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Please save me ./

I hate my life

,I feel so worthless,I’ve been keeping everything inside and I thought that I had won and that everything would be better.i don’t think I can go another day.I lost and my demons conquered . 74 more words

Depression And Hard Times

Chaotic Dreams

I am chaotic; someone who is able to live the normal life yet questions whether he is really normal, in a sort of way. Sometimes, people tell me that I should be like this, I should be like that, and that makes me wonder whether to accept their standards or refuse the deal. 125 more words


Left Out

Have you ever feel like you’re just being left out?

Like the place can be full of people you know but you still feel invincible… 623 more words

Bipolar Aches & Pains

One particular symptom of Bipolar Disorder that people tend to think I’m ‘Making Up’ or ‘Exagerating’ is the unexplained aches and pains I suffer. Although they’re always present, during a Depressive phase  they become much worse and harder to deal with. 327 more words


Tomorrow is another day

However you’re feeling today, whether that be anxious, depressed, sad, angry, or stressed, time is the best healer and it will bring you a new day. 40 more words

Overcoming Anxiety

My complicated relationship with my father

I never had the best relationship with my dad. He was -is- very traditional. Coming from your average Chinese immigrant family, he was very untrustworthy of everyone and everything. 472 more words


The Meeting

I just saw her. My hear stopped. I don’t think I’ll find someone like that. I feel horrible. I don’t have any poetry in me at the moment. 211 more words