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Take Your Placebos- They're Good for You


I suggest using the following placebos, as needed:
1) Vitamin C supplements for colds, 500 mg every four to six hours;
2) Vitamin D supplements for depressed mood, 1000 units once a day (may be some clinical evidence in support); 180 more words

Information Makes Me Cry

This morning as I made my coffee, I felt tears well up in my eyes.

Why? I asked myself. I went through the series of questions I ask myself when I feel hopeless. 96 more words

This commotion...is like a never ending Cha Cha

Where’s my frilly dress and where the heck are my pretty dancing shoes?!? I DEMAND that they be part of the package. I was ripped off in the most Royal way possible. 502 more words

Mental Illness

Brain Bugs

This morning, as I was drinking a cup of coffee, a day after my 43rd birthday, I felt a convulsive scattering across the roof of my mouth. 897 more words


The simple truth is simply scary

There was a discussion on Sky News this morning, which can be summed up in this subtitled image:


"Distant Lights" Launch Day

Gentle Reader,

Here it is.

I hardly even know what to write. Publishing a book has long been a dream of mine. And now – it’s real. 358 more words