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Hello guys, hope everyone is bright and shining and ready for the evening ahead! Or failing that, tired and sleeping with a blanket and ice cream. 228 more words



Would a life spent just reading be one worth living? What about a life spent just listening to music? Or even one reading while listening to music? 470 more words


The Silent Shrink

I had my second official session with my Shrink today. It was much like the first one only quieter. He is using the technique of looking off into the distance and sitting in silence, hoping that I will get so uncomfortable with the situation that I will say something profound. 250 more words



I am young but I’ve been exposed to conflicts and situations that made me sometimes lose all my faith in humanity. Today was one one of those days when some of these bad memories were triggered by a small event. 81 more words

A take on sunlight.

Clouds break open like lightening and we’ve never been more blind, we, standing here in this lofty place just as pigeons perch on the dome of a cathedral, vile and violating and ignorant. 258 more words

Not Just Five

Week 5 is a strange week.

It’s a week when the phrase ‘Week 5 blues’ invades my news-feed. When workload is supposedly the most overwhelming. When chocolate appears in my pigeon hole. 1,172 more words


To spring forward I must slow down first

The winter has always been my enemy. I have always dealt with frustration and lack of inspiration during this time. Every time this season comes along I long to plot an escape from the dreary darkness and move somewhere consistently warm and bright. 549 more words