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Heavy days...

Hey, I was thinking of days that hit you either unexpectedly or you feel it slowly building up, leading up to a storm of emotions. 850 more words


Why am I Depressed?

I think that the funniest part about depression is the why. That is always the first question.

“Why are you depressed?”

Trust me, if I could explain the way that I wake up and feel the weight of the world on my shoulders, I would. 391 more words

I'm More Tired than I Thought

I thought I was doing better. I thought things were okay. I thought I was handling life. But I’m not. I’m going to Mass in a bit and I want nothing more than to go to confession, receive the Eucharist, and die as the final blessing is given. 17 more words

MAYday: The Month of Hell

The past few weeks have been extraneous. May has been a hell month for me. I find it quite funny calling it a hell month seeing how in high school May was always known has hell month since it was a month filled with AP testing. 278 more words


Tough Spot...

The other day I had an opportunity to get my first house. Naturally, have to get pre-approved. For the most part, I make alright money. I could make more if I moved closer to the office. 381 more words



So today is today. It’s Thors-day. It’s sunny and brilliant outside. And life sucks. No matter what, you wake up, you do bullshit you don’t give two shits about just to eat on a daily, you sleep, then tomorrow SUPRISE! 170 more words

13 Reasons Why (My Version)

13 Reasons Why is an American series based on the 2007 novel with the same title by Jay Asher. The story revolves around Clay Jensen and his friend, Hannah Baker, a girl who took her own life after suffering a series of demoralizing circumstances brought on by select individuals at her school. 323 more words