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we swallow the art because we fear to feel

so tell me are we just gonna keep hiding the art that seeps out of our every pore?

you can’t tell me “it ain’t apart of me no more” 13 more words

I’m the friend that is more of the acquaintance than a friend

I’m the friend that always ends up getting ignored

I’m the friend that always ends up getting left in a bathroom… 86 more words


Forbidden Love

This is just me venting. Enjoy, xoxo

You pass my mind like that’s where you’re supposed to be. Sad thing is, I could never tell you what you mean to me. 159 more words


The shaper of my life; my dear depression

Let’s talk about what has been bothering me for quite a long time; my depression. Recently I turned seventeen and because I’ve been depressed since I was eight years old, I can now accurately state that I have been depressed for half my life. 1,232 more words


Run while you can 

A slight tinge of motivation pinched me. A ray of hope hit me. But what happened next was a slap of reality.

What’s reality? (Is it meant to be this harsh, or have I created a whole pathetic picture of myself?) Self-inflicted?

134 more words

Breaking Down Depression

Currently 25 years old, depression started early for me, as early as age 9. It happens to run on my mother’s side of the family more so than my father’s. 718 more words

Really Being Depressed: Dry Eyes

Really Being Depressed means being so empty that there’s no point to even cry anymore.