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The Lost

Addiction calls and alcohol is how I feed it
The bottle is full but the Lord is saying I don’t need it
Highway to Hell, these rhymes are what I speed with… 73 more words


Depression, Unemployment, Heartaches and other things

Life gives you ups and downs and a lot of turmoil. You may lose your job, family’s trust, love, passion towards life, all at once! All you need to be grateful for is that you are still there, alive and CAN achieve what you want the most. 435 more words

Chaotic Thought

Finding words

I’ve been on a long journey for years. I’m wresting myself daily to try and function in a society that will never slow down.
For years I was the drama queen that always complained and cried for the same reasons. 658 more words


Nightmares When I sleep

I had a nightmare
last night that my hair
was set on fire.
The blue flames were
invading my guts,
burning through my
chest, then withdrawing… 70 more words


depression and MBTI

Despite the emotional fits that come with some of my depressive cycles, I’m not generally a very emotional person. When I’m not in a very low mood, I’m a thinker much more than a feeler. 730 more words


Day 64 part 1- The morning

After the mulling over suicidal thoughts and depression I decided to clean up and go to sleep. So I washed vessels, clothes, swept, mopped and had a luxurious bath at 3am. 73 more words


Losing Time

Days, weeks, months all have started running together. Get up, eat, take medications, go to work, come home, eat, take medications, sleep… day in and day out it all looks the same. 154 more words