Tags » Depressing

Confront. Implode. Exhaust

Roses dyed
People died
Stars didn't grant
Stares realligned
Grips unattach
Grief insurged
Flaws emerged
Confidantes conspired
The lacking tired
I filled
you didn't breathe


You think he is everything. You think he is the world. He makes you feel like a queen. Like you will be his forever. You feel like you can make it through everything. 57 more words


Shadows Follow You.

The blinds sway back and forth letting beams of sunlight slash my skin with gold,

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be,

I’m not sure who I’m supposed to be, 433 more words



It is normal for us to wish things upon others. Death, pain, happiness. But what happens when what you wish actually happens. Total annihilation. As a living race, we believe in life after death. 75 more words


The Dark

Darkness. It surrounds us. Every day we fight with it, caress it, accept it. We give in to it. What happens when we give into it though is no good. 73 more words


Teenage Angst

Fuck school. That right there is an example of teenage angst. But what if this angst isn’t misplaced? Think about it. High school for me personally was one of the worst parts of my life so far. 743 more words