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Go! Fight! Win! Just Don't Be Stupid

Particularly when lifting, I try to find a balance between challenging myself and risking injury. I know that playing it too safe will result in inhibited growth of muscle mass and strength, but going too heavy at least risks poor form if not actually getting hurt. 1,169 more words


Courage to Finish the Race

Some of you may remember the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and some of you may be too young to. It was during this time, that an aspiring British track star named Derek Redmond took the starting block in the men’s 400m semi-finals. 513 more words


Keep Running: The Derek Redmond Story

For those who have never heard of the name Derek Redmond before, I would like to tell you his story as many before me have. 974 more words


When I grow up......

When I was younger, all I ever wanted to be was an Olympic athlete or an Academy Award winning actress. I was really giving myself room to grow… 451 more words


What's in a Name?

“Stretch Out Your Hand.” This phrase really resonates with me (well, I mean, it should, I did choose it as my blog name). The truth is, when it was time for me to name my blog, I didn’t have any ideas. 573 more words

United Methodist Global Mission Fellow

Teacher's Day: A Tribute to Sports

On the occasion of Teachers Day, Cricket 361° dedicates an entire post for people who have learnt something useful from the sports-persons and have looked upon them as teachers. 2,969 more words

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The Tragedy & Triumph of Olympian Derek Redmond

The incredible story of Great Britain’s 400m runner Derek Redmond, whose hamstring snapped during his event but was determined to finish the race at the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games.