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Effect of a Web-Based Guided Self-help Intervention for Prevention of Major Depression in Adults With Subthreshold Depression A Randomized Clinical Trial

Importance  Evidence-based treatments for major depressive disorder (MDD) are not very successful in improving functional and health outcomes. Attention has increasingly been focused on the prevention of MDD. 311 more words

Randomised Controlled Trial

Drunk rants. 

You’re sitting beside me and this is how I always wanted things to be. I’m looking at your eyes and although I don’t feel the butterflies anymore, I swear I can still hear the flapping of a thousand butterflies’ wings circling around my belly when we used to have stolen glances at each other. 304 more words

Routine - the good and the bad

As I settle back into my home and get back into the daily routine I’ve created for myself, I’ve discovered one thing… I don’t like it. 296 more words


Most of my stories right now are dogs

I’m usually all cheery about how fun it is to write. Sometimes you have what’s a great idea and then you look at it later and it’s a dog. 33 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Phaser Effect

Each limb tied down
A different rabbit hole,
Converging even horizons
Tearing apart each
And every atom,
Nucleus by nucleus,
Until I have nothing left. 116 more words


Plot Twist

Everywhere I look
There’s something
I didn’t notice before
It can be the slightest
Change in hair
Change in air
Change in body
Change in the leaves… 174 more words


Depression Music or Fantasy of Suffering

I suspect we all do it.  We listen to certain music only when we’re depressed;  not to make us feel better, but just to wallow in it.   744 more words