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Daily Dose of Immortality

I’ve never been entirely comfortable with my own sexuality. I spent decades dodging even the thought of a homosexuality I had learned to loathe. Now, after reading Derek Jarman, Tony Kushner, Levay’s The Sexual Brain, and much more, after the introspection this writing facilitates, I am less fearful. 34 more words

A Garden of Stones

If you have nothing then start with that. The best outsider artists do just that, working with whatever scrap materials are at hand. There are countless back garden Gaudi’s, pains-takingly raising their own Sagrada Familias; and numerous unsung Andy Goldsworthy’s, attempting their own landscape art (as on the Isles of Scilly, where the stone labyrinths known as ‘Troy Towns’ have spread across the archipelago after the first was apparently fashioned by pebbles by a bored light-house keeper). 271 more words

Using white and salt in my work.

Derek Jarman – Chroma (1994)

Extracts from the chapter’White Lies,’ Jarman explores the significance of white which also touches upon many of my own research interests; religious rituals, salt, pain, loss and purification  281 more words

My Work

XL Popcorn - Suspiria / Caravaggio

Two weeks later and this is no longer a wrist problem, but my whole right arm and shoulder. The dictated reviews shall continue on.

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Day 11: WITTGENSTEIN (Derek Jarman, UK, 1993)

Jarman’s penultimate film, an imaginative biopic of the great Austrian-born philosopher. I can’t make any definite claims as to accuracy in terms of historical facticity or the representation of actual philosophical ideas—but who really wants realism when an artist as endlessly inventive as Jarman is involved? 219 more words

Film Reviews

Queer Lisboa 20 is dedicated to Derek Jarman - check out our recommendations.

There are a lot of fantastic movies in this years Queer Lisboa Film Festival. We have focused on Derek Jarman’s works because its the first time we have seen a program that gathers most of what he has done. 462 more words

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