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Johnny Depp: Drunk at Amber Heard's Movie Premiere?

It's been a while since we last saw Drunk Depp. Sadly, we get the feeling Amber Heard can't say the same.
The world first began to suspect that Johnny was hitting the bottle a bit too hard when Depp slurred his way through a speech at the Hollywood Film Awards last year.
Since… readmore..

Leonardo DiCaprio vs. Johnny Depp: Unexpected Feud Alert?!

It’s tough to believe, but Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio don’t have a single Oscar between them.

Depp is generally more concerned with important matters like how many skull necklaces one should rock for a Tuesday lunch meeting, but DiCaprio really wants a little gold … readmore..

Johnny Depp on Lily-Rose Depp: She's Gonna Be HUGE!

The last time Johnny Depp spoke about Lily-Rose Depp in an interview, he sounded more than a little nervous about the 16-year-old’s sudden fame.

He even went so far as to describe Lily-Rose’s success as “disturbing.” 9 more words

Amber Heard: I Did NOT Marry Johnny Depp For His Money!

It’s only been nine months since Amber Heard and Johnny Depp got married, but it seems like the couple is the subject of a new breakup rumor every week. 21 more words

Tar tillbaka allt

Idag är jag motsatsen till flawless, jag försov mig och hann inte duscha som planerat och sminkade mig ytterst bristfälligt för att inte bli obscent sen till jobbet. 279 more words


Johnny Depp invited Perrie Edwards to barbecue

Singer Perrie Edwards says actor Johnny Depp asked her if she wanted to attend a barbecue session at his home, but unfortunately she wasn’t able to go due to her conflicting work schedule.Edwards, 22, has always said that Depp, 52, is the “biggest crush of her life”, and so she was clearly overjoyed when he asked her to attend a garden party at his home. 6 more words


Black PASS

In one of Johnny Depp’s most difficult roles yet, he must portray the upcoming of small town Irish mobster James “Whitey” Bulger. The thing that separates Bulger from any other South Boston criminal is that he developed an alliance with the FBI through his childhood friend John Connolly who was working for the feds at that time. 234 more words