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A man walks into a therapists office and sits down on a nice, plush couch that seems to have been fluffed recently by a staff member. 1,564 more words


The Concept of Family

A friend of mine said her family doesn’t eat dinner together
“Absurd!” I exclaimed, “That can’t be true!”
The thought that five portions had trouble coming together… 80 more words


3/30/15 2:42AM

Why must I trust you so? You, who took my heart and cast it aside. You, who held my hand tightly and lowered me back into my dark confinements. 112 more words


Letting go

They say time heals all and that the hardest part is letting go. But what if what you let go was yourself. The very essence of who you are – gone. 230 more words


A Little Story.

I suddenly had this sudden want to post a short story. My writing skills are not that good. I’m still improving so please bear with me for now and give me tips on writing better. 414 more words


Thrash it!!....DAY 1 no running....

Thrashed around in that pool…

No one said I had to be graceful!

Off to the pool I went.

Good little solider:)

First I looked at the pool & thought “Hell its only 15 metres, I am going to have to do at 100 laps!!” 68 more words