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Self hateĀ 

All I write about is hating myself and loving you, maybe one day I can find it in me to love me too.


The Artistry of The Wrap

You used all the scotch tape

Wrapping yourself,

Cutting the paper

With dull scissors

Folding spartan pleats

Before securing the operation with stickiness

When it was my turn… 76 more words


The Tale of a Discarded

I sit with my fingers poised over the keyboard, ready to pour my soul out into the vast web

I will start my poem the way true connection start, with the heart… 382 more words

blurred horizon

Between lies told

and believed truths,

lies numb sanity;

fatigued from living.

under pretence

in world, make believe,

lies broken dreams;

spent of creativity.

inside the skin… 23 more words


The Needle

You are a needle.

Weaving in and out
Of my heart.
My life.
My thoughts.
You can’t keep doing this.
It hurts more when you do. 84 more words



You used to say

You were death.

And I always got mad.

But you were right.

You are death.

Because you killed me.

As death should. 18 more words


Mixed bag

You know when…

You have a total random day of it. A complete mix – a bit of ugh, some ooo’s, a giggle, a cry, headbutt the wall, and a total waaa. 78 more words

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