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Kian & Kie

So I decided to sample child photography over the Easter Half as part of extra work for my professional practice module because I wanted to sample what it would be like to run a business and work as a freelancer. 16 more words


Purple and Cream

City Blur

This week’s bouquet is a beautiful combination of white and purple flowers.  Pristine white roses are complemented with light pink lilies, deep pink and purple daisies, purple and green accent flowers; all tied together with cream and dark tan ribbon. 36 more words


The Right Fragrance

Life’s not a bed of roses but a garden full of these is sure to make your day worth it.

Taken in broad daylight on a sunny day with the fastest possible shutter speed without making the image dark and a the widest aperture possible of f3.5 to create that fine macro effect. 23 more words

The littlest things...

Can be the most beautiful sometimes…

Look around. Maybe you’ll see something beautiful that God has created for you to take some pleasure in…


Almost Sprung...

Spring is almost here, so I am posting one of my favorite pictures from this past winter.  No snow, but heavy frost, and a nice depth-of-field capture that made me happy. Enjoy…