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Distracting Myself

Distraction is one of my greatest weapons against my depression and my pain. In fact, it has been what has been keeping me feeling optimistic for the past few weeks dealing with all my medical, and home problems. 332 more words


So I am terrible at keeping new year resolutions..

…but who isn’t?

Seriously though, I don’t know anyone who has kept one for a whole year. I wrote a list on my last blog post of all the things I would like to achieve. 422 more words


The first step on the road

This is the first step on a long journey to unwind my chaotic life. My name is Hannah and I have anxiety, depression, and paranoia. I no longer want to be dictated and defined by these illnesses. 99 more words



Dear Beauties and Beasts,

Whatever I will write it will sound weird. I´ve started writing this blog five times in two minutes. I deleted it and started over. 408 more words

Small breakdown

I’ve been on the verge of crying since yesterday. Somehow I cannot cry. The swirl of negative thoughts suffocates me. My heart beats fast.

Just as I thought I was about to calm down, finally on the right path to self-finding, I suddenly started to feel exhausted and hopeless. 311 more words

Self Care

Wild Women Usually Don't Get The Blues

The Story of Allerleirauh and Her Cloak

Dave:  Allerleirauh is one of my favorite fairy tales. It is a bit long and difficult to summarize. I think of it is a story about the inaccessible in-depth dynamic complexity of women. 2,043 more words

Dave Keith

Quickfix to a Heartbreak

Lost someone dear or lost a match? Suffered a messy breakup or had a bad day at office? It’s heartbreaking right?

Heartbreaks often lead us towards depression. 325 more words