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Today I got called worthless by a person who I considered one if my best friends. This person suffers from depression. This person knows everything I’ve been through. 36 more words


Down For the Count

I’m just going to get to the point, and I’m not going to sugarcoat it: today was not a good one. All I’ve felt is emptiness, anxiety, and stress. 1,099 more words


Would you do this if it was legal here?

During my “supposedly” busy time at work, I will browse through random articles on the internet to release some work tension. For the past few weeks, I have stumbled upon a few articles that talked about a “Suicide Clinic”. 394 more words


Loving faces that peer upon my window pane

Deep in the stillness of the night
Twilight sprinkles it’s hazy zest
Upon my window pane
Perhaps a squirrel may remain
In the forest I once roamed as a child… 319 more words


A new week begins

We are on the edge of a new week. A clean slate to start again. Perhaps your week was filled with anxious and worried thoughts or taken over by negativity. 89 more words


Difficult Times

“It’s really sad how one day I’ll seem to have everything going right, then the next day, I’ll lose everything so fast.” – Anonymous


928 more words

Faking It

Here’s the thing about living, un-diagnosed, with severe anxiety and depression for at least four years of your life: when you have no idea what the hell is wrong with you, you get really good at pretending everything is totally fine. 438 more words