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Journey to Avebury

My first trip to Avebury and the surrounding area was even more powerful than I thought it would be. The huge stone circle, which I’d first seen forty years ago in the excellent children’s tv drama Children Of The Stones, really has to be seen to be appreciated. 422 more words


Dungeness, I’ve loved this place for ever through the work of Derek Jarman. When I relocated to London it became my favourite place to visit when I needed a fix of sea air. 31 more words


Film #282: Sebastiane (1976)

director: Paul Humfress & Derek Jarman
language: Latin
length: 82 minutes
watched on: 14 April 2017

This is a movie I can’t quite believe it took me this long to get around to. 329 more words


5 from derek jarman

~Understand that sexuality is as wide as the sea. Understand that your morality is not law.

~Oh how Shakespeare would have loved cinema!

~I think it would be marvelous to evaporate. 52 more words


Wild and windswept on another continent

I have just visited the most elemental place on Earth. Or I presume it to be, since I have never before been almost flattened face-down by a screaming wind when getting out of a car. 555 more words

Columns 2017

War Requiem(1989)

I didn’t know what a ‘Requiem’ was until a few days ago. Turns out it’s a piece of music written for the dead. I know this because I’ve just watched Derek Jarman’s ‘War Requiem’ (1989). 976 more words

Interactive Story

In creating my interactive story I wanted to allow the audience to do more than just simply interact with certain elements of a video and actually let them influence the narrative itself. 571 more words