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Green Friday

We’ve all heard the term “Black Friday” to describe the day after Thanksgiving here in the U.S. Well, for me, today has been “Green Friday.” Let me tell you all the reasons why: 863 more words


I didn't realise 

It’s weird how sometimes you don’t even realise why you want or how you feel, until you find yourself telling someone you barely know. I didn’t realise how much my parents splitting up when I was younger actually affected me. 102 more words



We’ve seen each other twice this year. I asked him what he wanted the other day and he said me. I asked if he wanted a relationship and he said no. 152 more words


Our 2nd and last Thanksgiving

Oh boy. That’s all I have to say. It’s been an interesting day. I was up at smiling at 8 am. I had a good nights rest. 1,160 more words



I feel so sick. I’ve cried myself to sleep for the past three nights now. And the little sleep I’ve had, has been so restless and short. 41 more words


I wish 

I wish I was pretty

I wish I was funny

I wish I was clever

I wish I was cool

I wish I was interesting

I wish I was wanted


I'm not myself anymore 

Sorry I’m not myself… I am having a real hard time it’s cool I don’t Expect you or anyone to understand and you need to stay strong me on the other end I can’t anymore I’ve tried to be strong for over a year and it’s not going very well nobody was there for me when my dad passed away so I’m just saying to not have any exceptions from anyone in this world you only have yourself….to believe in and to trust nobody has your back at your weakest and most painful moments the people you thought would be there for you will turn on you and laugh behind your back there are no real friends in this sad world we live in keep your head up I don’t have Facebook anymore and I don’t think I’ll go back to it it’s a waste of time and it’s filled with negative people and hidden racists people life will not be sunshine and rainbows everyday life will not be kittens and clouds life will be arguing crying and pain it’s the truth of the matter and sadly it’s never said out loud nor taught to us in school because the truth hurts and that’s why it’s hidden people are never what we expect… Because humans live with to many exceptions of what life should be like and what people should be like the best and hardest piece of advice I can give you is live with no expectations it’s a better and safer route however it’s not easy because at a young age our minds are trained to expect things on our birthdays, holidays exct….. 95 more words