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Magenta Session #001

Miss my morning-walk time and I just found this Sweet-Strong-Magenta which have accompanied me through the mud. :D


The Useful Skill of Photography

The leading lines

The photo has been taken by kalen-emsley-98265 https://unsplash.com/search/kalen-emsley-98265

I  think the photographer used the photographic element very well. as a viewer, i see an journey in the picture and the journey has a lot of ways. 318 more words

Photography Skills - Work In Progress

In this post I will be going over great tips on how to improve your photographs. I take pictures as a hobby and want to improve on taking portrait pictures of my children and family members. 627 more words


Leading Lines, Depth of Field, and Rule of Thirds in Photography

Welcome to my blog and this week I analyzed some of the elements of photography and how they can make a photo more appealing to the eye. 959 more words


Basic Photography Composition Rules

The Process of taking pictures comes along with different composition rules that will help our vision to set in a different and better way. I’ve read so many times that there is no rules for photography, but these simple techniques will improve the quality of any picture. 549 more words