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3 Easy and Quick Ways to Make Your Photos Look Professional

Want professional looking photos, or closer to them, with just your own phone camera? You can start by taking photos that follow a few easy composition guidelines. 797 more words


Use of Photography Rules

When learning about photography and how to take quality photos there are three basic rules/techniques to remember: 1) Rule of Thirds, 2) Leading Lines, and 3) Depth of Field. 871 more words


All about where you focusĀ 

In photography, it is important to know what your message is. Since most photography is used without typography, it has to say what you want simply by being. 684 more words


Lets Make A Photo Look Good

I am going to be demonstrating the rule of thirds, leading lines, and depth of field in three professional photographs and three photos I took myself. 454 more words

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Basics of Photography

This week we learned about photography and the key components that make a photo truly excellent. The three that I’ll be focusing on in this post are the rule of thirds, leading lines, and depth of field. 808 more words


What Goes Into Taking a Good Picture

Photography has many different elements that make the picture work. Contrast, repetition, and patterns, just to name a few. Today we’re going to look at a few professional examples and then amateur ones to analyze how the photographs work. 404 more words


Photography Techniques

In this post we will look over examples of photography using three very common techniques in the photography world. We will look at 3 real photographer’s pictures and 3 of my own pictures. 665 more words

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