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This is Why People Hate Attorneys

These are from a book called “Disorder in the Court” and are things people actually said in court, word for word, taken down and published by court reporters that had the torment of staying calm while the exchanges were taking place. 501 more words

Misbehaving and Dealing with the Same During a Deposition

Depositions are legal proceedings which are not typically officiated by a court officer. During such affairs attorneys can behave quite badly. Such behavior can range from simple rudeness to conduct that borders on criminal conduct such as threats of bodily harm or emotional charges to go outside and handle the matter like a man. 195 more words


5 Areas for Questioning an Expert at Deposition

Regardless of an expert’s particular specialty, there are five areas that apply to the questioning of most expert witnesses at deposition. 473 more words

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State or Federal Case?

Happened across a Facebook post from a presumably newer reporter who was unsure what stipulations to put in the transcript because the caption said Supreme Court of the State of New York. 345 more words

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Venus Williams Robbed $400,000 After Netting $920,000 in Prize Money

She suffered heartbreak when she lost out on the chance of a third US Open title earlier this year.But there was worst to come for tennis ace Venus Williams as it has emerged her Florida mansion was ransacked during her heroic run. 209 more words


Venus Williams Arrives To Court For Deposition In Palm Beach Crash

Paps caught Venus Williams Thursday morning as she entered a Florida lawyer’s office for her deposition in the lawsuit stemming from that fatal car crash back in June. 244 more words

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Deposition Tips For Lawyers and Witnesses

A deposition is used to obtain pre-trial sworn testimony from potential witnesses in a lawsuit as part of the discovery process. A lawyer will usually lead the deposition in question-answer format to gather necessary information for the case. 600 more words