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How We Met, How We Ended

I was only about 13 when we started going to Concord Baptist Church. My Pappaw was their new preacher. My parents had met many of these people before but I hadn’t really known any of them when we first attended the Sunday service. 1,419 more words

Cheer me up puppy!

I’ve crashed, my mania’s gone :(

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

My energy’s gone, my buzz for life has gone…crippling anxiety has returned, sadness has descended, and I know it’s only going to get worse. 71 more words


Preparation for Depression

Let me be blunt. When you are depressed you will have a negative attitude. Hopefully, by this time, you’ve prepared for what to do when you crash. 527 more words


I want to Disappear

My life is a piece of shit, I have nothing, can I please disappear.  Just vanish and not be anymore.  I was so happy before, but now I am empty, I am just dead inside.   100 more words

Hello, and welcome!

I’m a happy, humorous person – but deep down, I’m a depressed person who sees no meaning of life. I hate it! I’d rather just be that happy person, loving life – but that’s just an act for the world… I’ve had depression for years now, and only in the past few months have I decided to actually do something about it, … 250 more words


I’m stuck. I’m tired. I’m just so fucking tired.

Everything takes too much effort, even thinking about killing myself, the thoughts come in waves; violence, blood, and death. 212 more words


“I believe it’s time for peace, but my brain and thoughts do not always meet. It’s a battle between right and wrong, a song I’ve sung for far too long.

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