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Personal Perspective

There’s a well-known saying that we’ve all heard thousands of times (and seemingly ill-timed when we hear it): “Everything looks better in the morning.”

It seems that I’ve heard this several times when I’ve been upset, and in that very moment the darker side of myself feels like smacking whoever just said it to me, though their intentions were of course coming from pure love and concern. 476 more words


From the Gutter

I might be in the gutter now but I’m graduating high.

From these depths, I’m growing up and I intend to fly.

I had to hit the bottom hard, to understand my plight. 39 more words


Her eyes drew me in
until I was submerged
in the depths of her soul
and the beauty stole my breath.
┬ęThe Cracked Lens, 2016


You Do It

You do it;
You did it again.
I start out so careful
But then i dive in
That i crave.
Hope is my curse, 37 more words


Two creatures, diving deep,
holding one last breath-
Exhale. . .
Exhale. . .

The light touch of
a torch on skin,
a signal light in bleeding depths. 19 more words



I am drawn in to solitude. Somehow, within solitude I find comfort and a freedom for the self.

When I sit in solitude, alone……. I create a world made up of me and everything that I am. 127 more words