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The Lake in the Holler

I grew up in a holler next to a lake that looked just like a lake but was technically a reservoir since it was man-made. My dad would load 4-year-old me onto his motorcycle between him and the handlebars, and I would  try to cram my tiny legs further up my own ass with each of my dad’s warnings about the scalding, exposed tailpipe. 293 more words

Object Writing

The Brain Bugs Have Returned

I find myself at a loss often to describe what generalized anxiety disorder is like. Best comparison I’ve found is…brain bugs. Yes. Not technical, not pretty, but if you’ve ever been outdoors on a summer night or on a picnic and felt several bugs crawling in your hair or on your skin…THAT. 929 more words


I get emotion wrong.

Emotions is something i cant do. I feel like i do emotion wrong. Today i had an appointment with A and there were things i wanted to say but i couldn’t. 291 more words

Bipolar Two

I was diagnosed with Bipolar Two earlier in the year. Despite my history with mental health issues, this came as quite a surprise. I was tired. 556 more words


13 reasons why

Tonight I finally concluded watching 13reasons why and I know that the show has been controversial for many reasons. I for one think that it was an eye opener and the book should be made part of the high school syllabus. 1,450 more words


I often judge a tree branch

on whether it can support my weight

as I hang there suspended, swinging

in the breeze on a nice, thick rope… 183 more words

Life Struggle

Trust Misplaced?

She does this to me:

Stabs in the back, twists the knife…

Thrice! Still trust her. Love!