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The cheerful awfulness of the Italian Singer


R. Strauss is very exciting and “PoMo” (for his time) but there’s a hell of a lot to absorb when you (by which I meanĀ  1,013 more words


A Certain Age

With a hurricane threatening for the weekend, I jumped to the library and stocked up. A Certain Age (A) by Beatriz Williams kept me completely unaware of the weather. 212 more words

Would Octavian shave his legs?

It may be a whimsical (yet burning) question but think about it: trouser rolesĀ are supposed to be men. Would they shave their legs? I’m sure a dude like Orlando wouldn’t even think the razor was for something other than offing enemies. 159 more words

Mezzos & Contraltos

Master Class with Maestro Peter Mark

An excerpt from my master class this past weekend with Maestro Peter Mark. Here Maestro Mark is working with me on phrasing and expansion in a high note, as opposed to simply hitting the note and sustaining. 18 more words


Revisiting the Bechdel test for opera

A while ago I put some of my favourite operas to this test, with various results. But on re-reading it today, an idea about how perception complicates matters came to me. 537 more words


Der Rosenkavalier

Last night was the opening night performance of Der Rosenkavalier at Lyric, which I made the very quick decision to attend after realizing that there were no labs this school week (thank goodness for a break). 630 more words

Der Winterkavalier returns

Not that long ago I was whinging about my Zurich Der Rosenkavalier DVD 1 not working.

2016 brings a first success: I managed to make it work on another laptop and ripped it for good measure :D :D :D… 7 more words

20th Century