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Red X Drive to Freedom

The WAVE-B Free Ride Project hit a major milestone. The Almost Sports Car‘s service to my family has ended. It has 194000 miles on it and it has served it’s purpose. 1,318 more words

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The 10 reasons why Moore’s Law is accelerating hyper-convergence

SAN manufacturers are in trouble.

IDC says that array vendor market share is flat despite continued massive growth in storage.

Hyper-convergence (HC) contributes to SAN manufacturer woes. 1,998 more words

Automotive Care - Keep Depreciation to a Minimum

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Ever wonder why you car depreciates so much once you drive it off the lot? There is a lot of reasons to answer that question. 216 more words

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Understanding Income Statement

After Gauging through the Balance sheet and its components, Lets turn our attention to Income statement which gives us one important perspective on health of a Business – 2,079 more words

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Depreciation in the houses of Mumbai and their future

Home and office inventory seems to be piling up since the last couple of years in Mumbai. On the other hand diminishing demand from potential buyers is expected to lead to a further correction in the Mumbai metropolitan region (MMR). 536 more words

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4 Reasons Why You Require A Qualified Tax Professional.

You  may think that it is unnecessary to use a tax professional because you can do it yourself and save money as well, however there are benefits in using a tax professional. 367 more words

Accountant On Central Coast