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Everyday is a lot like halloween. I prepare myself for everyday covering up in pretty makeup and happy masks to hide my shame. I’m sick of it and that’s why I’m here, I refuse to keep this mask on any longer. 104 more words


Mental Health Monday: Coming Off Anti- Depressants Again

I’ve written about my experience with coming off anti-depressants before, but seeing as this is my second time switching meds within a year I thought I would create another post to share my experience this time round and see if anything is different. 426 more words

Mental Health

Explaining Depression to my Dad: The Preparation

I’m irritated. I feel kind of betrayed. But I shouldn’t have expected him to understand my depression. After all, he is the same man that refuses to accept my sexual orientation because he hasn’t seen me pursue¬†women romantically. 188 more words

Living With Depression


This. Just this.


So, revisiting this entry approximately three hours later.

I’m just going to add that I feel so low and alone. That’s why I’ve not written much lately. 82 more words


Know thyself.

As someone who has suffered with depression before and managed to get out of it, I can not stress enough the importance of knowing yourself.

Whatever that means for you.


Life Update 

I have spent the summer so far being a lazy piece of shit with way too much time on my hands. I spend each morning applying to jobs that never call me back after an interview because I’m such an awkward person apparently. 717 more words


Repressed Thoughts

Hey everyone,

It is Sunday and not much happens here on Sunday so I will make this short, but painful.

Last night I finished reading, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” for the first time. 220 more words