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The Connection

Feel it deep within your soul, the connection is kept on a hold.

There are process which we passes through, some call it awakening, while some call it dark period of the soul. 172 more words


My Depression: A Poem

I feel like I’m drowning, this flooding of gray.

Why are you waiting?

Can you save me this way?

I want to function; to move, to laugh, to cry. 65 more words

Something to Say

Take my strength

And my mind will prevail

Take my looks

And my value remains

Take my song

But was it ever sung

Take my pride… 14 more words

Sustainable Health

“You Can Never Just Be Happy”

That phrase just SOUNDS like someone’s tired doesn’t it? Like, they are SO tired of you always having an issue, and anxiety is hearing that phrase EVERY. 775 more words


I don’t know what to say when u want to tear yourself up whether that be verbally or physically, not because you’re in pain but you deserve it and nothing other than to be gone. 327 more words

Self-Love is the Best Defense Against Bullying

Bullying is sadly as prevalent today as it’s ever been. I’m sure every one of us has a story to tell about how we’ve been bullied in some form. 1,775 more words


Oh the many many times we have all made stupid decisions we wished we could go back in time to correct.
From the little ones to major decisions we have all been there! 537 more words