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I've heard it all now. 

Wonderful timing for me to be sent this treat. I’ve just completed a blog on the most annoying miracle cures Read here but this tops them all. 14 more words



Having forgiven is when the dwelling stops. It’s when you’ve accepted what you cannot change. When the past mistakes stop defining who you see yourself to be. 1,191 more words


I'm Glad I Learned - Challenge

Here’s the response to the challenge to me by StephJ from https://scalesimple.wordpress.com/

1. Being yourself is the best solution
A situation where I had to choose between being myself and being who the people around me expected me to be was when I changed school in my 8th grade. 1,065 more words


I Blame Politicians and Their Games

Has anyone heard of Cobra or been on it before? No? Well, basically, if you’re fired, Cobra allows you to keep the health insurance you had with your employer for a fee. 338 more words


Silence: Finding Peace Without Noise

Silence is not always the easiest thing to experience. Who wants to sit through nothingness and void? We are often bombarded by noise. It’s all around us. 446 more words

Self Help

Better life through chemistry?

So it begins..

After 35 years of ‘mood lability’ (aka bipolar II) and a worsening condition which leaves me 6 weeks into a hypomanic / mixed episode as opposed to my history of ultra rapid cycling, I have meds. 30 more words


A Little Help For a Great Friend

The conversation consists of words being transmitted through instant messenger.  Words on a screen, no inflection or tone.

But you know something is wrong.

What is it, I ask, knowing all too well what it could be. 729 more words