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The Morning After

I had dreams with you in them, and my heart woke up feeling broken. When I say I had dreams with you in them I don’t mean it in a way where this was all made up and everything was like it used to be. 228 more words


With Chronic Illness, The Diagnosis is Only the Beginning

When you are living with debilitating symptoms that nobody can seem to diagnose, all you wish for is an accurate diagnosis. I remember the years I spent thinking, “If I could just get a correct diagnosis everything would be fine.” Well, I’m here to tell you I was wrong. 572 more words


Will I ever be free of depression?

Things have certainly been slowly on the up. My confidence has started to return. My love of my job apparent. My mindset less negative. However why at times does it feel like I still have a long way to go? 416 more words


Echoing Footsteps

Echoing Footsteps
… Echoing Footsteps
…… Echoing Footsteps

Recently, have l found myself,
Sitting in darkened echoes,
Of distant shores of my minds’ shelf,
Looking back, reflectively mellow, 872 more words


Strong + Able

One year ago this week I got my first tattoo. On my left arm in my own handwriting in bold sharpie-thickness cursive, it says “strong + able”. 615 more words



If you asked me a year ago that if I did believe in friendship or if I would ever make true friends I would have totally said NO! 166 more words