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It's Starting to Build :-(

It’s the early hours of Monday morning and the anxiety about the stuff that’s going to be happening is beginning to build.

I keep wondering if the first session of therapy will be as hard as the assessment sessions were last year. 285 more words



I actually slept last night. I actually slept so late that I missed going to church at CoC. I can’t believe I actually slept so late. 128 more words


And now A Dip - Anticipatory Loss Syndrome

I have been feeling fine for the past few days. I have upped my meds and was keeping busy, but for some reason I feel a real slump coming on right now so I thought I would write something, anything. 162 more words


Ah the thrill of a normal day!

Sunday and I’m feeling…not bad, actually.  It’s refreshing.

I fight myself daily.

If I’m depressed, well, then I’m kicking myself for not getting it together. 569 more words



Today is a really not so good shitty as all fuckin hell day. It began with heartburn then moved into tooth pain. I have a pretty bad ache that started bugging me last month, unfortunately I just have to deal until September when I have an appointment. 660 more words


My abusive relationship and the accident

I’ve never been in a real romantic relationship. But I can empathize with anyone who has ever been in a love-hate relationship or an abusive relationship. 380 more words


A Poem, And Depression, That Resonates Through The Years

The following poem is one I wrote on June 5, 2007 and it still resonates deeply within me.  It shows the contradictions of depression, as I am eternally grateful for the many things I have in my life and the people who love and support me.   198 more words