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Be somebody's somebody

Be somebody’s somebody. I’m so blessed to have the incredible support group that I have. My mother checks on me daily. She ask the important questions others are too afraid to. 82 more words


Being an Adult with Autism...

I want to begin this blog with a slight introduction about me and then talk a bit about being an adult with autism and while I don’t want this to become a blog about just autism, it is something big in my life so I will be talking about it a bit! 469 more words

Windy Day

The weather here is nuts right now. Its incredibly windy, rains coming, and so I felt the need to write about it. Hope you enjoy! 111 more words


Young, Hopeless, and Depressed

Have you ever felt worthless or unhappy with life. We all experience moments where life slaps you in the face. Whether it’s struggling to break into a career after graduating with a degree or dealing with the pressures of proving others wrong. 361 more words


Deciphering my morning by Kartik (Poetry)

I see beer cans trembling in my refrigerator.

I see my pillow cover not covering my pillow and lying on the floor.

I hear birds cracking up a joke about my boxer as I walk into my balcony. 221 more words



The ER visit predicated mandatory treatment. I’m now on medication for PTSD and other stuff. BF has been home for a few days. Not getting my hopes up. 8 more words


poem: one love

(639 words) 22 Jun 2018

by S.R.A. Markin

my mom battles depression and epilepsy,
comes from poverty and an overcrowded broken home
an abusive father and a faithful mother… 645 more words