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Denial and Acceptance

This is the story about how I have been living in denial and my journey to acceptance.

Denial. Age 9. My dad loves me and he’s going to come back and take care of me because I’m his child. 392 more words

The Interminable Mess: Me.

I got home from work, slammed the car door shut, rushed into my room and emptied the brown bag of medicine onto my bed.
“It’s time,” I convinced myself. 446 more words


The People I Call Friends.

I will need your feedback after you are done reading this please. Thanks. :)

It’s been a while since I posted. I feel bad cause I have had a lot of things kept inside and well, I came here cause it’s the only place I know I can vent as much as I want to even if nobody will probably ever see this. 2,955 more words


Lost Love-Dying Heart

Leaves floated like feathers, slowly sinking to the sandy ground like hope in a failing heart. The wind whispered a silky voice, taunting and teasing over the pastor’s murmur… 222 more words



WHO IS NOT STRESSED? Who doesn’t need help?

Reality can bite….Dr. Brian Alman will show you how to — say “ Wow!” Laugh out loud! #Relax your stress and stress less…..YES, it’s not only possible, but inevitable with TIPS LIKE THESE RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW! 48 more words


Where Do We Go From Here?

Oh, I don’t want to talk about depression again, but I’m going to.

The recent school shooting in Oregon brought up the ‘mental illness’ topic again and it triggered some observations I have about depression. 340 more words



If you feel that your role in life isn’t important – if you struggle daily with thoughts of failure – if you believe that whatever you do, it isn’t going to be enough – it’s time to put your confidence in something other than yourself. 285 more words