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The ugly truth 

Hi everyone,
Sorry this blog is late I will explain why down below. I am trying to keep these blogs as upbeat as possible to show that even with all of these conditions you can still enjoy life and the things you love doing. 582 more words


Debt and depression

As hard as this is to write, I feel like it’s time to start getting all this down.

I am in debt.  Not just a little bit, a lot.  334 more words


Take Another Look in the Mirror

“I wish my gut wasn’t so big!” Why can’t my hair cooperate?” “I hate my skin.” “I’m always breaking out!” “I’m just not good enough!” “I’ll never be able to do it…..” 645 more words


Trying to keep my head clear

There is meme that has been floating around social media that I believe expresses the feelings of depression incredibly well through the analogy of mashed potatoes. 408 more words




a Poem by Raquel Swann

There is more to see in the world than what your eyes can show you.

True friendship is eternal and rare. 191 more words

Raquel Swann

Neurodiversity & Other Disability Activism Scares Me

Every human being wants dignity, I get that.  I’d love a bit of dignity, but not at any price.

I don’t know about anyone else on the Autism Spectrum but I know what will happen to me if I stop being supported by the state, I would die; suicide, starvation, victim of crime, I don’t know.   517 more words



Over the course of August to now, a novel by the name of “A dirty Job,” written by author Christopher Moore, was given as a reading assignment at school. 624 more words