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Hello - This Is Me

Next week I will start my nursing courses and the next two years will be very stressful for me.

I still think to this day that I am not good enough for Nursing and/or that I should’ve just pursued something in health and fitness. 179 more words



Have I ever mentioned that I’m an office supply junkie? I love going to the home office section at whichever store I’m in (even the stores you wouldn’t think would have these sections, (like larger gas stations) but they do) and checking out what they have. 433 more words

I Feel Nothing

“It is all about finding the calm before the chaos”- unknown

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Has someone ever asked you ‘how are you today?’ and you have no answer for them? 629 more words


Why I write about isolated places

Today I want to get introspective.  Not that I don’t do that enough on this blog.  This is part no. _ in the ongoing “AK Complains” saga that will only end when I’m dead. 736 more words


Mommy and Daddy Issues


Latest post, please check it out. I can’t build a following if no one will follow me.



I am angry.

For the things that I said; for the things unsaid. I am the spiteful look you gave me when I asked you to leave me alone. 375 more words


Gethsemane Moments

Wow. My last post was January 2nd. I’m still here dear ones. Losing my father-in-law leaves me speechless. Coupled with depression makes me taken 2 hour naps at 10am. 317 more words