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Leaving for no reason is an act of cowardness

It’s really terrifying when someone suddenly left you behind. When someone left you hanging, when someone throws you like trash. It hurts our ego, aren’t we? 81 more words

The single life

Life has a way of mocking the chronically single. Normally it’s the millions of couples you see on trains, restaurants at the movies, etc. And if you try and avoid them and hole yourself up at home your perpetual state of singledom is highlighted to you via the movies/TV/social media. 115 more words


Someone please

Tell me, even if it’s a lie, please, please, please tell me that it’s okay to be my fucked up self.

That even though I mess up myself and everyone around me, I still have some good left. 40 more words


Just Another Day…

I woke up today. I didn’t want to wake up. I wanted to sleep all day and not have to deal with reality. I just wanted to dream away in my dreamland. 614 more words


A helping ear???

Recently, I have been told by someone,a stranger might I add, that they think I might be not only bipolar but also depressed. They’re reason being because my tweets are sometimes all over the place. 309 more words

Life Changes

except life

life has everything to offer, except life itself. we are bound by the spineless rules of society. restrained and cuffed, all for what? life doesn’t even have the answer. 32 more words