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My thoughts on weed and alcohol.

After all of the horrible things that I’ve been through, you’d think that I like to maintain a low profile. Negative. I’m newly 21, yet I’ve been drinking for years. 631 more words


Journal 2-27-16 [Gramma]

Chrono Resurrection – Peaceful Days

I woke up crying today. I don’t mean that I woke up, then started crying. I was having a good dream, and while still dreaming, I realized it was fake; this, still while dreaming, caused me to start crying, which woke me up in tears. 609 more words

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My life bucket list

I’ve done the travel bucket list and I started thinking about what I want in life, what I’d like to achieve, what I’d like to see. 753 more words

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Depression, space, emotions, obsession


I’m feeling seriously down outside of The Eerie Silence. Inside the book, it seems my worries don’t matter. Outside, everything’s ugly. My room, food, activities, the sunlight which once seemed beautiful. 1,077 more words

The Truth

I’m a bitter pill

In a candy wrapper


Waiting for Spring

It’s been so warm and sunny here lately that daffodils are blooming and the pastures are turning from dull brown to vibrant green. So, this past weekend, Farmguy and I decided it was a good time to gather our sheep to administer their yearly vaccines and attend to other routine care practices like trimming hooves and de-worming.   752 more words


The Truth About Depression with Dr Kelly Brogan

Source: The Spa Dr.
Dr. Kelly Brogan M.D.
February 27, 2017

Today my guest guest is holistic psychiatrist Dr. Kelly Brogan, and we’re covering The Truth about Depression. 533 more words