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Here’s a pretty old song I wrote from a long time ago. Since I can’t finish any draft right now and I feel like I need to somehow update my blog, let’s settle with this first. 265 more words


Until When?

Somewhere along the line, our culture has lost touch of our right as individuals to happiness.

We are supposed to work to keep the government and society happy. 267 more words

Mental Illness

Keyboards & Computers

I love paper. I love the smooth texture as it sits under my arm when I write. I love the crinkling sound it makes when I shuffle multiple pieces together. 222 more words


The Odyssey

Last time I posted about my recovery I was in Puerto Rico spending time with my maternal grandparents. I had an awesome visit.  I found joy in the simplest things: having breakfast with them, watching my grandfather in the yard tending to his plants, watching my grandmother pray, driving them around to run errands. 948 more words


The Battle Begins

And so it begins. My chronicles though my journey of depression & anxiety. Before I share my story, let me tell you a little about myself. 300 more words


Medication saga (or how I blew things out of proportion again)

I’ll be honest, I debated a bit on whether or not to actually write and post this. But I’m trying to be real on this blog, and sometimes that means including things that, in retrospect, turned out to not be such a big deal but were at the time. 600 more words

Mental Illness

More Questions, No Answers

So my horrendously busy week is almost at an end. Just one more appointment tomorrow, and then I can (try to) relax and enjoy the bank holiday weekend. 336 more words

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome