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Agents Of The Depopulation Program

The picture above are the masses your Fav Bill Gates wants to kill. In his depopulation agenda. To him, we are overpopulated, and 30 Million people have to be cut from the face of the earth. 528 more words


California Fires and Direct Energy Weapons (DEW)

SGT Report has video proof the California “camp fire’s” were caused by Micro- technology. Beams of blue laser light destroying homes were caught on camera. The deep state cabal are burning us and our pets alive. 536 more words


What about the children?

In the United Kingdom from January to September 2015 there have been 340 children disappear and the reason given:

“Councils struggle to cope with numbers of children who disappear and are at risk of exploitation by traffickers” –

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High Levels Of Aluminium Found In Autistic Brains

Prof. Christopher Exeley, Professor in Bioinorganic Chemistry at Keele University, has discovered that in the autistic people he studied of around 13, 14, and 15 years of age that… 911 more words

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Childless “Future” of Europe

(source) European politicians prefer not thinking that future is impossible without children, which is a bad example for people.

The heads of leading European countries, … 1,137 more words