“I love you, baby girl.”

It’s a refrain in the new Duracell battery ad, a weeper that shows how one little girl deals with her daddy’s deployment and how a battery-operated teddy bear with her father’s voice is a source both of hope and of despair, when it reminds her of, but doesn’t quite replace, her far-away father. 126 more words

Deployment Life - Tips for living through a deployment

A military life can be tough, both on those serving and those at home. After 8 years we have been through 3 long deployments as well as several “shorter” ones meaning anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. 695 more words


Duracell and Hilary Swank Join the USO to Highlight Military Family Issues

Actress Hilary Swank has played several roles, but her first was as the daughter of a now-retired Air Force senior master sergeant.

Swank joined military couple Robert and Denise Nilson (Robert is an air traffic controller in the Navy), Duracell’s Jeff Jarrett and USO Senior Vice President Alan Reyes on Thursday in New York to promote the USO’s partnership with Duracell and the company’s new movie “The Teddy Bear.” The film — which you can watch below — is based on the Nilsons’ deployment experiences. 200 more words


Orientdb distributed configuration

RAID 10 on class t :

    "autoDeploy": true,
    "hotAlignment": false,
    "executionMode": "undefined",
    "readQuorum": 1,
    "writeQuorum": 2,
    "failureAvailableNodesLessQuorum": false,
    "readYourWrites": true,
    "clusters": {
        "internal": {
        "index": {
        "*": {
            "servers" : [ "" ]
		"t_node0": {
            "servers" : [ "node0", "node1" ]
		"t_node1": {
            "servers" : [ "node1", "node0" ]
		"t_node2": {
            "servers" : [ "node2", "node3" ]
		"t_node3": {
            "servers" : [ "node3", "node2" ]
		"t_node4": {
            "servers" : [ "node4", "node5" ]
		"t_node5": {
            "servers" : [ "node5", "node4" ]

Truckloads Of Tarps Arrive As ShelterBox Continues Its Aid Push In Rain-Swept Nepal

Intense rainfall, flash flooding, landslides, and difficult  traveling conditions. Nepal, devastated by two major earthquakes, is suddenly in the grip of its monsoon season. But international disaster relief charity, ShelterBox, in the latest phase of a response that is now into its third month, is on the way with urgently needed equipment to help communities shelter and rebuild. 372 more words