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I bet Australian politicians are rather pleased now. People were up in arms about the 2015 budget. No more. The populous have found a new hot topic to go bananas over on social media. 32 more words


Τρασέντανς ***

Ούτε κατά διάνοια τόσο κακό όσο το παρουσιάζουν αλλού.

Aν σας αρέσει το AI-fiction κάντε ένα κόπο και δείτε το. Κρατά όσο μισο Nymphomaniac.

A επίσης Rebecca Hall. 18 more words


Daily Dose: What's Eating Gilbert Grape and the Gilbert Comes Back Moment

The One Line Summary: The eldest son of a troubled family fights to cope with a morbidly obese mother, a mentally handicapped little brother and a girl who has just come into town and got him thinking about leaving it all. 211 more words


Is Johnny Depp Missing??

Johnny Depp was supposed to show up and start shooting the new “Pirates Of The Caribbean” movie. The movie was put on hold so Johnny could go back to the states and have surgery. 57 more words


Johnny Depp is Whitey Bulger in Black Mass Trailer

Black Mass tells the true story of Whitey Bulger, the most infamous violent criminal in the history of South Boston.

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