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Hating Thy Self

Ive been depressed and my friend noticed and was asking questions. For once in my life i decided to tell someone the truth and be completely 100% honest. 623 more words


April 18th

It’s been an odd week. There were quite a few ups and downs.

Ups were that my Irish oral exam and my music practical exam went really well. 221 more words


It takes three.

I have written before about habits and how we think. Using a bizarre example this will hopefully help you understand how our habits can fog our mind. 1,166 more words


Post #17 - Crazy Dreams

I’m a vivid dreamer. My dreams aren’t fuzzy images or fragmented thoughts. My dreams are like Imax movies. Full sound, full color, lots of action. They always have been, for as long as I can remember. 852 more words





Webster says: .”to sever the association of (oneself); separate:”


I didn’t think it was possible to remove oneself from oneself.  Even the sentence is awkward.   1,104 more words

Love And Relationships

Glass House

I live in a house, a glass house. Though this is not just any old house of glass. No, it is in fact enchanted. Outside, people pass by day in and day out, curious eyes looking inward to catch a glimpse of the woman inside. 1,120 more words

Random Writings

Ugh fuck a number .....

after 12 hours of work I’m FINALLY home and I’ve been dealing with bingo numbers all day hence the title. I’m soooo tired but I promised myself I’m gonna stick to this thing. 431 more words