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Wanting to die/ Dealing with your guilt

Trigger warning: I mention some horrible mistakes I have made that you might have too, I mention guilt, I mention suicidal thoughts in a blunt manner and I also tell you that suicide is not the answer, which may be the last thing you want to hear right now if you are in a particularly bad way (I still suggest in this case that you force yourself to read this). 2,285 more words


It seems I do most of my deepest thinking at work (I’m not sure why that is). But I seem to sit here while typing and my mind will wander off to how I’m feeling and what I’m thinking at the moment. 343 more words

The Walking Wounded

The Choice to Climb

I am feeling compelled to continue writing about living with depression and all the layers that come with it.  I think it can be confusing, but needs to be talked about so the stigma of it gets eradicated and it can be treated just like any other illness that a person is saddled with. 416 more words

Retinitis Pigmentosa

5 health benefits of curcumin

For thousands of years, turmeric has been a staple in the diets of people living in India. But what you want is not the turmeric but the active ingredient, curcumin (and more specifically, its three curcuminoids). 675 more words


Overcoming Breakup

A few years ago I experienced a hard breakup. It was much harder than other breakups that I had previously experienced in my life.

In that last relationship, I was very much in love with the other person. 679 more words

Minimalism For Thoughts

Distracting Myself

Distraction is one of my greatest weapons against my depression and my pain. In fact, it has been what has been keeping me feeling optimistic for the past few weeks dealing with all my medical, and home problems. 332 more words



Dear Beauties and Beasts,

Whatever I will write it will sound weird. I´ve started writing this blog five times in two minutes. I deleted it and started over. 408 more words