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Weighing Things Up

Serious, weighing things up, at Hope Show.

Social, chewing the cud

Aspirational, a young handler with his cade lamb


An early walk in Chatsworth

This weekend we went to stay with my parents in the Peak District. They’re lucky enough to live just a few minutes’ drive from Chatsworth, and on Monday morning, Alex and I got up at the crack of dawn to take a walk through the park without the tourists. 78 more words


too much?

So, three days… three very different weather patterns, three very different ‘outings’…  A walk, a run and a hike!

Today, its sunny, warm and glorious… it would have been wrong to sit at home, do washing, clean the house and cook a big dinner… so off we dashed, back out to the Peak District… 11 miles from home! 181 more words


La Chapelle Verte by Stuart France #writephoto

Reblogged from Stuart France:

La Chapelle Verte

All stands hidden


At the heart of the cavernous world.


All lies sequestered

Black but comely… 41 more words


Travelogue - July/August 2016

The title ‘Travelogue’ may suggest a journey of epic proportions. I see it as any journey, even one that is within a few minutes walk or drive from home. 101 more words

Misc Stuff


Opportunity: The Old Station Gallery Open

Deadline: 7th September 2016

Entry Fee: £10 for one piece, £15 for two pieces (2 pieces maximum)

Prizes: A Solo show at The Old Station Gallery during 2017. 101 more words