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I never disappear, says the Lord

I never disappear, says the Lord
so if you don’t find me on the surface
find me in the depths

© Meisaan Chan


The Goddess Incarnate

I have not yet crossed
The depths of the Abyss;
From fear, I hesitated.

I have crossed
The Gates of Yog-Sothis
Becoming the Goddess Incarnate.

What A Shame

What a shame,

My life passing by my eyes,

Mood changing,

Heart aching,

Sick and in pain.

What a shame,

The brain still working and I’m helpless. 152 more words

Better Things to Do

You have, better things to do.

Than to look out for my existence,

To care through my irrationality.

To make kind, the pain of every breath. 74 more words

The Eye of Ethan Hunsaker

This week we will being looking thru the eye of a skilled photographer I have personal met named Ethan Hunsaker. With a few of his photos we will be discussing a few skill that makes a photo stand out and become something of note to remember. 226 more words

Reverse Engineer

Carl G. Jung on Descent and Active Imagination

One of my favorite books is Carl G. Jung’s posthumously published THE RED BOOK. (BTW for the past few years it has become available in a “Reader’s Edition” (2012) for only around 25.00; a great buy, although the original has his amazing drawings and mandalas and the original German journal entries.) 431 more words

Daily Blog

Reaching out 

They will try to tie my hands and it’s going to be dark, but I’ll keep those eyes on the journey to embark.

And sometimes the tide will try to take it all away and the storm will question my every move with every passing wave. 52 more words