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How People These Days Are SO ADDICTED to Almost Anything - And How Structure and Organization Can Break That Cycle

How many things are you addicted to right now? Okay, I understand addicted may be too strong a word, or is it? You think binge watching Netflix isn’t addiction? 1,488 more words



So far, I have had 5 family members ask me to send them the link to this blog. Each time I have denied their request. “I don’t think I’m quite ready to share it yet. 385 more words


So from that day on they planned to kill him

  Gospel Jn 11:45-56

Many of the Jews who had come to Mary
and seen what Jesus had done began to believe in him.
But some of them went to the Pharisees… 252 more words

Give the teenage girls a book, not a crook!

Padne likhne ki umar mein baal vivaah juram hai!’

‘Baal vivaah abhishaap!’

‘Bacho ko padane ki lo raah, band karo ye baal vivaah!’

Girls not brides!’ 281 more words

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repost of "I am getting back up"

Read an old poem “I am getting back up” for a poetry slam.  I don’t think my heart can take these works getting ranked on a scale of 1-10.  152 more words


Trauma-sensitive yoga isn't a style.  It's a skill set.

Around three years ago, I had just finished my first yoga class at a women’s shelter in New Hampshire.  I had meticulously planned a “trauma-informed” yoga class for the women there.  784 more words

Is there a way? [March 24th, 2018]

It’s easy to say stuff like “fight back”, “leave what you’re doing if it doesn’t make you happy”, “travel the world”, “be happy”, and the list goes on and on. 502 more words