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Dying Rose

There is not enough water in the world To save my dying rose She’s already crumpled up And too dry to handle. Falling apart she is… 50 more words

Dear Unappreciative Scum

I once had a net. A big, knit net. I told you to close your eyes before I threw it over you. “Because you’re a catch… 285 more words

Available For Parties

Now, I don’t want to bring you down
Or turn that grin into a frown
Or drive your bus to Bummer Town
But, hey, it’s what I do. 67 more words


The Sky Turns Red

“The Sky Turns Red” Cry myself to sleep Because I can’t think The world is spinning And I’m falling down from it I keep on falling… 44 more words

Review: Little Bee by Chris Cleave

The back of the book warns not to spoil the plot of this book, but you know how I am with spoilers. Little Bee is a Nigerian refugee who finds herself in a detention facility in England. 381 more words

Book Blog


Hello lovelies, sorry I haven’t posted in a while.. my life actually got a bit busy for once xD. Here’s my poem of the week; its quite emotional and dark but to be honest … that’s what I like best about it.

T x


Texts I didn't send

  • It didn’t help. I kept thinking of you and it only made it worse :(
  • I’m not ok. I haven’t cried this much in a while.
  • 72 more words