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I Am Devastated Though Not Surprised: What am I Thankful For?

I’m having a hard time finding a way to start this.

Nobody has died, my relationship is still strong, my family continues to work despite it all and I should be happy. 773 more words

What Everyone Gets

“But I did okay, didn’t I? I mean, I got, what, fifteen thousand years. That’s pretty good, isn’t it? I lived a pretty long time.”

705 more words


the circle is a cycle
down the drain
doesn’t matter
how you try to fill the sink
it’s always down
down… 12 more words

Don't read this, it's pathetic.

I feel like such a burden. More than that, I feel like I am a burden, that my mind is a burden, even on myself. Man, I could get so much done if it wasn’t for my damn mind. 347 more words

Mental Health

It's okay to not be okay

Okay, buckle up, kids, because shit’s about to get real.

I cried in front of my boss yesterday. It was horrible and awkward and super embarrassing. 832 more words

Be Gentle Even When The World Tells You Not To...

It’s difficult to come to terms with, but over the past week, I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that 

You can’t do the same shit and expect a different result…

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Journey Thus Far

The Breaking Point

How much can one person handle? I am not sure yet, but fear I am dangerously close to finding my limit… my optimism is almost an additional burden because being overwhelmed, sad and frustrated are just not places I have allowed myself to stay for long in the past. 206 more words

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