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tired out

Things are especially colorless in the winter. The sky is a mournful gray, the windows a bleak mist. Even the cars parked outside seem washed out, their typically distinct hues dulled and blurring together. 803 more words


Thoughts In A Cycle

Emotions never were of a benefit to me. My mind always raged battle over their simple existence. If I ever felt happiness, sadness would surely follow. 173 more words

I want to recognise you

rain spots on my window
didn’t dampen my awakening spirit
and the reverberation of tyres on glistening tarmac
was a roaring cheer for the living… 170 more words


Coming soon...

Many of us talk and talk about something we’re going to do because we think we SHOULD do it. This, I’ve found, is the fastest way to fail. 431 more words


This old man

I’ve been manning the late shift at this shitty vendor for a few months now. Things are all right. I get robbed from time to time. 705 more words


22: The Day After

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22: The Day After

I didn’t really have expectations, so I didn’t know what would happen, but nevertheless, I was still disappointed. 1,313 more words

The Cluelessness Of Cameron

If you live in the UK, you must by now know how awful our government is, and how utterly clueless our Prime Minister is.

If you don’t know, … 77 more words