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Slept in

Hey everyone, how are you?

This morning, I have been making sure that I rest and slept in. As when I woke up at 6am I was still very tired. 377 more words

Dear Death

Dear Death
You are destination of life
One day you’ve to come
why to wait for long…

Story of a shy girl with many suicidal thoughts… 208 more words



Sitting here
in the dark
watching for
the fires last spark.
Breeze blows
under the door,
ruffles the
papers on the floor.
Another day
has silently past. 107 more words



Recovering from any harmful habit or addiction is seldom a straightforward process. I wrote this one after a relapse, during the period where I was starting to realize what had happened to me with my addiction, and I was just beginning to think “this is not what I want to be for the rest of my life.” The experience that this poem describes has happened many times over the past few years, and while I now know it is not a hopeless situation, it can be terrifying and devastating. 77 more words


On Holding On To Hope

There have been numerous moments of stress this year. Like any other year, we have to find ways to maneuver and navigate through the hardships and challenges constantly thrown at us. 783 more words

Winter is Coming

Last week I told my occupational therapist that I’m worried I’m starting to get the winter blues. I told her how it’s only September and I’m already trying to shut out the dark; how I hide from it by closing my curtains as soon as I get home from work and do my best to avoid leaving the house once the sun starts to go down; how I don’t want to run in the dark, so soon I won’t be able to run at all on the days when I’m working; how I’ve started taking my anti-anxiety medication in the evenings because I get anxious when natural light disappears; how I’m checking BBC Weather each morning to see how much daylight I have left today; how it’s just a month before the clocks go back and I’m panicking. 684 more words

Mental Health


I know a story.
I know a story of a young teenage girl who cries herself to sleep each night and pray she never wakes up. 574 more words