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Sick of Myself, Tired of Life's Bullshit

The title pretty much speaks for itself -_-

I’m really not in the mood for anything, the weather is crap and my shopping trip is off schedule which is pissing me off, 60 more words


The Musician concept art.

Concept art for a story of a timid young musician dating a wild woman. Together they experiment with love until he loses his mind and takes his own life.



Sorry, your job as my form tutor is not to kill my dreams and make me feel like shit, it’s not to tell me that my life is going to be boring and that I’m not going to accomplish anything, 128 more words


Jasmine (An Adaptation)

Note: It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a short story in here. This was written for a retelling/adaptation paper required in my English 11 class last 9 September 2015. 2,092 more words



Deep, depressing melodic sounds
Scary, frightening
Unwilling walking
My heart beating fast
Faster, faster as I get closer

My heart sinks
Doesn’t stop
My knees turning to goo… 40 more words


Beautiful Death

Leaves start as buds, small in the tree.

Small and brown, they take time to grow.

Summer roles around and they are full and green. 253 more words



I close and open my eyes

To a massive, curveless river

Surrounded by blue, ever-stretching skies.

Everyone I know, floating–flowing, holding on to a sliver… 69 more words