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Cheap Cabernet and a Covetous Colossus

I had a minor setback last night. Relapse, thy name is cheap cabernet. What’s even cheaper is I disgraced my loyal apertific gods and drank the great plum juice from a square glass. 247 more words


Aural hallucinations

…for some reason I’m constantly hearing music today. Sometimes I hear the sounds of people chatting (like at a party) and music in the background or big band music that sounds like it’s coming from a radio somewhere far away. 382 more words


Stone cold heart

Been staring at the walls for way too long,
Baby tell me where to get a stone cold heart?

Is it a shop? A lake or a path far away? 264 more words


Bipolar Parents

There were several reasons why I chose not to have any children of my own, but my Bipolar was one of the main ones. Most doctors believe that Bipolar has a genetic element as well as an environmental one (childhood trauma) and that there is a chance it can be passed on to any offspring you might have. 392 more words


Welcome to the Land of the Uninhabited

Sitting on my bed this evening made me realize something. How alone I feel. The funny thing is that there are friends that I can talk to, I even want to, but something will not let that happen. 323 more words


Breathe Again

Water gulped through her lungs
She comes up spewing

Eyes bloodshot and burning
The breath of air would be like a glimpse of heaven… 199 more words


Sometimes just leaving my house is near impossible. My anxiety kicks in before my hand even reaches the door.
By the time I step outside I’ve already begun giving myself prep talks… 272 more words