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Hopefully the vodka will put me to sleep before the SI. My boyfriend, who lives 90 minutes away is worried. I don’t do well when I am overwhelmed. 39 more words


Time to write...

Ok, so lately I have been busy and have not been able to write my stories. And i’ve been very stressed and sad, so I go to my usual routine. 229 more words

Bipolar – Hiding in the Mattress

(Murdoch is the yellow one and Thea is the one cuddling his tummy.)

My daughter and I (she’s 24 and recently separated from the military) just finished driving from Tampa, FL to Seattle, WA. 675 more words


Lost Soul

This is a story about a girl that lost her soul. She doesn’t know who she really is, one minute she’s laughing and just a matter of seconds she became all quiet and depressed. 82 more words


I Will Not Self Harm 

A few nights ago, Sunday to be exact, I felt that I was in a bit of an emotional crisis. My mood had rapidly deteriorated over the course of the day and I was having very intense urges (not just thoughts) to self harm. 373 more words


Planning Through Mental Health

Dear Reader,

I want to start with a disclaimer. This is not an advert, I am not affiliated with Cogtoolz I am not getting paid or rewarded with anything for talking about this. 961 more words