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"Mr. Thank You"

I have seen very few pre-WWII movies, and had seen none that had not been directed by Ozu Yasujiro (1903-63). Ozu admired the lyricism of his agemate… 592 more words

Stephen O. Murray

The Loss of Oneself

The experience of losing yourself on the inside correlates to the end of life of the soul.

Since the dawn of time, Human beings have been exposed to numerous emotions. 323 more words



I’m scared. It’s happening again. The sound of empty gun shots in my head. It feels like a small little pin is piercing my mind, which is pretty ironic because I never thought something so small could hurt so much. 97 more words

I'm Scared. False Evidence Appearing Real

I’m scared. Have you ever said these words out loud? Today I did, and when I said believe it or not I felt some of the fear being released. 363 more words


Fear and Vulnerability

The last few posts were easier to write: I was (for the most part) on the other side of the struggles. This one though, is a lot harder. 1,481 more words

3 Lessons Learned in Rehab

Before I get started, let me clarify: I went to rehab for depression, anxiety, and trauma. I did not go because I needed to kick my heroin addiction. 1,667 more words

Stumbling but Holding On: Telling my Story

So here’s the deal — I have no idea where this thing will take me. To be completely honest, I created this blog to help me through this marathon that is life. 452 more words