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Law Commission's interim statement published

You can read the Law Commission’s interim statement on its review of the deprivation of liberty safeguards here.  The statement summarises the responses received to its… 305 more words

Karina Hansen 2: the Ghost in the Room

Christmas 2015. A young woman sits in a wheelchair in a Danish rehabilitation centre. She mumbles incomprehensibly to herself from time to time but is otherwise unresponsive. 2,784 more words

A rant on radical feminist brats...

Women in the western world are no more oppressed than men.  They can drive cars, they can work in whatever job or profession they choose, they can choose to have a sexual relationship with anyone of legal age of any gender, they can choose to remain single or childfree, they are allowed to have casual sex, they are allowed to remain celibate, they can breastfeed in public, they can wear whatever they like, they can say whatever they like, they can smoke, drink alcohol, get tattoos.   338 more words

Child Protection

Law Commission consultation and the #LBBill

The Law Commission consultation on ‘Mental Capacity and Deprivation of Liberty‘ closes in a week’s time (on 2 November 2015). The consultation has detailed proposals about new law to manage deprivations of liberty and restrictive care in a wide range of settings, including the family home. 603 more words

DoLS, floodgates, and judges who won't play ball

Deprivation of Liberty seems to be an issue which is putting the doctrine of judicial precedent – where lower court judges have to follow the reasoning and decisions of higher court judges – under considerable strain. 1,197 more words