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Der Rosenkavalier 

New year, new-ish season. I had originally decided against booking Der Rosenkavalier – it was too close to Christmas holiday etc. But as the ROH public booking opened, I ended up grabbing a £20 standing ticket to what turned out to be Renee Fleming’s farewell performance at the Royal Opera (she will retire from the Met with this same production in the spring). 1,676 more words

Not Shakespeare

Der Rosenkavalier at its most lyrical and tame (ROH, 11 January 2017)

I’m often not on board with critics but this time I found myself ditto-ing the entire Clements review for the Guardian back in December (which I read today, so as not to influence my opinion). 1,662 more words

Live Performances

Der Rosenkavalier - Royal Opera House, London

Normally I would run a mile on reading the composer name Strauss on any programme – of course Richard Strauss is no Johann Strauss but for some reason I have negative associations with this name. 971 more words


ROH's 2016/17 Winter Season now on General Sale

The Winter Season at the ROH usually eludes me but this year I wanted to specifically catch two productions: the first revival of McVicar’s Adriana Lecouvreur… 180 more words

20th Century

The cheerful awfulness of the Italian Singer


R. Strauss is very exciting and “PoMo” (for his time) but there’s a hell of a lot to absorb when you (by which I mean  1,013 more words


A Certain Age

With a hurricane threatening for the weekend, I jumped to the library and stocked up. A Certain Age (A) by Beatriz Williams kept me completely unaware of the weather. 212 more words

Would Octavian shave his legs?

It may be a whimsical (yet burning) question but think about it: trouser roles are supposed to be men. Would they shave their legs? I’m sure a dude like Orlando wouldn’t even think the razor was for something other than offing enemies. 159 more words

Mezzos & Contraltos