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Daily Positive;Day 22

Friday 22nd May

Children are brilliant, the comments they come out with are second to none and often the timing can be just right. It was a very loud day at work, so I said to the teacher “I’m going to go and hide in the cupboard” a child then said to the teachers “she’s a bit of an odd one ain’t she?” It had me and my colleague in absolute stitches!

Mental Health

Monty Python's 38 Special

I broke a glass…

that was when I decided I would end my life.  The .38 Special I had next to the bed, fully loaded with six brand new pieces of very live ammo, was going to be the thing that quite literally took my life from me, but as far as I’m concerned… 674 more words


Social ... erm... eeek!

I have many people in my friendship groups that suffer social anxiety, each on different levels. I’m not saying so and so has it worse than so and so, no not at all… I hate social anxiety, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone and think that no matter what sets it off or how you react it’s all the same amount of shitty! 1,068 more words



The trash compactor can go on feeling high and noble for taking the world’s shit and compressing it into manageable, relatively clean packets, but in the end it’s just a stinking machine, full of crap.


Weekly Neuroscience Update

New research challenges the long-held belief that a larger hippocampus is directly linked to improved memory function.

Premature birth can alter the connectivity between key areas of the brain, according to a new study led by King’s College London. 360 more words

Weekly Round-Up