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Depreciation of Emotions

“Not every emotion needs appreciation. Sometimes depreciation is also important.”

We have unlimited emotions and numerous varieties expressing them. Interestingly, people who look emotionless are filled with a more vibrant blend of feelings than what a normal happy-go-lucky individual has. 308 more words

Depreciation Schedule as per Companies Act 2013 (Excel Format)

Download the fixed asset schedule and calculate depreciation automatically as per Companies Act 2013 without a fixed asset register. These are made as per current reporting requirements in India. 109 more words

Business Solutions

The Line Between Simplicity and Woops!

The  Armed Services Board of Contract Appeal is STILL down again for the second time in the last several months. I will not let this attack on democracy (although I am sure the government has an excellent reason for the prolonged denial of access to this information) stop our discussion of the TSI case. 712 more words

Incurred Cost Proposals

Fixed Assets

Fixed assets, which is a non-current asset, is a balance sheet account. The Plant and Machinery, Furniture and Fittings, Office Equipment, etc. are fixed assets. 270 more words


Telecom giant MTN posts first ever loss


© AFP | A big fine in Nigeria weighed on MTN’s bottom line in 2016

JOHANNESBURG (AFP) – South African telecoms giant MTN said Thursday that it made a $200 million loss in 2016 — the company’s first — after suffering a huge fine in Nigeria and currency challenges in key markets. 261 more words

Loans : Furniture vs Home & Auto

   One may not be an expert yet on home and auto loans, but loans on furniture can be explored by a sales person of any level of experience. 755 more words


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