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~Longing is your souls way of letting you know you belong to another~

Bipolar Disorder

Still Clearing Clutter, Kid Updates, and Other Ponderings

The holidays have a way of making me turn inward.

I find everything about them overstimulating and just…too much.

When I look back, I realize they’ve always had this effect on me, but since becoming a parent, the overstimulating factor is amplified. 1,936 more words


Mickey's Red-State Blues

I often struggle with depression.  Every member of my family has battled it at some point.  And it is a dangerous disease.  It can kill you.   592 more words



Isn’t it peculiar how one is often surprised and shockingly dismayed by perfectly statistically novel things?

Take for example ones intelligence, good looks, creativity:

Do you recall the epoch not long after the dawn of adulthood in which you realized that despite what you imagined for so many years, that you’re in no way particulary special in regard to intelligence, attractiveness, creativity etc? 76 more words

Free Will

Lament for your past character and behavior is really not so different from concern regarding what you will be like, what you might do in future.

Music Part 2

I recently asked a buddy what her favorite song was. Each song was more mellow than the next. Either she is just super chill or I am a lot more angry than I thought. 120 more words



Well a lot has happened recently.  My friend and her son are staying with me temporarily.  We are going to help each other out and try not to be homeless.   84 more words