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The Tech Industry is a “Special Interest” too!

Vox Indie’s Ellen Seidler points out that the Tech Industry is a special interest too in response to Derek Khanna’s assertion that “Hollywood” or rather the musicians, artists, filmmakers, photographers and other creators are a “special interest” who should not have a voice in how the fruits of their own labor are monetized and exploited, and by whom. 317 more words

Artist Rights

Twitter Report #3

Twitter And Rhetorical Analyses

Derek Khanna & Co. Continue Attack on Artists Rights at SXSWi Panel

The recent SXSW Interactive panel titled “Copyright & Disruptive Technologies” was merely another single point of view attack on artists, musicians and creators as artists rights… 1,075 more words

Artist Rights

Derek Khanna's Law for the Beautiful People

Here’s an interesting quote from Billboard’s coverage of Derek Khanna’s debut at the SXSW cotillion:

Bridges had a suggestion to prevent record labels and movie studios from sending false-positive infringement notices: copyright owners lose protection under copyright law if they send six false infringement notices.

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The Most Beautiful People In The World

GOP Chooses Big Business Over Free Markets

I don’t link to other articles and blog posts on here enough. I’m trying to do it more. So here’s a piece by Ezra Klein… 411 more words

Domestic Policy

Used E-Books? Political Silencing Attempt At Blocking Report On Radical Intellectual Property Reform Backfires & The Photo Finalists in the 2013 Smithsonian Nature Photography Contest

Used E-Books?  As anyone who reads our library tech blog regularly knows I tend to get up on my soap box over the issue of digital content ownership or more precisely the lack thereof! 1,515 more words