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It Took 4 Days (14,000 Views)

It took 4 days! I am gobbsmacked – when I am more active upon my blog site the more lovely visitors I have.

Thank you to those have read my blogs so far, hello to the usual readers & welcome to the newcomers. 168 more words


Blogging about your own life is hard

This might seem like a really obvious thing to say, but blogging so openly about my own life with cerebral palsy is hard.

One of the most important things about this blog for me is that I keep as honest as possible. 658 more words

041: Uncovering Techniques (Part 3) — The What-If Technique

Uncovering (and Facing) Your Deepest Fears

In this podcast, David and Fabrice discuss the third uncovering technique called the “What-If” Technique, developed by the late Dr. 195 more words

Feeling Good Podcast

Every Cloud Has A silver Lining

‘Every cloud has a silver lining’- the most contradictory idiom, according to me. It is one of the most popular sayings which means never lose hope, difficult today leads to better tomorrow. 259 more words



There are some days that I wish my family and friends didn’t know about this blog. Maybe I could be more honest. More raw.

In the beginning, I needed each post to be proofed. 550 more words


Dealing With Pain

Dealing with physical and mental pain can be completely exhausting. It is hard for people to understand especially if the physical pain is something they can’t see. 626 more words


Toxic Relationships

I think everyone has dealt with toxic relationships. The kind that you can’t seem to get away from but always leave you hurt. Maybe you’ve spent way too long crying. 580 more words