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What depression does to the mind..

Every single day when I wake up – I tell myself it’s wrong to feel happy.

Every time I make a business sale I tell myself to stop – I have no right to achieve anything in life. 531 more words


Let me introduce myself

My name’s Steve, I’m a Christian, and for almost the past 30 years I have been attracted exclusively to men.

Over the years, I’ve wrestled with this, tried to condone it, pretend it was what God wanted for me and then came to the conclusion that it’s not! 1,159 more words


Was really anxious,but the Dr gave me anxiety meds so now it’s all ok.

My Thoughts

Absent Lovers

Taking a pinch of tobacco and rolling a cigarette, I chew my fingernails as she rests her head in my lap. In this cage of flesh and bone, I try to defuse my erection but she keeps prodding her fingers and keeping me in a state of heightened awareness. 391 more words



I walk the streets tonight, numb. By 6 p.m. I was waiting for Ms. Marie to leave so I could join her; the urge to get out of this building was strong. 858 more words