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Situations cause unease
freedom I beg you please
A world of light,
full of delight.
Thats not too much to ask.
Could this give me that? 169 more words

Day 25: Sleeping

Ever since I was a toddler I’ve had a real problem getting to sleep. I can be completely exhausted and still incapable of getting my mind to switch off long enough for me to drift off. 335 more words


Happy clappy from Bushmills

Whiskey + Friends = #Bushmills

Covert marketing by Bushmills heavy alcohol

Hide the alcohol. Deceive the consumer

Addictive Drug

Germanwings Crash Co-pilot and reports of Depression

Yesterday’s news was dominated by stories of how the co-pilot of the Germanwings Airline suffered from depression. It was revealed earlier in the week that Andreas Lubitz had purposely descended the flight into the French Alps, while the pilot had momentarily left the cockpit. 646 more words

Fight Night (A Rap)

Sometimes the battles I won
Don’t compare to the battles I lost
I consider the cost often
But I can’t go back
Rethink attacks
Or dispatch a new captain… 903 more words

Misc. Songs & Such


You picked her from a crowd
For no reason your eyes chose
Her to satisfy your hunger of
Destroying anything you felt was
Lost so began your experiment… 238 more words

Scattered Words

Found Body

Found Body

An empty seat in the bus of my mind
I can’t let go of what I lack inside
Try to draw a smile, while really dying… 235 more words