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Music and Mental Illness

Music is a very powerful medium when it comes to altering mood. A certain song, at a certain time can completely alter the way you feel. 312 more words

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All it takes is one comment.

To set off a turmoil.

Cigarette after cigarette,

Tear after tear,

Scar after scar.

Her body trembles,

Her eyes squeeze tight, 36 more words


Why lonely?

I have a good husband. I vent about our issues but if I put everything here, you’d probably understand that he’s a saint taking care of his disabled wife. 124 more words

Rise and Don't Get Angry...

Thank you to Elephant Journal for this inspiring verse.


The Story of a House (Part 3)

My life was a house, that burned to the ground, yeah it phased me, but did it stop me, hell no. I had my friends that are more like family to help me along this twisted journey. 159 more words

Mental Health

Carry Me Home

To pull yourself out of depression can be daunting. It really feels as if you do need to pull yourself out. Nothing seems to alter depression with the… 155 more words


Just sitting

The sun will start to rise soon and I’ve been sitting here for hours. Just trying to breathe. Trying to not be destructiven. Trying not to cry too loud. 54 more words