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A man of more words

Being depressed is nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes the greatest courage a man can show is to admit he needs help. Talking about problems is a sign of strength, not of weakness. 159 more words



I’m not what you think.
If the words could crawl back
Between your lips
And down your throat,
You should swallow them.
Squeeze your eyes shut, 79 more words


Sober Journey, Fresh Start

One thing that has scared me on this sober journey is the realization of just how close I came to ending it all and how many times I came close. 342 more words


40,000 Volunteers Needed for Largest Ever Study of the Genetics of Anxiety and Depression

The NIHR and King’s College London are calling for 40,000 people diagnosed with depression or anxiety to enrol online for the Genetic Links to Anxiety and Depression (GLAD) Study and join the NIHR Mental Health Bioresource. 326 more words

Welcome Back, Depression and Counseling

This summer I felt like I was on top of the world. I felt amazing. I felt like I would never be depressed again. No one was happier than me. 244 more words

Controlling the Controllable - Well, Disney food Planning

I’m still ill. In fact I am worse than I was – I’ve actually felt poorly today – not just coughing and having a really sore throat and snotty nose but I’ve felt feverish and out of it today. 1,346 more words


Changing Moose

The past month has been hedonistic to say the least. Even Charlie Sheen called me and asked me to slow down. Its not healthy for me mentally and actually its just making things worse, fun as it has been. 436 more words