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the aftermath

i just came out of a four-day migraine, the worst i’ve had in at least a year. no ambulances or ERs this time, just meds and ice packs and patience. 423 more words


Varying Definitions of Illness

The problem with ‘defining’ mental illness is that, most of the time, doctors don’t necessarily understand it any better than their patient does. Psychology is still a young scientific study and we still know only so little about the human mind and soul. 1,232 more words

Mental Health

Sweet dreams

It hurts
The way you don’t see me,
I don’t see myself anymore.
I’ve masked the pain over to fit into your idea of perfect, with painted on smiles and recorded laughter, which still is and won’t be enough. 202 more words

Mommy and me: Study shows how affectionate mothering can combat the effects of maternal depression

Certain parenting strategies can combat the negative impacts of maternal depression on an infant, suggests the first study of its kind. The work sought to investigate how a depressed mother’s neuroendocrine response to stress can program the infant’s hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, a set of signals and relationships between the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland and the adrenals. 25 more words


Zoë Quinn Drops Charges Against Her Ex

Videogame developer Zoë Quinn has dropped the charges against ex. In a raw Tumblr post she explains the reasons behind her decision. It’s a fascinating (and at times heart breaking) read. 20 more words

Working Through Fear of Abandonment - Part 2

The summer of 1978 started out like any other childhood summer.  It was perfect.  No school.  We could hang with friends as much as we wanted.  1,117 more words

Weight Loss Journey

Stop trying so hard - Day 16 

The minute you stop worrying and stop panicking. The universe just steps in and takes over.

I was so busy trying not to make this trip a big deal that I stopped just letting it be and having fun. 78 more words