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Todays post is going to be pretty raw because that is where I am right now.  Over the last month and a half or so maybe longer my husband has been running into interference with his doctors in order to have his medication filled, since he is a vet he goes to the Veterans Hospital in order to have health care.  596 more words

Chronic Pain

Haiku #221 (Aimless)

“It’s not actually
Depression, I don’t think,  but
It’s that feeling of

Emptiness from not
Being purposeful… Can you
Be so bored that you

Become sad?”


Death On A Cold Afternoon

And yes I am, those bristling eyes
That gaze underneath, half-raised petticoats
Of deflowered mornings, which bled to the afternoon’s sighs
And thru the cornered abattoir’s, full-slit throats… 114 more words


That's it.

So that's it.
Here I am, broken.
There you are, living.
You are living and breathing and thinking nothing of me.
Nothing of what you have done. 195 more words

If you're reading this watch it.

I posted it here instead of sending it, because I know you never listen to the songs I send you. It seems that anything I say doesn’t get across to you unless I say it to the world too.


me and july 28. 2016 (now a book)

i’m back. i’m still alive. and this time i’m going to try and stick around.

it’s been over a year since i’ve written anything here, but i have been busy. 155 more words


Life Update

I have spent most of today brainstorming for a blog post topic. I was all set to write about time travel when I realized that I needed to address the elephant in the room. 241 more words