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Going going


You’re losing me

Every hour
Every second
You’re slowly losing me.

What we had
Could of had.

I loved you more than I every imagined I could, 22 more words


The Beginning of Us

She hadn’t eaten that day and nothing seemed to show in color anymore.

Cassie seemed to always feel the need to inconvenience her as much as she possibly could. 1,356 more words

This is what I wanted?

Growing up most of us dream about the day we get to find the love of our life celebrate that finding with marriage. We get to make a day strictly about ourselves, all eyes on the bride and groom, then there is the best part (well in my eyes at least), the reception, yes dancing, laughing, drinking, two families become one. 1,473 more words


Last weekend

So this post is a long time coming but I thought I would make it now because I wanted to have a moan about it! 576 more words

After that

That was a year and a half ago.  After that, there were a few months when he quit drinking, then a few when he only drank on special occasions, then only with me, then back to drinking all of the time.  138 more words


Lost and Found-a Fictional Short Story

THEY HAD A great laugh and he enjoyed their company; most of the time. But lately, he felt they were growing apart. Or maybe it was just his insecurities. 445 more words


Don't Lie to Me Anymore

No no no no I don’t matter. I’m not thin and pretty like her. Don’t give me that bullshit. She’s amazing and she’s golden. I’m not her. 119 more words