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Good night maybe if that snow plow would stop scraping my brain

Gentle Mental Annie cannot sleep with these stupid frickin snow plows and the loud buzzing of the snow blowers going on and on. It is bringing up some horrible memories of a time when I used to live in this same house years ago. 1,227 more words

Mental Illness

Running on fumes

Five minutes of social interaction leaves me so drained these days. Being polite and smiling and helpful and witty for patients, colleagues, friends, family…..
All I have left in me is anger, bile and venom. 88 more words


March 5th

On Tuesday I met with my psychiatrist and my psychologist. It was a long day.

I met with my psychiatrist first. Basically, she was assessing me to see if my meds needed to be increased or changed. 363 more words



Parallel lines never meet
Red rivulets though
From one to another flow
Helping strangers greet.
A bright connection indeed



There is a beautiful time of day. It lasts about an hour. It falls after I have come home from work, after the boys’ homework has been checked, but before I have to start dinner, and before grading and lesson planning. 279 more words

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Parkinson’s, the Starry Night and Creativity

Science Looks to Find the Connection Between Parkinson’s and Creativity

If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.             1,040 more words