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Learn To Caption - Real Realtime by Anissa

So I received an email from and have read at least two testimonials about Learn To Caption. I feel it is important to promote all educational materials. 160 more words


5 Steps to Handling Nonresponsive Deposition Answers

Whether intentional or not, you may not get an answer to your question in a deposition. How you handle a nonresponsive answer should usually follow this five-step process. 502 more words

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Katy Perry denies Dr. Luke raped her in unsealed Kesha deposition

Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald and his former protege, Kesha, have been embroiled in legal battles since 2014, when the latter accused the former of physical and sexual abuse. 1,116 more words


A Contemporary Archaeology of Inaccessible Spaces Part III

Having previously discussed places where rubbish is dropped and cannot be readily retrieved, I’ve addressed private domestic and public heritage spaces. I return to the latter here: heritage spaces that are inaccessible and on display despite the careful management of such environments for locals and tourists alike. 189 more words

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The Deposition of Elders

The editorial staff of the Salt Shakers asked me to address the subject of the deposition of an elder. They asked me to address specifically the following: the circumstances under which an elder may be deposed, the attitude of the congregation toward a deposed elder, and the restoration of an elder who has been wrongfully deposed. 1,823 more words

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3 Questions to Ask Every Expert Witness at Deposition

At an expert’s deposition, questions are primarily focused on the expert’s qualifications and opinions. But don’t forget to ask these three questions—you may be very pleased with the responses you get. 435 more words

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What is Acid Rain?

Acid rain, or acid deposition, is a broad term that includes any form of precipitation with acidic components, such as sulfuric or nitric acid that fall to the ground from the atmosphere in wet or dry forms.   553 more words