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Dear Reader,

Welcome to my first post. To be honest I am not really a writer nor did I ever imagine myself a blogger of any sorts, however I am currently at a point in my life where venting to random people online seems like the only option left. 107 more words


Sometimes in life we wonder when things could ever get better, right?  Our world comes crashing down upon us and we wonder what strength we could ever gain to lift ourselves up.   222 more words


Our love

Our love was lost on an early spring morning.

In the fresh air we fought.

Our voices were carried out across the ocean that we created between us, but the words still never reached the other. 209 more words


The funny thing about depression is that it doesn’t make sense, and you know it doesn’t make sense, but you believe it anyway. Lately, I’ve been going through a big wave of depression, and sometimes it can get quite challenging to cope with, so I figured I’d talk about it tonight. 863 more words


Story Time #2 : He Never Cared

Heads up : some of these stories are not mine, they can be stories some friend or someone I know asked me to write their stories so other people can relate. 586 more words

Who Cares?

I cant do it.

I cant do this anymore.

It hurts to much.

Is it worth the struggle?

Is life worth fighting for?

To cry for? 138 more words

Passing Thoughts #4

You’re heart pumps o-negative blood

always giving and never receiving