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The Disease: Broken Hearts

Broken hearts are hard to mend. We feel like we’re doing alright but then suddenly some song comes on and you’re reminded your heart is in pieces and nothing is getting better. 185 more words

Written down spoken word... :?

Okay so hey guys, how are you? Well I hope…

I’ve just been told that I’m in the first stage of a nervous break down, so I’ve been a wreck and the only thing to keep me going is my dad. 342 more words

Maybe it's because I'm Atheist?

I’ve always been atheist (Definition: not religious, doesn’t necessarily mean that I am anti-theist). When I was a child I refused to pray in assemblies and my school reports every year said that I needed to recognise that RS is an ‘academic’ subject. 352 more words


The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

Okay (laugh), I really don’t know how to start but let me tell you first how or why I read this book. One year ago, upon reading its synopsis I was hooked by it, most especially I love reading suspense-mystery-thriller genre, and right away I texted my friend to give me the copy of the book. 635 more words



It is so odd that recently I have been completely out of my own head. I have been unable to focus on my work and am so fuzzy all of the time. 203 more words


3/4/15 7:24AM

I was dreaming of a life where everyone I knew was trapped in a huge maze-like building in some sort of post-apocalyptic situation. At some point I was running away, trying to hide from the assholes who were hunting me down. 137 more words


Feel Blah...

Get off me!!

Just feel blah.

Went for run yesterday, did weights and some cycling today.

Still just blah…..

Need to do a hard out run but can’t risk overtaxing it. 487 more words