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2 AM

It’s 2:05 AM. I have been awake since midnight, and I my brain will not shut off.

Today wasn’t my best day ever.

I slept. I slept well, my husband took Connor so I could sleep. 472 more words


~Knowing Pain~NJM~

Emotional harm, Physical waste

Uneasy feeling bitter taste

Fastidious fear cry your last tear

Instigate Trifling

Presence so stifling

Negligent actions

Daunting infractions

Militant persuasion… 63 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Don't Rush The Dealing With Things

Don’t rush dealing with things as you might not have the tools to deal with it yet.

I listened to a podcast yesterday and it was an average podcast but there was some things that I jotted down which struck a cord with me. 358 more words

Going Sober

If we are the lucky country, why is our suicide rate so high?

This exact question was asked as I finished a speech recently on depression and anxiety.
I had told the audience about how widespread depression is. That every day, six Australians take their own lives. 172 more words



When you have been brought up never feeling that you are enough it is so hard to know just when you are enough.

I am really trying to find ways to stop my inner voice from putting me down. 280 more words


A Giant's Depression

Not long ago I did a couple of posts dealing with depression. As best I can tell, the posts were well-received.

One of the main points I wanted to make in those posts was that depression isn’t always something we can help, but something that accosts us no matter our will to be positive. 77 more words


I’m Scared to Live but I’m Scared to Die

I was listening to music when the song Paralyzed by NF came on.

There is a line where he raps “I’m scared to live but I’m scared to die”. 165 more words