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Depression: feelings of severe despondency & dejection.

I have known since I was about 12 years old that I had moments of depression. It probably wasn’t until I was about 15 when it really started showing and my mom first mentioned I should go see a therapist. 2,484 more words

Unhappy, depressed, overweight, and ready to take on the weight loss challenge

It’s funny how denial can be such a powerful thing. I was in denial when I looked in the mirror. Looking at myself- sure, I have chubby cheeks, shoulders are a bit broad, and i have a tummy, but it’s not THAT bad, right? 368 more words

How Would You Convert An Atheist Into A Christian?

To me it is an almost overwhelming question.  But it is a question someone asked on the Christian forum I am a member.  He wants to start evangelizing and was looking for different opinions and styles. 355 more words

Children's Book, The Tent Maker

I would like to believe one day, accidentally, Meg Ryan will find this post...So...Maggie, I Love You...

It’s been a rough few days and there is so much to say and yet no words. Often when I go down like an aircraft crash landing on heap of sand, I try to picture Meg Ryan’s character from courage under fire talking to me. 49 more words


When The Past Haunts

Softly they come

subdued in their voice

as they promise that all will be well.

Gentle their caress

as they enter your mind

and touch your heart… 119 more words


Neurofeedback Therapy

I recently had my first real session in Neurofeedback Therapy following my intake/assessment session to determine if it would be helpful to me.  Before I go too far with this, I want to briefly explain what Neurofeedback Therapy is. 438 more words

Mental Health


Murky waters

shallow seas


in my way


my path;

on the other side

I see

sunshine and



that is good,

one day… 35 more words