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Sense Of Liberation

It would not hurt to cultivate a sense of liberation here – much more so since I have full authority over what gets registered and published – for we must all come to terms with reality of life….. 807 more words


This post is spontaneous

As you can tell by the title, I haven’t planned this post – deliberately. I’m having a day which is rather common for me, where I have no physical energy but lots of mental energy. 429 more words


Depression Stories 3: Anxiety

“What we’re going to do is lower the oxygen concentration in there to the exact point you feel like you’re suffocating. If your brain waves slow, meaning you’re about to pass out, then we’ll turn up the O2.

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Depression Stories 2: Medication

So many people have told me about the side effects of taking antidepressants, that I’ll become dependent etc etc etc, so today’s post will be full of the side effects I’ve experienced from both Sertraline and Citalopram, and my personal attitude to taking medication for my mental health. 844 more words


Content Warning: Please Use Caution.


A friend asked me today how my writing was going, because it had been a while. Honestly, I’ve been struggling for motivation, but now I feel that I have to push myself to write this post. 670 more words

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