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Anxiety and the blues is a normal response to stress and traumatic events. It is the brains way of letting you know that something is wrong. 215 more words


Bipolar Revisited

I have gotten complacent over the past few years regarding my bipolar disorder.  I have had both ends of the spectrum pretty much in check, with only slight mood changes which were easily controlled.   373 more words


Coping with a trauma that I hadn't realized traumatized me.

I am curled up with my laptop, on my couch, alone at 1:20am. Even my cat, Eleanor Rigby is asleep by now (not that she has much of a schedule.) While I quietly munch on some blueberries, on the verge of being *too* ripe, my thoughts race. 398 more words

Mental Health

our Other children

While I am sure this will create some negative backlashing I am going out on my line here to compare our furry children to human children. 452 more words


To be or not to be?

There are dark times that fall upon us when we least expect it. Life maybe has not been kind and its been one misfortune after the other. 254 more words