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my depression is like the tide

every time i think it’s going out for good

it splashes against the shore,

kisses the sand once again. 16 more words


Uninspired Girl

I am an uninspired girl.

I have a wound, you see, and every time I am reminded of it, my world turns to grey cloud. There are things I want to say and do and create, but this barrier of gloom and fear acts like a deathly sponge, sucking all joy out of my motivation and creativity and rendering them, well, nil. 190 more words


Colliding Thoughts (Inspired by Crystal Fighters)

Never thought I had to tell you how I lost my mind again.
–Crystal Fighters At Home

My thoughts crash together
And I race forward… 161 more words



They all say that nothing ever changes
Through the new lines that are on their faces
They all say that nothing ever changes
Through the new lines that are on their faces… 188 more words



tread on me as I crawl across your bedroom floor. please. you can wear black heels or bare, muddied feet.

the world is much more manageable when I am on my belly, yet I have long since been able to reach up into apple trees. 28 more words


Being the Support

In my last post I mentioned that my husband is an alcoholic and is in the detoxing process. This is a fantastic thing. Now before you get it in your head that he’s this Hollywood movie version of an alcoholic that sits in front of a blaring tv with a beer gut yelling “woman, get me a damn beer!” and I’m this haggard woman with a child on her hip trying to keep the house and everything else from falling apart…. 625 more words



I’m very happy. Extremely excited. Grateful. Joyful. Happy.
I cried when my story got rejected by Farafina. I was broken and unhappy and sad. The greater heartache was when Adichie said she was looking for writers with “hearts”. 840 more words