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Picture Perfect?

Katie Joy Crawford has struggled with depression and anxiety for over a decade. A talented lifestyle photographer by profession, Ms. Crawford has showcased her struggle with mental illnesses in a series of photographs as part of her senior thesis exhibition at the Louisiana State University (LSU). 771 more words

Alive by Me Krupps

This is going to be my final post to wrap up my depression stories.  I am simply going to recap some of the lessons I learned, and why I started this side project on my nutrition blog. 469 more words


Giving Up by Amigreat

The final story before my epilogue comes from spring term of 2015.  This is a case where the bigger they are, the harder they fall.  Now, coming from winter term, I had gotten a 4.0.  455 more words


Hurt by Mine Inch Fails

Somehow, my nutrition blog became more about me bitching about my depression.  Eventually, I plan on getting back into talking about food things, but for now I am chronicling my experiences.  641 more words


The End is the Beginning is my End by Smashing Punk-ins

First of all, that was a horrible pun, and I should be ashamed.  Secondly, the story of the week.  Senior year of high school was really weird for me.  445 more words


I Did my T”I”me – By BoRn

Probably the next major depressive incident that I remember happening to me was when I was a freshman in high school.  Over the summer, my sister had been diagnosed with prediabetes.  444 more words


The Long Hard Road Out of Hell - by Mar"I"lyn "ME"son

This is going to be a deviation from the nutrition stuff I normally post.  I am not going to use pictures, and I will try… 451 more words