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when you just doubt.

I wanted to entitle this one “just hope” but that didn’t feel right.

I’ve been through a lot of terrible situations in life that have left me fearful. 655 more words


Liar, Liar...

I’ve been stuck in my head a lot lately, and it’s not a good place to be right now.

See, I like to lie to myself. 510 more words

Those People

It’s all about those people who hugs you tight in those moments when every breath you take feels like the end of the world.


Book review: My Heart and other Black holes written by Jasmine Warga

(Note: This review contains spoilers.)

A story of two young people battling with the same tormenting mental disorder, depression,  Aysel, a 16 year old physics nerd who has been very eager plotting her own death found a courageous way to fulfill her objective thru a website called Suicide Partners in which she has found her suicide buddy, … 1,140 more words

Wonders Of Wanders

Well... wow. I mean... erm... this is unexpected.

85 Days.

Without a drink.

Completely sober.

Longest time without an alcoholic drink since I was around 18.

Oh and look, my depression and anxiety issues are alleviating. 917 more words


Difficult Days

My brother died last year and although this hasn’t been on my mind all the time, it has been wrecking havoc with my subconscious mind. Depression, anxiety, anger and lots of crying. 408 more words


Haiku #7

Anger needs release
Rage and death need sealing in
Pain needs excising