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October 24, 1990

Dear Diary,

I’m in a really miserable mood right now. I had a huge blow out with my Dad. I had enough of him today. He totally doesn’t get why I get upset with him. 134 more words

I just...don't know...

Have you ever felt like you were truly alone?
Or even have the sense that you want to talk to someone but you are finding yourself as a nuisance to people around you? 374 more words

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All these Feelings

At the moment in time my life sucks, I’m unhappy 80% of the time. The thoughts are running through my head ten to a dozen. I feel lonely in a room full of people, am I making sense? 656 more words


"What is this life I stumbled into?"

I went to gym yesterday. Like properly. And it felt good. Physical exercise, pushing yourself to exhaustion helps clear my mind. Of everything. But only for a short period. 668 more words


Happy birthday to me!

40 minutes more and I’m in bed, in my blanket, depressed. I went and fought with him. Because I said I get on the road each day hoping to die, and he said that he’d break up with me if I ever said that again. 76 more words

Short Stories.

The Snap

My children are 22 and 25, happy and healthy. I am thankful and glad of this. 

But of this, I am not:

The Snap

the snap… 57 more words


Can paranoid people be happy

I destroyed yet another relationship. What a waste of space I am, why can’t I be normal and be happy in relationship, why do I have to ruin everything in my life. 89 more words