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Current Mood: This Month Sucks

This month sucks. Seriously. I don’t think I had a month this bad happening to me in a looooong time! And what is worse, is that it has felt like it’s been July for 2 months now. 554 more words



In life there’s things you wish happened, and things you regret. As of now I wish those special white pills did their designated job set by me, and I regret meeting him. 197 more words



It’s a funny word, don’t you think?

For some it defines, for others it’s an excuse, for even more it’s confusion.

Really, it’s just a passing phase. 340 more words

about myself?

hey guys! so i seem way more excited than i already am but whatever, this is just an introduction. my name is divya (don’t even) and i am in high school (yes, i am living in those four traumatizing years of my life). 158 more words


Is my face getting ugly ?

Uglier than usual

That is.

I have sinned

I am a monster indeed

I take full responsibility

Of my sins. 41 more words


Dodging the Undead in Shadowland

In an expanse of varying shades of gray that makes up Shadowland, we walked nervously on the narrow twisting path. We knew that we had to hurry up and walk as fast as we could, dodging through the tall trees of the mirrored forest. 905 more words

Short Stories

I shouldnt have done that

Have you ever regretted watching a movie because it was too upsetting? I mean anyone can sit through badly made horror movies and cheesy thriller CGI looking ones like Sharknado and Piranha 3D, but sitting through a movie like An American crime? 816 more words

Flights Of Fancy