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FND hell and parenting..

The depression I can just about get through, the thoughts of self harm and the pain and misery I can get through it. The pain of FND and all its problems I can handle (just about) but I can handle it but I must ignor it, but what I can not handle is the pain I deal with while I watch my child in pain, my 2 yr old has a lot of problems, problems that adults could not handle, and every day I want to take that pain away from her, I want to add that pain to my list, but I can’t ): all I can do is comfort her, but what about when I can not comfort her because my problems are ruleing my body? 170 more words

How PANS Really Feels

“Mom, I want to die!” I burst into the living room screaming, a look of sheer terror in my eyes.

“Please… Help me!” I plead as I crumple into a heap on the sofa, wailing and yelling at the top of my lungs. 699 more words


Bud Light, Budweiser 5% alcohol by Anheuser Busch

  • jessicaiguerraOne of my Budlight Banners 🙈💁

  • matttheone1Where can I get one it would look good in my weight room or as I like to call it the BATCAVE

Chapter One: Divergent

Hello. Many of you may not know me, but I assure you, I am just another person in this world like you. Perhaps I am thousands of miles away from you, or maybe I’m standing behind you in the checkout line, maybe I was just another face in the crowd and maybe, just maybe, I was a stranger who made your day today. 188 more words



from the novel Life Expectancy, by Dean Koontz

I apologize it has been so long since I posted anything. My life has definitely be involved in a major change. 611 more words