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What a master at disconnect, without trying, an unfortunate outcome from childhood and numerous, countless sexual attacks from those I loved, trusted and looked up to. 323 more words

Present Day Writing


My heart dips, I feel it in waves. They crash over me. Smothering. But. But now there’s a faint nagging with it. I say nagging, it’s not a bad feeling. 67 more words

Uni Student

On Wednesdays We Wear Ink: You Can't Be Batman, But You Can Be Better!

November 25, 2015 | by Andy Waterfield

There’s a stock response often parroted by Batman fans, myself included, when asked why they relate to Batman more than perhaps other superheroes, and it usually goes something like this: 745 more words


Book Blog Tour - How to Reach Your Writing Goals like a Pro

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Title: How To Reach Your Writing Goals Like A Pro: A Step by Step Guide to becoming a Self-Published Author
Series: How To Master Your Life (Book 2) 1,315 more words


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Writing a book? Here are a few tips for you to consider!

Triple Haiku: Only Another Memory

Now you’ve made your bed;
Success has gone to your head;
Am I now but lead?

Once upon a time
You noticed me in the climb; 19 more words


Right Versus Left Hemisphere!

Bouncing Back”– Rewriting your Brain for Maximum Resilience: Linda Graham

“Left hemisphere: Verbal processing: Language, Speech, Symbols

Right Hemisphere: nonverbal processing: visual images, body movements, emotions, experiences in relationship… 94 more words


Keep Going

Today on a running site that I follow some posed the question “When faced with a great struggle in life, what non-running blessing keeps you going?” 215 more words