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Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

Picture the scene. I’m at the local pool, in the fast lane even though I know that I have no right to be there after two weeks of culinary debauchery and enough alcohol in my body to pickle every organ, but I don’t feel too guilty because there’s some cheeky geriatric in there, too, and we’re eyeballing each other because even though she’s only slightly slower than me there’s an etiquette at the pool and that bitch knows it and should fucking keep to her side of the lane so that I can take over her if I can muster the required amount of speed.  521 more words

Midlife Observations

Broken Pons

Please welcome first-time contributor RDSK74, a man from England who has suffered with chronic depression for all of his 41 years. He’s been pushed to the lowest lows, but also has seen the sunshine. 241 more words


Long Overdue

Evening evening!

I know it has been a while since I have blogged. It’s been a busy week which ended with a crazy weekend filled with beer, buddies, and breaking balls at the Dooly’s! 1,077 more words

Just Plain Venting

Despair, doesn't care for you

If despair has become your lot,
You’ve admitted, whether you like it or not,
To being out of control, to being mortal,
But mostly to being an ingrate, 595 more words


Viral and Bacterial Links to the Brain's Decline

Herpes simplex viruses pass through the outer protein coat of a nucleus, magnified 40,000 times. Dr. Ruth Itzhak’s research published in 1997 revealed a potential link to the presence of HSV-1 (one specific variety of Herpes simplex) and the onset of Alzheimer’s in 60 percent of the cases they studied. 1,639 more words


The darkness in the light

I’m siiting alone in a sunny room yet it feels terrible dark.

I messed up a relationship that had just healed and was growing.

It was not intentional. 215 more words