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DEPRESSION Stories from the Film & Writing Festival

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Watch the best of DEPRESSION stories that were showcased at the FEEDBACK Film & Writing Festival… 116 more words


Mental Disorders Can Incapacitate You

There are many mental disorders that can interfere with your daily activities. This would make you restrain yourself from going to places which would trigger the mental disorder like depression or anxiety attack or even and especially phobias. 287 more words


Practice of Milton Keynes Hypnosis Therapy

The Milton Keynes Hypnosis therapy is gaining immense popularity every year as individuals are being successfully, gently and safely treated for their issues with hypnotherapy. The Milton Keynes Hypnosis therapy touts a successful track record of being quite an effectual method for aiding individuals in getting rid of or conquering a broad assortment of issues. 291 more words


Her Depression Diaries: When It All Began

A good dose of melancholy and quirkiness have always been two of my “gifts”. Having an affinity to think deeply, imagine insane worlds and high-stakes situations, as well as feel emotions immensely are good things that help my creativity to write stories. 1,099 more words

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The memories are like old acquaintances returning to remind me of  my past relationships.  They knock on the door, louder and louder.  They want me to answer.. 156 more words

Inspirational Stories


I thought I was out of the woods finally and in a clearing.  Looking at the clear blue sky, standing on the soft green grass in the meadow.  329 more words

Inspirational Stories


This whole depression thing is kicking my ass. I used to tweet to help get things off my mind, but any time I did that someone got mad. 167 more words