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But The Sorrow Isn't For Me

But the sorrow isn’t for me
For who wants to live that sterile
I will take the bumps & bruises
A full life lends itself to be in peril… 32 more words


Betrifft St.Gallen: From the Depths of Despair to Castles in the Air

Dieser Artikel bringt es genau auf den Punkt.

Festl, Michael: From the Depths of Despair to Castles in the Air : Critique in a Pragmatist Theory of Justice. 111 more words

St.Gallen: Politik

Not Drowning

many times i saved you from drowning

you kept capsizing the boat

i never was a strong swimmer

it takes all my will power to float… 29 more words


A Few Words About Attitude

Your attitude can get you places. If you have an aggressive attitude, it will take you places, but those places may not be what you really want. 436 more words

General Opinion

Depths And Facets Of My Condition

Ok so I am trying to explore and piece together the dynamics which have caused and formed my current mental issues- my panic attacks, the depression, feelings of isolation, anxiety, persistent and recurrent images of my car crash last year and the resulting debilitating condition (replaying the weeks & months over & over in my head), and now sometimes a surging anger- coupled with lots of pain in my chest that arises from when i feel anxious, sad, worried or depressed. 16 more words

Crossfire Deathfest with DEPTHS, Depraved, Thy Assassin and more!

Crossfire Deathfest featuring DEPTHS, Thy Assassin, Depraved, Grimmace, Bow Messiah, Organectomy and Grey Skies Over Rapture will be at Valhalla in Wellington.