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Dust on Your Hangers

We’re about a third of the way through this deployment.

Heavy sigh.

Your clothes no longer smell exactly like you. They smell more like that pile of ‘clean’ clothes you leave on the floor for the second use because you only wore it for thirty minutes three days ago. 309 more words


Instagram Q+A

For the past few weeks, my DM’s and e-mail have been filled with questions! So here are my answers to the most asked questions this month! 1,192 more words

Military Life

Passion VS Hobbies

Passion. It is an emotion that is such a strong feeling about a person or thing. It can have an intense emotion or compel excitement for someone or something. 398 more words

Windows AutoPilot Deployment

Microsoft has announced that Windows AutoPilot Deployment – a new cloud service that enables IT professionals and partners to customize the Windows 10 out of box setup experience. 123 more words


Master Plan - Automating an SCCM Site Installation

I was thinking, “Man, (or woman), it would sure be coolio if I could push one button and *presto!* I have a fully-built SCCM site server, without having to install anything but Windows itself… 527 more words


Using Gulp for Deployment

Using Gulp for Deployment

Gulp and Powershell : If you don’t have licence for TDS and need to move items to target instance using gulp and powershell :) 127 more words


How to Make a Kick-ass Halfway Box (Without Breaking the Bank)

You and your sailor have spent a pretty penny at the Nex buying everything he/she needs for underway.
You've nagged about how much toothpaste they need and how many pairs of underwear to pack. 1,660 more words