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The masterpiece of you

“Yes I am in recovery, because even though today was hard, I’m choosing to be here tomorrow”

Well I’m gonna try this again, blogging here I come.

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Oh dear...

well this morning comes with a load of flash backs to childhood. Great way to spend your Sunday morning!

I think I’ve been triggered because yesterday a letter arrived telling me I’ve got a referral to what my local authority call the “single point access” aka the Psych department. 824 more words

Mental Health

Tongue of Fire, Hand of Fate

There is a voice that seeks to discourage you.

I hear it when depression creeps like frost over the leaves resigning themselves to death fallen on the autumn soil, and I think: ‘Why live, when waking up is penance and my heart has no home?’ I hear it when my pages miss their mark, or worse, float into silence, ignored, and I think: ‘Why write, when my words fold like paper arrows?’ I hear it now, when a dear friend faces death, body and soul caught in the black maw of relapse and I think: ‘Why get sober, when years of struggle still end in devastation?’ 519 more words


Feeling low ...

As the mornings stay darker and its steadily getting darker earlier in the evenings, so many people are affected by an increase in anxiety and depression. 551 more words

Mental Health

Day 2.

Last night was the first night in a while that I haven’t had nightmares. I’m relieved more than anything, relieved I don’t have to suffer any more images today. 250 more words


It's beginning to look a lot like...

Stress, financial worries, past hurts, missed ones, anxiety, pressure, 😳 family.  This list can really go on and on, atleast for me it can.

But i think there’s a pretty big bunch of moms who feel the same. 499 more words


(what I thought was)

I’ve constructed (what I thought was)
my freedom around me like a cage