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Why Bother going to parties?

Strip from the Why Bother? series.
Poor Why Bunny… 😛


I'll follow you down

This is another one of those movies where the director should have paid full price and bought the better lights. It’s a time travel movie with some shades of “12 monkeys”. 1,416 more words


PROGERIA. Disease | Hayley Okines & Sam Berns. *MUST READ*

I just posted a video up on Progeria and These two children especially,

*Links with my Progeria Page*

You’ll never understand just how emotional this all is, Until you watch. 21 more words

I Cannot Write Happy Poems

As if my heart were cracked
And the blood that leaked, splatting onto paper-
Carried the tears I had held in.
Good paper goes to waste… 156 more words



I have grown to love even the word itself. It leaves a full, rich, bittersweet taste in my mouth.

The roundness of the first syllable, and the clipped finality of the last. 325 more words


"Every Storm Runs Out of Rain..."

Tonight I’m going to go in a little bit of a depressing direction (yes, more depressing than adults having to work in the summer instead of swim and eat ice cream). 498 more words

Just Some Monologue


Many, many nights through my life, I have spent hours in bed, wide eyed, unable to sleep. Almost all these instances are made up of worrisome thoughts running through my mind, of all the bad things that can happen and a thousand ‘what ifs’. 159 more words