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Motivation. How to motivate myself. Not sure how to do this yet. I mean I can get up and go to work and come home make dinner maybe even do some chores but that’s it. 239 more words

The clown defense hypothesis

In the early 00’s I remember hearing a song by Therapy? Called “Be Happy” or something like that. Apart from being a great song it was about someone that the band knew as a kid who had been the class clown but as an adult committed suicide. 213 more words

Mental Health

As each day dawns God wakes with you

As a dark cloud covers my sky
Darkened by clouds rain came down
Overwhelming flooding my body

Isaiah 10:22

Though your people be like the sand by the sea, Israel, only a remnant will return. 308 more words


The One With The Sad Eyes

A few years back, a new friend had told me that I have the saddest eyes he’s ever seen. Whether when I was frowning, staring into space and even when I smiled. 436 more words


Mayo Clinic: 1 in 4 one-time painkiller prescriptions become long term


Under comments:

Johnna Stahl · Albuquerque, New Mexico

First of all, this statement is false: “Drugs prescribed by doctors to relieve pain often end up becoming the object of abuse as users quickly become addicted.” Change the word “often” to “sometimes,” and the word “quickly” to “may,” and you have a truer statement. 232 more words

Chronic Pain

Something to think about

My local movie theatre does something right two days of the week: $5 movie tickets. Tuesdays are for everyone, and Thursdays are for students  only but I just graduated high school so I have no problem with that decision either. 382 more words


Rocking Chair : A short story

This short also comes from a writing prompt.

The sentence starter is ‘The broken…’, you had to come up with things from there. Cheers!

The broken shell of a woman sat in her room, rocking on an old antiqued rocking chair she had picked up somewhere along the way in her life.

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I Went Bump