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How Dating Should Work



This buzzword is almost as bad as “networking.”

Except connections can actually make you money.

In dating you lose: time, money, and relationships. 426 more words


The End of Summer

Is it really the last day of August? Where has the summer gone? Time doesn’t wait for anybody….

This last week of August has been, without a doubt, one for the books. 208 more words


London. We Grew Up Quick, Huh?

you said you’re looking out for me
empty words when eyes, clouded from
vt to nj and nj to vt
can’t cut across atlantic storms… 64 more words


What Will Make Me Happy Will Only Hurt You

I hate to see you hurt
But I hurt
I want to keep you happy
But what makes you happy hurts me
It humbles the spirit I carry, the essence of me… 105 more words


As I Think of This Day.

I don’t want to move
From this bed here, this shelter
If I just close my eyes
Can I just sleep through this day

Out there is the world… 102 more words


Mrs. Know it all

So here I am at 04:48 am sitting alone in the dark at an albuergue in the middle of nowhere. Most precisely at the Galicia region in Spain, as for the second year in a row I’m doing the camino. 1,497 more words

Nightime crawler.

Sat here staring into space,

with no expression on my face.

My head is resting, on my left palm,

I’m writing this, with my other arm. 106 more words