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This Simple Realisation Linked To 80% Depression Recovery

Six months later, 80% had recovered from depression, researchers found.

Rumination — thinking about the causes and consequences of depressing events — is common in depression. 291 more words


I suppose

you could say that I am ‘the thinking man’s crumpet’, and every so often a man comes along and decides that I will be his crumpet. 61 more words

How I overcame anger

Ten years ago, a very close friend ghosted from my life.

I knew him from church. Together we organised a big event for our church ministry where we were supposed to speak to all the Catholic priests in Singapore. 859 more words


The Stories: Part 18.

This one is too easy! Fact number 18: Music I listen to nowadays are Passenger and Loïc Nottet.

Passenger is an English band and they are absolutely amazing. 341 more words


Why don't we spend more on mental health care?

Real terms spending on mental health is in a steady decrease.

Let’s put this in context. The number of people being diagnosed is on the increase, the number of people suffering (or at very least being open enough for us to learn of it) is increasing. 273 more words

1in4 Blog

Opposites really do attract.

As open as I am about pretty much everything, my fiance is a very private person. Since he’s not as public with his life, there will be very little to do with him unless necessary to explain a situation. 739 more words