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It is strange that melancholy,
Although sounding like a tummy-disease of melon,
Is just, a crack that lets in neon lightning
On an azure collage. Your tummy… 120 more words



Photo taken by contributor Carrie Hilgert, a photographer, painter, and healer from Northeast Kansas. Carrie is on an evolving journey. In her past, she was affected by chronic physical and mental illnesses, including depression. 111 more words


Alone 3

I Asked him to love me, but not too much

I asked him to wait for me, but not for too long

I asked him to stay drowning in love, until I was ready to jump in and save him, … 19 more words


Alone 1

After a while I’ll become a distant memory,

Taking me out of your heart into mind,

Shutting me down.

After a while you’ll totally forget me, … 27 more words


Alone 2

I’m crying over you, but I don’t know why,

I don’t want to be with you, but I want to be in your heart,

I’m heartbroken over you, I’m terribly sad. 28 more words


Mr Mooney's Very Bad Day

First of all, and while this was not new, he still hated being called Mr Mooney, as if he were old and barely getting around, maybe with a walker, maybe not. 489 more words


Remember - Mental Illness is The Enemy!

Several years ago I received a call from a friend of mine who wanted to tell me she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It was a rather traumatic diagnosis for her to hear.  628 more words