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My Own Guilt

I need to stop caring so much about what other people think.  I actually got self conscious about posting pictures on facebook today of my family outing because I haven’t been to work in 2 months due to my depression and ECT treatments.   132 more words

Days like today..

Its days like today that make me wonder why I still try to be or do anything, why I am still alive. Its days like today where I am unable to see the good in the world, to see the light at… 753 more words


Picking Your Battles

Dear sweet, sweet, easily-angered, former push-over (Me… yeah.),

I am so proud of you. Do you remember what it felt like when you slapped that boy in sixth grade because he cut ahead of you in the lunch line and then taunted you? 850 more words


He's Dead

Are my folowers still out there?  It’s been about 9 months since I last updated this blog.  So much has happened that I’ll need to write about, but for now, just know this: … 70 more words


Going Back to Work and ECT

I’m really nervous about going back to work.  I don’t think they are going to be understanding about the depression and the ECT “Electro Shock”.  I work for the military, and I’m afraid they will think I’m a security risk.   35 more words