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Inchcock - Sunday 22nd April 2017

Sunday 22nd April 2017

Lao: ວັນອາທິດວັນທີ 22 ເມສາ 2017

Woke 0335hrs, still feeling bad about myself and guilty. Had some silly thoughts, that didn’t sound as silly as yesterday’s did with my brain. 372 more words


Darkness Devours

Once there was a girl,

She was persistent but timid.

There was a castle made by her, in which she resided with her heart unclear. 309 more words

Seat Filler

Hello All! Yes I know it’s been forever, I’m sorry life has been busy (and I’ve been lazy). But what better time to update my blog than midnight while I’m sitting on my bedroom floor taking a breathing treatment (asthma and allergies are terrible) and crying. 811 more words

I was engaged!

When I was 14 and naïve. Probably wasn’t even a real engagement I didn’t give her a ring.. And she dumped me because she considered herself straight. 495 more words


Existential Crisis

Death does not scare me. What comes after that does. The mystery of what’s going to happen after we die, where we go, what then. Not knowing that, the uncertainty of it, scares me. 322 more words


The Black Box

“Who am I?”

Life is an interesting subject. Scientifically life is the concept of cells forming but humans use the word life for a great many things. 701 more words



Sitting like a rock,
Not symbolic of thy power
But a being
In despair..

Lows and highs
Of life, for all:
A factoid
But not for me anymore.. 61 more words

Palpable Pennings