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Cinderella (2015)

Disney’s live action update of Cinderella is so powdered in magic and fairy dust it might produce coughing fits. Directed by Kenneth Branagh, this 2015 take on the 1960 animated feature and the Charles Perreault fairy tale is awash in whimsy and wonder. 623 more words


Vicious: Episode 5 ***

Well, last week’s Vicious ended on a bit of a cliffhanger didn’t it?

It was certainly an interesting idea to split up Stuart and Freddie for an episode and move Stuart in with Ash and Violet in with Freddie. 358 more words

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Lame Adventure 465: Here comes the Pride

Last Friday morning, I was sitting at my desk at The Grind when I noticed an alert on my iPhone.

Even though I thought the odds were good that the Supreme Court would rule in favor of same sex marriage, it still seemed remarkable. 415 more words


Three Derek Jacobi (2015)

1. Little Dorrit.
2. Gosford Park.
3. The King’s Speech.
And a must-
To mention, my favorite I Claudius.


Sir Ian McKellan Is Having The Best Time Celebrating Gay Pride

Yesterday’s ruling by the Supreme Court making marriage equality the law of the land was a cause for celebration for anyone who is a fan of equal rights. 100 more words

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Three Cheers to Pride!

Congratulations to those in the United States who have the battle of being able to get married. Cheers to the next battles and hopefully one day the ‘war’ will be over. 8 more words


Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi, in a Gay Pride March Debut - The New York Times

Originally posted on The New York Times.

When Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi come sailing down Fifth Avenue in convertibles at the Gay Pride March on Sunday, they will not only be grand marshals at the annual event but also first-time attendees. 136 more words