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Why Am I Still Here?

Today I was told that my suicidal behaviors were unacceptable. Do people think that we think we have an option? Do people think it’s just a cry for attention? 558 more words


Hello and welcome! Also, a brief word on myself.

Can you pinpoint the age you were when you realized something was not quite right? I was eleven and a half, and had recently attempted to contact the Kid’s Helpline, only to dial the number and hang up frantically when an actual real human being answered the phone. 1,083 more words


"Do you even want to get better?"

One of the many misconceptions that people have about depression is that it’s nothing more than a negative frame of mind; anyone can quickly and fully recover from it if they just make a small effort to change their perspective. 736 more words


Winter's Torment

A bitter wind within me, it’s icy gales filled with millions of tiny glass-like shards set to nick away at my soul, leaving a thousand tiny wounds no bigger than that of a paper cut. 408 more words


Ever Been Told to "Prove Yourself?" You Aren't Alone

People… They don’t understand… They expect too much…

I was recently in the hospital for about three weeks for attempting suicide. This time I prevented myself from overdosing to the extent of having to get medical treatment or have a medical admission. 932 more words


Sleep Says "F-You!" and My Soul is Ripped in Two

Tonight, as I sit here, I think about him standing there. I think about how desperate he must have been to just be so drastic. I think about how, just a few days before, I could have done more to help and didn’t because I was more afraid of losing his friendship than helping him. 423 more words


Panic/Anxiety Attacks

I still very distinctly remember my first panic/anxiety attack as an adult. I was a student at the local university and was working for a used college textbook warehouse. 394 more words