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Concealing Fate

A question not of if but of when

I remember laughing it off back then.

On a mission and safely hidden

This warrior within has been beaten. 126 more words

When Depression Hits

I don’t want this blog to dissolve into a cesspool of moaning and groaning, but, to be honest, life isn’t going well at the moment, and I feel like writing is the only way I can keep sane, for the meanwhile. 783 more words

Thoughts On Life & Existence

An Abandoned City

In the middle of this deserted city.
A street devoid of any cars or pedestrians,
There is no one in sight.
The air is heavy and dead silent. 541 more words


Cloud Blanket

There is this blanket in the sky tonight. It’s soft, and fluffy, and sort of white. It’s a pretty shade of white, not dingy as one might expect on a dreary night like tonight. 234 more words

4 Simple Steps on not becoming a depressing sack of poop

Step 1: You know that day – the one ground breaking day that you realise you need to make a decision about who you are going to be for the rest of your life – you know, that one? 138 more words



I didn’t want this blog to become a place where I shared too much of my problems. I didn’t want to express my past. But how can I not? 142 more words


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