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Yep, Still here....

Well miracles do occur.

I am up to day 32 of exercise EVERY day!!

Yes, you read it here and you read it right. 482 more words


My husband's a cheat

Blame it on my muffin top and fat ass

Blame it on my low self-esteem

Blame it on our salty encounters

At one in the morning. 72 more words



Being alone, everyone experiences this. Some more then others. It’s nothing special, it doesn’t make you special trust me. Even the word special isn’t “special”. It consists of common letters, no unusual characters. 48 more words


Abyssic Hate - Suicidal Emotions (2000)

If’n you combined early Darkthrone and early Ulver, the sound you’d get is Abyssic Hate, albeit with a extremely depressing and bleak atmosphere covering the whole thing. 213 more words


Nightmare, nightmare.

I had the mother of all nightmares last night. And I remember every single detail.

It started with me sneaking in my very gay friend into my room to have a smoke. 710 more words


Just some depressing yet hopeful thoughts.

I don’t usually let myself think too much about this. Because thinking gets me in one of my moods. And me getting in one of my moods is most definitely not a good thing. 568 more words


Mid life crisis strikes early?!?! 

At what age are you a grown up? 18? 21? When I look back to being that age I realise I was still a adolescent with a lot to learn, I was pregnant with my first child at 19 so I had to grow up fast. 407 more words