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10 Reasons to Invest in Real Estate

The property market has had its ups and downs in the last decade, but it’s still one of the most robust and safe investment classes, especially in the long term. 1,243 more words


Stereotypically, accountants aren’t depicted as the coolest people in the office (unless you’re talking about the movie, sorry y’all…). Often, you’ll see them sitting in a room for an eternity, adding and subtracting the same numbers across millions of pages of financial documents–I know, I know, you must be hanging on the edge of your seat by now. 1,007 more words

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Teaching Depreciation with a #DBCFT Lurking

Shu-Yi Oei

I’m teaching depreciation in my Basic Federal Income Tax class this week. As I suspect is the case for most tax profs, our coverage of depreciation comes right after we wrap up discussion of expense taking in §§ 162 and 212 (and § 195) but before we get to § 165 losses. 414 more words

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Depreciation of Emotions

“Not every emotion needs appreciation. Sometimes depreciation is also important.”

We have unlimited emotions and numerous varieties expressing them. Interestingly, people who look emotionless are filled with a more vibrant blend of feelings than what a normal happy-go-lucky individual has. 308 more words

Depreciation Schedule as per Companies Act 2013 (Excel Format)

Download the fixed asset schedule and calculate depreciation automatically as per Companies Act 2013 without a fixed asset register. These are made as per current reporting requirements in India. 109 more words

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The Line Between Simplicity and Woops!

The  Armed Services Board of Contract Appeal is STILL down again for the second time in the last several months. I will not let this attack on democracy (although I am sure the government has an excellent reason for the prolonged denial of access to this information) stop our discussion of the TSI case. 712 more words

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