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The interminable power of words

To tear apart or act as healing herbs

Serving as salve on old pain and hurt

Gracious words our fears now thwart… 61 more words


Fear of heights

Why be so afraid to grow?
Higher, higher.

They might take me down.
I might come crashing down.

Down you say.

Might you be down now? 101 more words

Should We Choose

We cross this ocean, no land in sight,
Our resting place miles below us
Should we choose to just stop and drift:

A cold, dark, dense, haunted place… 126 more words


He saved me from the cold..

“He saved me from the cold
From the depths of the ocean
Lit a wildfire in my soul
Cast my sorrows away in remotion.”

-Tasneem.Y (Like a Shooting Star)

Scientists probe underground depths of Earth’s carbon cycle

#EarthCarbonCycle Scientists probe underground depths of Earth’s carbon cycle Understanding how carbon dissolves in water at the molecular level under extreme conditions is critical to understanding the Earth’s deep carbon cycle—a process that ultimately influences global climate change. 35 more words

Staring Down The Barrel (Poetry)

Staring Down The Barrel

Sitting in the shadows
anxiety blocks the sun.
Pondering life’s totality
am I the only one?

Cold chills of misery
touching beyond the gray. 142 more words


May 7th (16:57)

Following through

Down to the depths of the ocean

Following you down

Through the depths of your mind

Searching for hidden corners

Yet unexplored



May 7th 2016