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An intricate yarn.

When your wool doesn’t match the right needle…

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always believed that the golden rule of being in any kind of relationship is to keep the most important thing in mind. 164 more words

Love Life

All the Places I've Lived. p1.

#1A 4910 50th avenue.

I have always had the desire to keep my life in a tidy little suitcase. Filled with prize possessions and nothing else. 689 more words

Motivational Tip 5: When You're Trapped, Free Yourself!

Ever feel like you’re trapped in a box? In some sort of a vicious cycle that you or someone else put you in? I have. Now that I recognize the box I’m in, it’s much easier to climb out! 406 more words


Why Not a Second Chance?

It is the end of summer. I am away from the press of Silicon Valley on vacation in Alaska by myself. I am far from home — a distance that allows for my own thoughts, a distance that drains my mind of my daily myriad of shortfalls: should do, should be, should have.

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A lack of words

I haven’t been posting much because I haven’t had anything to say. I’m still depressed. My meds are still changing. This time we eliminated the depakote again and upped the Latuda. 233 more words

Mind Fog & Lack Of Motivation.

Have you ever had a day where you couldn’t do anything? You try to be productive but you can’t? I had that day today. A day full of nothing. 375 more words


Full of Life

From this past Sunday, 1-2 graders, we had a lesson on Zacchaeus, he was a greedy tax collector that climbed a tree and whom Jesus called by name, he had a change of heart, and taught us a valuable lesson. 718 more words