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63 - Dreadful Doldrums

Poem number 63
Deadly Doldrums
Drifting, down through deadly depths
Of dark does death descend
Drowning, dissolution
Dirty deities depend
On damp, demure destruction… 12 more words



​They don’t want my depths,

Happily playing on the shores,

But my love is an ocean,

They would drown in…

© 2016 A Fragrant Offering all rights reserved… 78 more words


Depths of the sea

It’s very girl’s dream
To find a love so deep
That allows her to sink
Into the depths of the sea
Exposing her
To the kind of bliss… 64 more words


She’s got Oceans like you wouldn’t believe. . .


What is poetry? Rounding up a collection of old news and new olds too, poetry is the sea that washes the shores of my heart; and each time the tide is out I pick up the treasures which the sea has deposited on the sand this time. 69 more words


Personal Perspective

There’s a well-known saying that we’ve all heard thousands of times (and seemingly ill-timed when we hear it): “Everything looks better in the morning.”

It seems that I’ve heard this several times when I’ve been upset, and in that very moment the darker side of myself feels like smacking whoever just said it to me, though their intentions were of course coming from pure love and concern. 476 more words


From the Gutter

I might be in the gutter now but I’m graduating high.

From these depths, I’m growing up and I intend to fly.

I had to hit the bottom hard, to understand my plight. 39 more words