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Internal Bleeding

Cuts, slight cuts on tender skin.

Pinpricks of pain.

A splosh of red on marble,

seen through bitter tears.

Broken bones hurt less than shredded skin… 33 more words


i most certainly have the dignity to post more than once a day.

so i’ve been editing my blog homepage and whatever and then i realized that even tho i just posted a little bit ago that i wanted to post again, but only so many interesting things happen in one day so it’ll just be another poem i recently wrote. 133 more words

Back To You (a poem)

trust me it’s gonna be good. (would i lie to you?)

Back To You

a poem by A. Kopenfelt

the hazy street light


as i aimlessly… 86 more words

Getting Gone

It starts unnoticeably

a quiet moment
quiet loneliness
“i’m so alone”

It gets worse

the random bursts
“they just don’t get it” 55 more words

"Stars, they come and go..."

Okay enough with the lyrical allusions, but seriously how can you deny music. Practically every title of my English essays are from a song. BE ORIGINAL!-says a hipster who is drowning in the mainstream with their typewriter and handlebar mustache. 536 more words