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That Dragon, Cancer - why did I get a refund

That Dragon, Cancer is a indie walking simulator about the short life and way too sudden departure of Joel, who died at only 5. It’s a heartbreaking, tough to digest story as you hear every detail from 2 doomed parents. 645 more words


#30 : Slowly Sinking

I am all harsh lines
And jagged edges
I am cool tears
Running down your face when you don’t want them.
I am superficial
A failure to mankind… 84 more words


Day 7: Trapped

Sweet, sweet temptress.

You grabbed my attention with your glowing skin, and soft voice.

You seemed pure, and innocent.


You were none of those things. 20 more words


so he unfollowed me on IG. not just me but the rest of the colleagues as well, even blocked us. not sure when was it but i found out yesterday. 242 more words


Summer Solstice, oh wait, nope. 

Well, it is officially the longest day of the year – but we will never know that because we’re sitting under days of rain from TS Cindy. 246 more words


Close To Monsters #11

This weeks “Close To Monsters” is brought to you by that nagging little feeling in the back of your head that nobody really wants you around and you’re just annoying everyone.

Bojack Horseman TV Show Review (Season 1-3)

Bojack Horseman is a TV series that first aired on August of 2014 on Netflix, where it still exists. There are three seasons out right now, and a fourth one is expected to come out during the summer of 2017. 950 more words